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How To Connect Samsung Tv To Wifi Without Remote?

Devices today are getting smarter. A mobile phone can stream all the television channels, whereas modern smart televisions can make all operations like a mobile phone, except the touch screen. The stretch in the utility has solved a large number of challenges in these devices.  For instance, previously losing the TVs remote was taxing. However, it is not a challenge at all.  Being not aware of how this is done, many users ask queries like How to connect Samsung TV to wifi without remote. If you are looking for the answer to the same, you must check this post till the end.

How To Operate A Samsung TV Without A Remote?

Televisions turning advanced not just means that they became mani-folds fast in processing, but also increased the connectivity options. This implicitly means that these devices can be operatable with remotes and other Bluetooth-connected devices like mouse keyboards or even a mobile phone. Thus, if you lost the remote of your Samsung TV and are looking to connect to wifi, you may use other external devices. Let us check how this is done in upcoming lines.

Connecting Samsung Tv To Wifi Without Remote

As depicted in the previous lines, when you have lost or misplaced your remote, you can have a handful of alternatives to operate your TV and thus connect to wifi. Let us check out how this is done using a mobile phone and an external Bluetooth device. 

Operating TV With Mobile Phone 

To make your mobile phone operate your TV, you may need to install an app known as Smartthings from the app store and install it. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Open the playstore app on your Mobile phone

Step 2:  Search Smartthings in the search bar.

Step 3: Find the App in the list and tap on it.

Step 4: Once you open the app page, you can see the Install button. Tap on it to sit back and wait for it to install. 

Step 5: Register in your smart things app with credentials like name, password, mobile number, and email id.

Step 6: Tap on the dashboard on your Smartthings app.

Step 7: Make sure your TV is auto-discoverable, select your Tv from the list and tap on it to connect.

Step 8:  Tap on the Blue Button to enable the Remote Mode on the app and wait to connect.


Step 9: Wait for the digital remote to get activated, and then check if you can operate your television with your phone.

Step 10: Enter the menu of your Television

Step 11: Go to settings and select Wifi and Connectivity to make changes in wifi connections.

Step 12: Wait to locate your wifi name to load and insert the password to connect. 

Using An External Keyboard Or Mouse

Are you looking for a quick fix and don’t want to maintain a dedicated app on your mobile phone? Try connecting your tv with an ordinary wired mouse or keyboard. All the modern smart televisions come with USB and HDMI pins to facilitate better connectivity manually.  Get a keyboard with long enough wire and connect it to the USB pin of the television.  Once it is successfully connected, you can use the arrow keys to navigate options in television to connect to wifi, just as depicted in previous steps. 

Bluetooth Devices- A Better Option?

Those who don’t want to stay close to Television may choose wireless keyboards or mice to operate. While the process is all the same as previous tips, these can be as comfortable as operating with a remote or a mobile phone

The Advent of Voice Commands

While users are sometimes feeling it is taxing to type the entire search query on this keyword, voice commands are getting popular. You may just speak in the mic on your remote to search for the same. Some televisions offer direct voice search without a remote. Here, you can navigate to various areas like wifi settings with just a word of command. Since such features are not available in all models of Samsung television, this may not be effective for all users.  However, this can be quite handy when you can avail it. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What are smart features that Samsung TV offers:

Now, smart televisions from Samsung can offer you a large set of handy features. This makes your television a security monitor and operator from many other smart devices at home; here are some pivotal features:

  • Front Door check up
  • Baby sitting from any room,
  • Browsing and working on internet
  • Longer life with regular updates. 

Can Smart Tv be hacked?

While televisions are getting smarter, everyday users have legitimate questions: Can smart televisions be hacked. Logically, these devices can be hacked, just like a mobile phone and a computer. However, you may need not worry about the same. While the manufacturers offer security patches, televisions can be a lot safer than other devices. This is because users generally need not give complete information unless they make extensive uses like the internet and office corks. 

Summing Up

Here you go! You now know How to connect Samsung TV to wifi without remote. Comprehending the same, it is purely your choice to choose one among. While the Mobile app can be easy to acquire, external keyboards are preferred by those who feel they have a separate remote for their Television. Even with a remote in hand, some users prefer a toggle mouse and thus opt to use it in their smart television. Hence this may be the time for you if you missed your remote and looking for an alternative to access televisions and connect to Wifi.

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