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How to Build a Document Management System?

Any company should have a document management system to store, monitor, edit, and distribute digital documents. 

Nowadays, most businesses handle critical information that requires superior security, privacy, or seamless accessibility. In such scenarios, having an efficient document management system is crucial. Even if your company doesn’t deal with sensitive information, you still need to keep accurate records for accounting and other processes. 

In a document management system, most work similarly, which involves capturing, sorting, storing, retrieving, and distributing documents to boost workflow efficiency. Every stage follows a specific sequence, but the entire system works as a harmonious mechanism. Consider choosing from a selection of software that converts documents to images to ensure a good start. 

If you’re planning to implement a document management system for your company soon, here are some key considerations to get you off to a good start.

Key Considerations for Building a Document Management System?

Assign The Document Management Task To a Team

Assigning a specialized team to your document management system is one way to ensure a successful start. Designating a group for the task improves efficiency and establishes accountability for completing document-related tasks. It optimizes your business’s document management because there’s a team that’s focused only on performing this specific task.

In assigning a team, make sure that its members undergo proper training to handle the tasks well. Doing so helps you avoid document management mishaps that may significantly affect your processes. When done right, you’ll reap its benefits eventually. 

Examine Your Current Business Procedures

Prioritize scrutinizing the current documentation process after forming a team to handle the document management task. As a result, you’ll have a better understanding of the decisions you’ll have to make when putting a document management system in place.

Depending on the business you manage, you may oversee many documents that are used in a multitude of ways by various departments.

A thorough assessment of the current processes in your company involves exploring existing document management elements for every department. Try to check closely how the documents are received or collected, managed, transmitted, secured, transferred, or deleted. 

Actively looking through these points will help you understand whether the operations flow smoothly and areas where adjustments are necessary.

Define Your Objectives

If you want an efficient document management system, you should determine your objectives and business needs. This approach makes it more manageable since you know what to achieve.  

When your company has its share of blunders in the document management aspect, it’s crucial to prevent another one from taking place, or you want to make the document management more seamless and efficient. Regardless of specific needs, knowing what you want to achieve will come in handy in outlining the steps you need.  

Outline Your Current Documents

Aside from closely checking out the document processes in your company, you should also know the document types you’re working with.  

When you closely look at the various document types in your organization, it’ll help you understand who should be responsible and how you can categorize them within your system.  

It’s critical to look closely at specific departments to understand the files they handle. Examine the status of your current system, noting down the amount of both paper and digital documentation and data your company currently works with. This approach will help you determine if there are chances to cut down on your paper documentation.  

Eliminate Unnecessary Documents

Once you have a clear insight into all the documents you handle in your company, it’s time to eliminate those you no longer need.

The best move is to create a list of documents your workforce uses regularly and those that have been inactive for some time. Remember that it depends on the business you’re running. It might be a month, a quarter, or even a year.  

When it comes to documents that haven’t been used in a while, a survey can determine why they haven’t been used or if they’ve become repetitive or irrelevant. 

It would be best to look for methods to downsize your company’s actual files on-site and in all digital storage. Many old files on hand consume precious space and might present as legal liabilities, depending on your industry.  

As for paper documents, it might be time to switch to the digital form to cut down on space use. Additionally, when purging your physical and digital files, you should refer to retention and destruction policies to ensure you’re following the correct procedures.  

Create Your Document Management Strategy

Once everything is in proper order, think about a strategy to help achieve your document management objectives.

Start by designing a standard for categorization, labeling, processing, reviewing, storing, retrieving, security, transmission, and elimination. All employees in your company should undergo the proper training to these standards to ensure compliance.

There should also be authorized employees and permissions to monitor access regularly and ensure security. Don’t forget to adhere to best practices on document management, including maintaining the integrity of the original document and ensuring efficiency in the workflow for your employees.  

Final Thoughts

A document management system can improve overall efficiency and productivity in any company. When you lack one or are eager to make the necessary improvements to your current system, these valuable insights will guide you in making the right decisions to better workflow efficiency in no time.  

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