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Dark Web – The Side of Internet Which No One Talks About

Internet is a place where users get to know about certain things, get information on the desired topic and also get to hire services and buy products from the same medium as well. Therefore, internet is really a boon for the society, isn’t it? Well, a research that was conducted to find out really how much of internet is used by the general public revealed that only 4% of the internet is being used by general public. So if you use Google, Mails or even Torrents, you are one of those who use the 4% of the whole World Wide Web. So at this precise point, you might be wondering what is in the rest 96% of the internet? Deep web or invisible Web!

Yes, only 4% is the surface web which we are using, and rest 96% is the invisible web. You can imagine how big is the Deep Web. The content of Deep web is not crawled by standard search engines, and that is why it is also called the invisible web.

What is Dark Web?

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Dark Web is a part of the internet or a community which is illegal in almost all the countries. This is the reason why you might not have heard about it until now. Why is it illegal? As the name suggests, Dark web is the place where a lot of illegal or shady things happen. From hacking to assassinations, from selling products to buying drugs online, Dark web even contains files as disturbing as killing women and cooking them and child pornography.

This is why Dark Web is prohibited in many countries including India and if anyone is caught accessing Dark Web or linked with it, will be in the eyes of Police, and their activities will be tracked. We have talked about the bad side of the Dark Web, but there’s also a good side of it as Dark web not only allows you to gather critical information regarding your projects but also helps in providing news on the latest event from all around the globe without actually filtering or censoring the news item. This is a great way of knowing more and more using the raw information as it provides results which are hidden by any regular search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Dark Web Vs Deep Web

Don’t confuse Dark web with Deep Web rather Dark web is a part of Deep Web. Deep Web is what not crawlable or indexable by search engines. For example, some pages and data of banking websites are not spidered by search engines, thus they are also part of the deep web but you can access those data when you are logged in or you have a direct link of those pages. so, they can be said to be the part of Deep Web but they are not a part of Dark web.

But, on the other hand, Dark Web is quite different as they are also not indexable by the search engines and to access them you need special software such as TOR browser.

How does Dark Web work?

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You might be curious that how can such a community on the internet become so big that it makes Google, Yahoo look like small websites. Usually, Dark Web websites end with a domain name with extension .onion which is a highly encrypted domain extension. What this means is that you cannot open the Dark Web using the normal browsers. Tor is known as the Dark web Browser which alloilws users to access Dark Web. Since Dark web is only operational through Tor Browser which has the capability to decrypt those Dark Web Sites Lists and it also contains the  Dark Web Search Engine, which allows you to search more and more without the fear of getting caught.

How to enter Dark Web?

If you are looking for information on How to Access Dark Web, then you are at the right place as following these steps will not only allow you to access Dark Web but also will make it safe for you to access it from your internet connection.

STEP 1: Finding a good VPN

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The first and certainly the most important thing to do is finding a VPN service. Before starting to read on How to Access Dark Web, the first thing to do is to be safe. Tor is not a safe browser, and government and internet service providers are always on a hunt for those who use TOR on their internet. What a VPN will help you to do is make you anonyms by masking your actual IP with a proxy server’s IP. Choosing a good VPN can also be a pain in the head, but you don’t have to worry as we have also compiled a few VPN websites through which you can hide your identity easily.

STEP 2: TOR Browser

The step 2 of Entering the Dark Web process is selecting your browser. As we have mentioned earlier, Dark Websites don’t open from a normal web browser. You will need to download and access them using the TOR browser which is also known as Dark web Browser. Tor browser is the only safest browser reported browser for accessing the Dark Web.

NOTE: Make sure that you download the TOR browser only from the official website as there are many TOR browser applications available in the market which even comes with a tracker. TOR Browser is available for Windows, Mac OS as well as LINUX/GNU based systems.

STEP 3: Install TOR Browser and set up

The 3rd step focuses on the installation of the TOR Browser and its set up. There’s no rocket science behind the installation of the TOR Browser, but its set up might be a bit tricky for some of you. As soon as the installation of the TOR Browser finishes, the first thing you need to do is stop and close all the applications that are running at foreground and in the background. Then you can switch to any other location using your VPN service and then you can jump to TOR Browser and open a bunch of .onion websites.

How to search Dark Web?

The How to search Dark Web topic is half down by now as you have already installed the TOR Browser. The second half is getting your hands onto few .onion websites. GRAMS is a Google like a search engine which designed only to search the dark websites. Once you are connected to Dark web, you can use GRAMS to crawl through the dark web contents.

You can not only buy stuff from Dark Web but also make money from Dark Web by selling goods over there. If you are looking forward to making money from Dark Web, then you can easily access the provided Dark Web Sites List given below and make money without letting anyone know.

· Dream Market

Dream Market is an escrow marketplace which basically allows you to make payments to a third party which therefore handles the transaction.

· Acropolis Market

This market mainly focuses on E-Books, gadgets, and equipment. Unlike other markets, the listings of drugs on Acropolis are minimal.

· Tochka

If you are looking to make money from Dark Web instantly, then Tochka is the market for you. You can also think of Tochka as the Amazon market place on the Dark web except Tochka doesn’t offer that much variety of goods.


This is not the courier company DHL that we are talking about here as DHL on Dark web stands for Darknet Heroes League which is a hardcore drug market. If you have done online shopping, you might have seen categories. Similarly, DHL offers various categories that are related to drugs only.

Precautions while accessing Dark Web

We have talked about How Dark Web Works, How to Enter Dark Web and How to Access Dark Web but we haven’t talked about the precautions that should be taken while accessing Dark Web or TOR Browser. As we have established, a VPN is necessary while accessing Dark Web through TOR Browser, but TOR Browser isn’t a safe bet. Listed below are the few things that you should definitely keep in mind before entering Dark Web.

  1. TOR Browser isn’t safe

As we know, TOR Browser is the only way to access Dark Web, and it somewhat helps in keeping our privacy safe as well, but everything hangs on the ‘somewhat’ part of the browser as it doesn’t protect user’s computer from malicious websites and virus.

  1. Covering the webcam and microphone

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TOR Browser can be used to connect back to your laptop anytime, not only by Government officials but also by notorious Dark web operators. To keep your identity safe, it is recommended to cover your camera using a black tape or any other opaque tape. Alternatively, you can block the camera using Device Manager on your PC. Similarly, the same treatment shall also be done with the microphone as well.

  1. Turning off Java Script and other applications and services

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To make your personal data more secure, you should also turn off the Java script. Java script isn’t the only thing that should be taken care of as there are numerous applications and services running in the background like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, etc. you should force stop these services in order to make sure that they don’t get connected with the dark web.

  1. Do not resize TOR Browser Window

This is yet another precaution that you must take while accessing Dark web as resizing your TOR Browser window will give an opportunity to the people who might be watching over your activity to access your files and send pop ups which contain viruses.

  1. Don’t use your actual personal details

This is probably one of the most important precautions that you must take as if you forward your own picture and details; you would never know in what way it might get used in the world of Dark web where everything is shady.


Not everything is illegal in the dark web but since most shady things are found there as I mentioned in the post, better be safe by not using it if you don’t need it badly.

In some cases, if you need to use, then do use it considering all the precautions mentioned above in the post.

This is not the last layer of the Internet, please read about Mariana Web which is believed to be the 5th and the deepest layer of the internet

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    What an informative piece shared on the Eve of this celebration time. Yes, it is indeed a great alert to the Internet users!

    I am really surprised to note that only 4% is the surface web which we are using, This information is really an amazing news. The rest 96% is used by the invisible web or the dark web! I was not aware of this phenomenon called Dark Web.

    Thanks for sharing such a lot of information on, how to use Dark Web Works, and how to enter Dark Web and How to Access Dark Web.

    It is good to read about the precautions that should be taken while accessing Dark Web.

    Atish, this is indeed a wonderful and timely alert to people who use Internet on a daily basis.

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  • Hello
    This is an intersting post. I never knew about this type of things before. Amazed to know about dark web and deep web. After reading this whole post, clearly understood what is dark and deep web.

    Great to know that using dark web benefits in many ways. Thanks for suggesting TOR browser to access dark website.

    Best wishes,
    Praveen verma

    • I am also like you, Praveen.

      The only thing that I know about the dark and deep web is: The deep web consists of pages that are not indexed by search engines and are inaccessible to web crawlers.

  • I visited the dark web just out of pure curiosity. It was honestly really weird and some bits, disturbing. It was really really slow which is understandable but after visiting it once i dont think i’d visit it ever again. I’m glad i did though because i wanted to first hand experience it.

  • Hi Atish,

    Eventhough I have been reading so many blogs and articles, I was not much aware about the Dark Web. It is interesting to note that we are only using about 4 percentage and the rest is Dark Web.

    Once again thanks for the wonderful share.


    Reji Stephenson

  • Hi Atish,

    Good job on providing a detailed explanation about the dark web and deep web. Although I was already aware of the existence of these things I never knew those 2 are different.

    I’ve heard a lot of scary stories about the dark web. I’m afraid to confirm since I’m afraid of what I might see. The safety measures are well appreciated. Maybe one day I shall dive into that part of the internet. But not now.

    Good Job Atish!

  • Hello Atish,

    Thats got me scary.

    Dark web never heard of it before and seems like it got all the corrupted stuffs under it.

    Really the whole population of the world is using 4% of the web. Thats something beyond our imagination.

    This web has positive as well as negative sides too. Many can use this to collect valuable information, which are being hidden
    by many.

    Good to learn about the precautions that we need to look while using this one.

    Thanks for the share.


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