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Benefits of Buying Phones Online

Mobile phone was the biggest invention that made the communication easier, and its craze among users is increasing day by day. No matter where we are, we can talk to anyone around the globe just by having their mobile number. With the time mobile phones were upgraded, and now is the age of Smartphones which are no less than a computer. You can call, SMS, use internet, video calls, and so many things.

There are two ways you can buy phones; Online or Offline. There are countless e-commerce websites running on the internet from where you can select a phone for your choice and buy. When it comes to offline, you need to visit the store and select the phone to buy. Buying phones offline is an old thing. It’s the age of online shopping. In the last 4 months, there around 4-6 phones were bought in my family, and all those were bought online. In fact, I got my latest phone Moto G 4 Plus online too.

I prefer online shopping because I don’t have to go anywhere rather I just have to connect myself to the internet and start browsing for the phone. Another thing is when we go to a phone store; there are limited choices available in each store. So, to get more choices we have to go to many mobile stores. On the other side, when we buy online, we have a vast collection of choices on each e-commerce websites namely Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. There is no need to hurry; you can browse as many phones on multiple sites, and then finally take the decision of buying.

Moreover, it’s not about what I like; it’s about why it should be liked by you and everyone, and that is why in this blog post I am going to mention some of the best benefits of buying phones online.

Below are the benefits of buying phones online

1. More Choices for Selection

Mobile phones are available in different color ranges, sizes, and specification but when we go to buy phones from the offline store, then we don’t get a huge gallery and have no time to explore all the phones by their specifications. On the other hand when we go shopping online for a phone then we have much time to explore different ranges of phones by price, by color and by specifications.

There are so many websites which offer us to compare phones by their specification so that we can get the best. It’s always good to buy a product after so a good research and this facility you may get only when you go for online buying. In offline you cannot be able to do much research because it will be a tiring and time-consuming job. So the first benefit of online shopping is that you get so much time and options to do a hell lot of research to get your perfect phone. And, all you can do sitting from your very own bedroom. Yes, you just need an internet connection for your PC/laptop to research and buy a phone online.

2. Lucrative Offers

I hardly saw any good offers going on for the phone in any offline store, but I witnessed many lucrative deals online for various phones. Two months ago when the sale was going on, I got Moto G Turbo for my wife at 7,999 INR in the lightening deal on Amazon, and that time the standard price of this phone was 9,999 INR. That means I got a big discount of 2000 INR on a phone which I cannot think if I buy offline. Although such deal campaigns run for limited time, so you need to keep your eye on such deals.

Moreover, I always see offers like, 10% discount if you buy using SBI debit card, 10% discount if you buy using HDFC debit card, etc.

Apart from getting a huge gallery to choose from, you can also get some fair deals or discounts on various phones at times.

3. Quick Availability

If you are a gadget freak, and try out phones when they get launched. Online buying is the best for you because most of the phones are instantly available on online e-commerce websites after the launch. It takes more time for those phones to be available in offline stores. Though, you need to wait for a few days for the phone to get delivered to your address. Nevertheless, you get an express delivery option on many online portals as well where you can pay some extra bucks and get the phone delivered to you within a day.

4. Ease

One of the most important benefits of online buying is the ease which you never get when you buy offline. You have to go to many stores, and check the features and all of many phones, and then you buy. But, when you are thinking to buy online, you just need to open a few e-commerce websites and start searching for the phone you want. You don’t have a time constraint or anything; you can keep browsing phones for a longer time, or if you get tired you can leave the research, and then again start looking at them. Once you finalized the phone, just order it from the site you want. You can either pay by your debit/credit cards, Net Banking, Online wallet. Now, most of the portals offer COD (Cash on Delivery) as well so that you just order it, and once the phone reaches to your home, you have to pay only then. Isn’t it nice? If you are the type of person who doesn’t like to wait, you can select one-day delivery to get the phone in one day; however, it will cost you some extra bucks. Generally, when you order a phone, within a week or around it, you get the order delivered to you. So, it’s up to you to select the shipping method.

5. Refund and Return is easy

When you buy a phone online, and you don’t like the phone, you can just initiate the process of return and refund right there on that website, and within a day or two they will collect the phone from you, and refund will be automatically initiated, and you will get the amount back via same payment method which you used while ordering.

Final Words

There are many other benefits of buying phones online but these are the most important ones, and I think these benefits are well enough to make anyone buy phones online.

4 years ago, I was hesitant to buy a phone or any other thing online because I feared of getting the faulty product or may be my card details will be compromised or something like these thoughts and fear kept coming to my mind. But, later I started shopping online, and it’s just awesome. I always buy mobile phones online only. No more offline shopping at least for mobile and other electronic items. By the way, stay safe by shopping only from reputed e-commerce websites.

Hope you are already ordering phones online. If you not, these benefits will convince you to buy online.

Share your thoughts and views in the comments.

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  • I started buying everything (and phones also) on the Internet a year ago, and I ‘m much satisfied with it. It saves much my time and money.

  • The ability to select the phone that suits you best within thousands of offers is very good for the consumer. Competing is always a favor for the consumer because the prices drop and the quality is raised. Thank you for sharing this post.

  • Strongly agree with you Atish … One can’t compare specs of each and every phone in an offline store whereas its as easy as 1,2,3 … in an online store

    Also now-a-days many major offline stores have their websites providing ease of shopping to customers

  • buying products is online of the best thing which i love most .although flipkart is one of the best site frm which i love to do shopping and all the products are bst thnx for sharing it very nice share

  • Yes! Online shopping helps us. But in case of device damage and warranty issues, its not possible to assure or rely on online stuff.. 😛

    • I think company gives you the warranty. suppose you are buying a samsung phone then whether you buy it offline or online you will get the same warranty from the company.

  • Day by day people give more priority to online. Hope within 5 years, no body will go to market for buy any electronics product. Though eCommerce related service isn’t still more popular in South Asia.

  • I haven’t tried buying mobile phones online but I always have been buying gadget accesories online because of: 1. they are cheaper; 2. there are features like free delivery and; 3. there are advertised discounts which seemingly are favorable on my part. However, one thing I don’t like with online buying is the waiting part during shipping. The urge of wanting to use the product I ordered online makes me impatient sometimes.

  • I also prefer buying electronic gadgets online because, as what you said, there are more selections and you can compare prices and phones easily and more conveniently. Most of all, its cheaper to shop online too. But of course we have to make sure that the online seller is reputable.

  • bt beaware to buying online anything if store is reputed otherwise never fill own any information like creditetc..

  • Once you know which phone you want to buy then by purchasing online you will always be able to get the best deal and the lowest tariff for your phone. Just be sure to buy from a reputable website and it’s very simple and convenient!

  • Checking the specs is one thing but buying online may not be necessary. Considering the time it takes in delivery.

  • The best part buying phone online is you got many choices and of course a best deal. i recently bought a tablet with a discount of 20% online.

  • One of the best advantages of buying phones online is the easy of gifting it to your beloved ones. Not more than 4 days ago i ordered an iphone for my younger brother for his birthday and it arrived right on time today. Moreover , i have been continously receiving the tracking information for the package. Nice shopping experience

  • This is a great review and useful information, and clean information about the post.
    Thanks for shared for such valuable information.Really nice post

  • Really, Internet shopping has captured 80 % of Indian commodities. Be it grocery, clothing, household items, anything.

    Major benefits are:
    – They are giving discounts on credit cards or debit cards
    – They are delivering directly to home
    – We do not need to worry about cash
    – Even they offer e-payment on cash of delivery

    so lots more benefits.



  • Hi Atish

    Besides all these point – Online store are more updated and they can not hide any features from its buyer as compare to the shop keepers. Thus you can always compare your phone

  • Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post. It’s very useful and please keep posting such articles.
    Expecting more post from you.

  • There is no harm in buying mobile phones online. You can check all its specification online and compare before buying. I would say its easy to find your choice of a phone just by sitting at one place. It saves your time and stress.

  • Hello Atish,

    I prefer online shopping. Especially when I think to buy electronic gadgets, I never go to any shop. we can read reviews of a product even we can compare a product with some other products while shopping online. But we never get these facilities in offline shopping.

    Different e-commerce sites provide exchange or refund facility so that you never be worried if the product does not meet your requirement or you find any dispute in it.

    Thanks so much sharing this article.

  • Thanks for the blog. A few days back, I purchased my mobile online for the first time and let me tell you that the process was smooth, not at all time consuming and quiet hassle free. Whenever I purchased cell phones before in a retail shop, I got the limited choice in models and colors. But this time I took my time to go through all the relevant models and their detailed specifications. The payment was also online and just took few clicks. From now on, I will recommend everyone to purchase cell phones online.

  • Online shopping has many advantages and disadvantages. Though it has some disadvantages due to monetization, we can go with the digital cashless transaction. I love the online shopping because e-commerce related shopping is tremendously increasing nowadays. Most of them are cheaper and have good reputation in the online market.Thanks for sharing this article.

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