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Is FB Active Status Accurate?

Facebook Messenger, just like most other instant messenger services has a unique way of showing if someone is active on the Messenger. You would typically notice that Green Dot which is used as a clear indication that someone is active on Facebook Messenger. But, have you ever wondered how accurate is “Facebook Active” status? 

Many of the users on Facebook Messenger have different experiences with this. Most of them point to certain inaccuracies in the active status of the instant messenger. 

Quick Answer 

The active status on Facebook Messenger is not always accurate. It could be possible that Facebook Messenger may be running in the background and may show an active status even when the person is not active.

If We Are Active On The Facebook App, Will It Show Active Now In Messenger?

Yes, when you are surfing Facebook, your status on Facebook Messenger will be shown as active. Since both Facebook and Facebook Messenger are on the same platform, you will be shown active on Messenger, when you are active on Facebook. 

Your friends and contacts will see you as active on Facebook Messenger. However, you can turn off the active status on Messenger, but the status may still be inaccurate at times.

How Accurate Is Facebook Messenger Active Status?

As we have already stated, Facebook Active status is never 100% accurate. It may sometimes show that someone is active even when he or she is not. I have gone through several of those instances. When I wake up in the morning, I am told by a friend that I was active on Facebook messenger the whole night, or for the most part of the night. That was actually an inaccurate status as I was using Facebook (the app and the Messenger) only up to 12 in the night. 

There are several explanations given to understand the inaccuracy of Facebook Messenger’s active status:

  • Facebook Messenger is connected to the Internet and working in the background. 
  • Someone else is accessing your Facebook account
  • You may be using Facebook, and it syncs with Facebook Messenger. This gives the impression that you are active on Messenger. 
  • You simply forgot to close Facebook Messenger and left it running in the background 
  • You might be logged in to Facebook from another device and forgot to log off.

If you are not comfortable with the Facebook Messenger showing you as active, there are ways to turn it off from Settings. We will talk about it later.

Why Does Messenger Show Active When You’re Not?

As we already found out, there can be several reasons why Messenger may show you as active when you are not. So the prominent reasons that can make Messenger show active even when you are not can include:

  • Your Active status setting: By default, Facebook Messenger shows that you are active when you are on the Messenger app. However, since Facebook and Messenger work on the same platform, they may sync together and show you as active inaccurately.
  • Delay in updating the status: There can be a little delay in updating the status from active to inactive. That would mean even when you have stopped or closed Facebook or Messenger, you would be shown an active status for a short period of time. 
  • Background processes: You may continue to get the active status on Messenger when the Messenger app is active in the background. Even when you may not be using the app actively, since the app is running in the background, it would consider you as being active. 
  • Hidden conversations: It is possible that someone has hidden your conversations on Messenger. This may make your Messenger app receive conflicting signals about your active status. This can turn out to be the reason for inaccurate active status. 
  • Other devices: You may be active on other devices and have forgotten to turn off the Messenger app. This can continue to show you as Active on Messenger.

How to Turn off Active Status on Facebook Messenger?

The steps involved to turn off Active Status on Facebook Messenger are easy and simple. 

Follow the steps here below:

Step 1: Launch your Facebook Messenger app. On your web portal or mobile phone, open Facebook Messenger. 

Step 2: Click on the Hamburger menu at the top left corner. This menu provides you access to the different settings on Facebook Messenger. 

fb chat active status

Step 3: Go to Settings. You can scroll down and tap on settings

Step 4: Go to Active Status. Turn the toggle off. 

FB active status

That should do it. Your Facebook Messenger Active Status is turned off. 

If I Turn Off My Active Status On Messenger Will It Show When I Was Last Active?

If you turn off your active status on Facebook Messenger, it will no longer show your last active status. That is not all, you too will not be able to see the last active status of your friends. 

Facebook Messenger typically uses the time when you were last active (obviously) to show your last active status. But, when you turn off your active status, Facebook will have no access to this information, and thus no one will be able to get your last active status. 

The Final Thoughts

Well, Facebook Messenger has been one of the most promising and widely used instant messenger services. One of the first instant messengers to be launched, it enjoys huge popularity among professionals. 

However, the FB active status on Messenger has been reported to be quite inaccurate. We assume the tips and options offered here should ideally help you in fixing any of the issues with Facebook Messenger. If still in doubt, share your doubts in the comments here below.

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