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Fake Snaps to Make Someone Jealous

Snapchat has been one of the most unique social media services in its own right. However, have you ever come across a situation where you can make your crush jealous on Snapchat? Are you looking for the best tips on how to use fake snaps to make someone jealous of you? Let us explore the best options to make someone jealous to the core. 

How to Use Fake Snaps to Make Someone Jealous?

On Snapchat or any other social media service, the best way to make someone feel jealous of you is to post the images to fake snaps of you having a gala time without him or her. If you are a girl and make your boyfriend feel jealous of you, the best way that this can be achieved is through befriending one of his best friends and having a great chat

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You can even post a few fake snaps with someone he does not know to incite that feeling of jealousy in him. You can even post a fake snap with an imaginary person. There are several technological advancements today that should make it possible. 

Yet another great way can be to have a gala time with your friends and post the snaps on your social media handles. You can even consider live streaming it on your social media profile to let him understand that he is being ignored. Take a set of selfies with your girlfriends and post them on Snapchat with clever edits to make them keep wondering about who you are with. 

How to Ignore a Girl and Make Her Jealous?

Let us simply reverse the case now. Imagine you have a girlfriend, and she appears to be ignoring you or trying to make you feel that she is always pre-occupied. The best way to make her understand your feelings is to make her jealous. How to ignore a girl and make her jealous? There are several ways that you can do it. 

Complement other girls

Complementing other girls and women in front of her can be a great way to make her feel jealous of you or the other women. You can talk about the other girl’s looks and beauty. You may also talk about the personality, career, and other aspects of the other woman. This is sure to ignite jealousy in your girl. 

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Pretend to be working on your looks frequently

You can make it look as if you are working on your looks quite frequently. This can make your girlfriend wonder why you are doing it. Doing it when you are with a group of her girlfriends can prove to be more effective, especially when you are not working on your looks on your special days. 

Make it appear as if she is not your first priority

SHE is your first and top priority, and we would not deny it. But, to make her jealous, the best way would be to pretend as if she is not your top priority and you have several other essential aspects in your life. Hanging out with your own friends even when she is nearby can be one of the excellent ways that you can do it. 

Forget the plans that you have made together

Even when you remember the preparations for her birthday as vividly as you had discussed them, pretend as if you have forgotten all those plans. She may get angry at you but never let out the beans. In addition, make it evident that you remember other mundane things of the day, such as an upcoming football match or a movie release date. 

Show off as if you are being secretive

Smiling to yourself when you are texting, hiding things from her, and pretending to lock your phone when she is nearby can be a few great ways to make her believe that you are being secretive. She is bound to get jealous, wondering what is making you so secretive. 

How to Make a Guy Jealous at a Party?

Well, if you are a girlfriend who is miffed at the cold hearted treatment being meted out to you by your boyfriend, you would perhaps want to check out the best tricks up your sleeve to make him jealous at a party or an event. Wondering how to make a guy jealous at a party? Here are a few pretty ideas that you can work with. 

Dress up in a strange and new way

Make sure that you have dressed up in a very unique and strange way that you have never dressed up before. If you do not have a fantastic dress that you have never worn before, make sure to buy it. Your boyfriend is sure to notice the change and get curious. You can also expect him to be jealous. He may even feel intrigued. 

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Ignore his texts and calls

Ignoring his calls can be yet another great option that you would find quite impressive in making your boyfriend jealous. Avoid texting him. You can even text him only occasionally, making sure that he gets curious and keeps wondering what exactly you are up to. Of course, you are dying to talk to him, but avoid the temptation and ensure that you are sending out an impression that you are having a great time without him. 

Laugh at every joke made by his friends

At a party, make sure that you are laughing at every joke cracked by his friends, irrespective of how meaningless the jokes maybe. This will definitely not go much well with your boyfriend. He may not want you to find any other person in the room funniest than himself. It is sure to create a lot of jealousy. 

Have a best male friend

Having a best male friend and flaunting him before your boyfriend is yet another great way to make him jealous. The fact that you are hanging out with your best male friend will make a guy restless and insecure to the core. However, make sure that your best male friend does not try to take advantage of the situation. It would be best to learn where and how to draw the line. 

How to Make Someone Jealous of You?

Trying to make someone jealous can be pretty funny and unique in its own right. There can be several ways that you can make your best friend or just about anyone to feel jealous of you. 

Some good options that can be quite handy in this context can include 

Hang out with other friends

Hanging out with other friends will make that special someone to feel jealous of you. They would begin feeling that they are not being missed. Ensure that your best friend does not know that you are planning to hang out with others. You can do it through a lot of subtle ways, without discussing it directly with him. 

Make use of social media to a great advantage

Social media can be a great option to help you make someone jealous to the core. You can make the updates special by making them cater specifically to the person that you are trying to make jealous. The happy statuses and updates can be one of the excellent means to make him go jealous. Posting pictures with other friends can be one of the ideal means in this context. 

Behave in a flirtatious manner

Being flirty can be yet another excellent means of making someone jealous. Winking, blowing kisses, and staying confident with the flirty approach can be yet another great way to help yourself make someone jealous. You can even create fake snaps to make someone jealous. However, make sure to draw the lines to choose the right kind of fake snaps to send. You would not want to be in trouble later. 

The Closing Thoughts

Making someone jealous may not be as easy and simple as it may appear to be. You need to be careful not to hurt one’s feelings yet ensure that you are on the right track. Remember that these techniques should always be used as a last resort. Indulging in them much frequently can end up ruining your relationship. We are sure you would never want that to happen in your life. Take care and follow the tips to the best possible extent, with enough of judicious behavior. 

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