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Fixed wireless broadband – Why do you think you should use it?

Internet is the need of this age, and almost everyone nowadays uses it for various purposes. If you are a casual internet user who uses it on the phone for just fun, there are not much issues, but when you use it for some work or office, you must know which type of broadband service you should use so that you get the best connectivity all the time with good browsing and downloading speed. One of the options is Fixed Wireless Broadband which you are going to read about in this post.

Fixed wireless broadband is definitely not a household term, but it is worth learning what it is. If you put it simply, fixed wireless offers access to broadband internet to a definite location through radio waves, thereby allowing you to do away with the need for cable lines and phone lines. But the question is why more people haven’t learned about fixed wireless broadband internet? The probable reason is that it is often confused with satellite internet service and people fail to distinguish between the two. Both fixed wireless and satellite wireless need an antenna or a dish. Both offer high-speed connection without using cable lines or phone lines. Check out some facts on the wireless internet.

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Fixed wireless internet – What is it?

All those areas which don’t have DSL, fiber optic cable or cable television lines, you can still enjoy broadband access through fixed wireless broadband service. Although the speed that you may get is low enough than other types of broadband internet, fixed wireless service usually support between 1 and 10 Mbps of network bandwidth. So, do you think it is extremely slow?

Setting up the fixed wireless internet equipment

Fixed wireless internet leverages transmission towers which are often called ground stations which communicate with each other and also with the location of the subscriber. The ground stations are usually maintained by the internet providing companies which work in a similar way like mobile phone towers.

The subscribers usually install transceiver equipment in their building in order to be able to communicate perfectly with the ground stations of fixed wireless internet. They comprise of a small dish or an antenna which is attached along with the radio transmitters. Unlike the satellite internet system which communicates with the outer space, the fixed wireless radios and dishes communicate with the ground stations.

Are there any limitations of fixed wireless broadband connection?

As compared to other forms of internet, there are few restraints involved in fixed wireless internet. What are they? Let’s check out some.

  • You may sometimes need line of sight access to the ground station and the subscriber. If there are any kinds of obstruction from trees or hills or even fog, there might be an interruption in the quality of the service that you receive.
  • The ‘per Mbps’ cost of the bandwidth for the subscribers usually tends to be higher than all forms of broadband options that you get in the market.
  • There are various other mobile internet services like WiMax or cellular but unlike them, the fixed wireless service is always associated with a single physical access point, and it even doesn’t support roaming facilities.

Final Words

Therefore, if you’re confused about which kind of broadband internet service to opt for in your home, you may first consider all the options that are available in the market. Try to research on the pros and cons of each option so that you don’t end up taking something that is not good enough for your requirements.

A fast internet is what everyone wants, and for that research is needed before you get the connection.

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