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How to Get Companies to Send You Products to Review?

Before we talk over the topic “how to get companies to send you products to review”, you must know why companies send products for review?

Companies, when launching a new product, want to spread awareness about it from the people who have a certain audience base, and are popular on the web. They don’t give products to anyone to review because if they give to someone who doesn’t have an audience around them, and there are no followers, then the company won’t get anything in return so they offer someone who has some followers, fan base, and all.

How to Get Companies to Send You Products to Review?

  • Become a Brand in Your Niche

This is one of the long term beneficial thing as when you become a brand in your niche, you get a lot of benefits which you might not have even thought about. 

If you are a blogger who writes about gadgets, then work a lot to make your blog popular in the gadget section by writing unbiased product specifications and reviews. Once you build up a name in the industry as well as popularize your blog, you will easily get a lot of companies asking you to review their product and write the same on your blog.

Believe me, this is a 100% working idea! Though we are not a big brand in one specific niche as we cover multiple topics on this blog, we have received many products to review already such as iBall’s Slide Tablet, Shemaroo Bhajan Vani speaker, and Dodcool speakers, Tagg Inferno headphones and many more. And, the best part is we never asked them to send products but they contacted us via our site’s contact form and offered the product for review.

Thus, I can say that this is the best tip I can give you to get products to review free of cost. Just do your best and offer the best to the audience. The more traffic you get, the more followers on social media you get, and the chances of getting contacted by various brands will increase. So, be everywhere, and build a good audience base.

Moreover, this is the time taking process as you cannot become a brand in one day, you have to work very hard to make your site popular, and build yourself as a brand to get noticed by companies.

  • Ask for it

If you are new to the blogging but have built a good amount of traffic in a small-time, you can contact various companies in your niche such as if you write about gadgets, reach out to gadget brands, and pitch them for the review.

You can simply show off your traffic stats, and other positives that you have, to the company, and express your interest to review their product. Do write to them about why do you want to review their product. Write something solid that makes sense.

Remember, you have to express your desire to review their product, don’t beg for it.

However, you cannot just write to a few and expect to get products. You have to contact hundreds of brands, then you will get a few of them to respond back to you and cooperate with you.

This really works if you invest a lot of time in reaching out to them and expressing your interest in reviewing their products.

  • Review what you have already

We all have certain gadgets or things in our house such as smartphones, Smart TV, Geyser, AC, etc. So, whatever you have, start reviewing them on your website to show how good you review the products, and then attract more traffic to them.

So, by doing this, you are actually building a portfolio that you can show when you pitch some companies for expressing your desire to review their products. When they see the popularity of your reviews, they would be more interested in sharing the products with you for getting them reviewed by you on your website.

  • Joining Blogger Networks

There are various companies that run campaigns through various blogger networks when they are going to launch some new products. So, you can join those blogger networks, and see how it goes.

Moreover, in these networks, product selection can be limited, and there will be detailed requirements of the companies based upon that you have to create the review. Nowadays, most of the brands are asking for a video review as well along with the content review. Thus, try to learn to create videos as well.

Here are a few such blogger networks for your reference:

  1. IZEA 
  2. Blog Paws
  3. Blog Meets Brand
  4. Blog Release
  5. Bethany House
  6. Bloggers Required
  7. Blog Dash
  8. Ami Club Wear

There are many more.

Disclaimer: I have not worked with them personally. So, do check the TOS before you start working with them or have a detailed communication with their team to know more about the platform.

So, these are a few ways that may help you get companies to send you products to review.

A few other tips:

  1. Write a good email while contacting the brands. I may not be able to give you a proper format because it is based on your creativity as to how well you write a pitch for asking for free products. However, always show in the pitch how the brand gets benefits if they send you free products to review.
  2. Keep a media kit ready with you which you can send when you some brands respond to you in affirmation and ask you for the media kit. The media kit should be professional, and that you can either create yourself or buy online and fill your details. Buying one would be good for beginning as you get professional ones that work better.

What Next?

When you get some brands agreed with you to send the products. Make sure upon receiving the products, you start testing them out well, and write unbiased reviews along with all the details, and your personal views. Apart from that, try to make video reviews as well. These will help you impress the brands as well as your audience will like them too.

When brands are happy with you, they will keep sending their newly launched products for reviews as well.

One more thing that you should keep in mind that there are few products that you don’t have to return but some of them will be returnable. So, make sure to keep the product well so that while returning it is in the same state as it was sent to you for the review. And, while returning, pack it out well. That would be a good and professional gesture from you.

Final Words

I am sure you have the answer to your question “how to get companies to send you products to review” but, as I mentioned, you have to work a lot to reach a level where you get a lot of products for review. One of the best tips is, become a brand in your niche, and you will see that companies reach out to you and ask about reviewing their products. 

If you have any questions, do write in the comments.

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