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How to be a Professional Video Editor?

With the rising video marketing content in social media and the battle for supremacy among streaming media such as Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+, the video editor job is one opportunity that is in high demand now. 
Are you passionate about becoming professional video editor? Or work in the media and entertainment industry? Apart from an impeccable CV and portfolio that PurpleCV can help you build, the approach in this blog post will give your amazing ideas and paths to try for yourself. Looking for a job nowadays, I am getting to know the importance of CV and portfolio. The better CV you would have, more calls you can expect from recruiters.

A Brief About Video Editing

A video editor is the one who makes post-production changes and editing to a film. The video process is considered one of the most crucial things in video making, as it can build or break the quality of the video content. 

The video editor closely works with the director to obtain the best result for the film with the aim of telling the story in the most compelling and effective way. The video editing work highly involves rearranging and cutting scenes. Furthermore, he ensures the video’s final length is engaging, looks reasonable, and in line with the genre and expected audience attention. The video cuts can be on an autonomous basis and based on the video editing process’s preference level of contribution. 

The key responsibilities of the video editor include:

  • Edit television programs, music videos, motion pictures, documentaries, etc.
  • Edit and organize the digital footage with appropriate video-editing software
  • Discuss the editing technique to improve the scene 

Skills required to be a Professional Editor

Technical Skills: Video editor should be proficient in editing software and should possess good knowledge of various software, tools, and video editing CPU, you can check out the list here for better understanding about CPUs. They should also be capable of learning the various number of the editing system. Though you need not be an expert in technical proficiency, aim at gaining basic proficiency. 

Communication Skills: Video editor should possess excellent communication skills to convey his thoughts to the director and production team to ensure the film goes smoothly. 

Be Creative: The video editor will imagine the actual result of the editing or filming that will look to the audience. Editors should have the ability to look at each frame and decide what should be cut or kept to maintain the engaging content. 

Visual skills: Video editing skills is also far from a technical challenge, more significantly, it is also an innovative one. The editor should have a solid understanding of the storytelling and aesthetics, as you should visualize in your mind to see the final outcome. This also helps you to tell the story visually. 

How to Get Proper Video Editing Training 

At the beginning of your video editing career, you require a lot of dedication and patience, along with the editing and technical proficiency to practice the editing. The essential aspect of editing is the experience, so to gaining good experience, you may also start recording the videos on your own and start editing it while adding various visual effects and sound effects. You may also start editing your friend’s or neighbor’s video projects. This will help in two ways, first, you get hands-on experience in editing, and secondly, you will let your friends know about your skills, which may help you find a suitable opportunity. 

In the initial phase, if you require, you can also consider joining a formal video editing course of your preference. As mentioned, experience and training are intertwined to evolve as a professional video editor. With the only experience, you will not be able to pursue a video editing career, you should also need formal training to learn about the software, tools, and other highly integral technical parts of the skill. Since video editing is a collaborative process, learning the job is the key way to get your proficiency around it. 

Furthermore, to be a professional video editor, you should get all the grips with the software that will involve various learning degrees, even if it is a key part of your course. Once they are equipped with the essential skills, you may seek our relevant experience.

Benefits of Becoming a Professional Video Editor

  1. The evolution of digital marketing and social media gave birth to exciting opportunities in video production, and the major part of it is the video editors. The demand is due to the businesses that need more videos for marketing. 
  2. Video editing is a great career opportunity where you can get a great job that requires you to exhibit amazing creativity and ideas. These types of creative jobs require you to gain information about different tools and software. Learning these tricks and tools can help you in landing better jobs with great perks.
  3. The main benefit of being a professional video editor is that you get the freedom to choose the job that you always wanted to choose. From being a freelancer to motion movies, the career opportunities are very wide, and there are so many things to learn in each one of them. 

The demand for professional Video Editors is increasing exponentially, so it is your responsibility to gain the required skills and knowledge to take your piece of this huge cake. 

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