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Top 8 Social Media Marketing Mistakes

The potential for returns from social media is huge for any business. But, as in any business, blunders can be made here. It is enough after reading this article to look objectively at the publications of various entrepreneurs to see how often such mistakes are made. 

So, let’s look at the 8 most common mistakes in social networks.

Top 8 Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Mistake #1: Talking only about sales

Posting that is strictly focused on advertising a product often repels potential customers. It is necessary to alternate the submitted advertising information with interesting and useful information for readers. These can be educational articles that talk about topics related to your product, presented in an exciting format.

The ratio in published materials should be approximate as follows: 80% of interesting and informative and 20% of advertising.

As for the illustrations, in order to make them yourself, you should master visual editors, for example, Canva.com, Fotor.com, Snapseed.com. Some free background remover tools will also be a good helper.

Mistake #2: Repetitive publications

In advertising, two groups of posts that catch the attention of potential clientele are widely used:

  • Hitting where it hurts (“Did you do the renovation? So, soon your neighbors will come to you!”);
  • Playing on some desire (“Need crazy sales? Attention…”).

Both options work excellently. However, you should not abuse such publications; it is better to correctly alternate them with information that is neutral in content.

Mistake #3: No call to action

The reader at the end of reading your article should see a motivating call to make a purchase or any other action aimed at focusing on the product:

  • “Click here to read more”;
  • “Click and see our video”;
  • “Get more information here”, etc.

Get the reader interested in sharing or reposting your post. The well-known trick: “gift for a repost”, used in the form of a prize draw, works great (a gift may not be a material object, but useful information).

Mistake #4: Posting too infrequently

Report on various promotions, draw prizes, organize events, announce new products, publish the latest information about your product and topics related to it (its production). Photos of past events are welcome.

Your readers should read new information on your pages daily. This will keep you in constant contact with the company. Intending to make a purchase, your subscriber will, first of all, remember you.

Mistake #5: Wrong time to post

It is necessary to select “peak hours” for publication when the load on the network is maximum. Analyze the statistics of your community, so you can see what hours the most people enter. It is during these hours that you publish the latest information.

It is ideal to publish articles three times a day: morning, afternoon, evening. In this case, every time, enter the social network, your subscriber will see a reminder of you.

Mistake #6: Too Many Social Media

We are all interested in maximum traffic to our site. But if you publish everywhere at once, then there is a risk of not coping with the load. It is better to choose from 1 to 3 most visited platforms by your customers.

Not everyone works this way; for some, maximum audience coverage is a decisive success factor. For example, for marketing companies. For the rest, there is absolutely no need to spray on all existing sites.

Mistake #7: Not Replying to Comments

If a subscriber’s comment appears on your page, it should be answered. By ignoring feedback, you are alienating your audience. First of all, this applies to negative comments – they should not be removed or ignored. It is too easy to undermine your reputation by such actions.

Subscriber comments should be answered in a simple and understandable language as possible. A small amount of humor in the answers is welcome – this will help create a friendly atmosphere on your page.

Mistake #8: Hide Your Face

Personal acquaintance with the author of publications immeasurably raises the degree of trust in him on the part of readers. If the reader sees your face, he is more likely to believe the published information.

These can be photo reports from exhibitions and events, videos with product stories, announcements of upcoming events, etc. By regularly following you, subscribers begin to gain confidence, which leads to future sales.


The path of promoting a product or service through social networks is a long process that requires good dedication. It takes a lot of time, effort, and carefully planning for each step. At the same time, we must not forget that real people with their own worldview and baggage of everyday problems will read you.

By helping subscribers solve certain problems, you can keep their attention. Remember: competitors are not asleep, and they also read our articles!

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    Also, I am willing to add this, the biggest social media mistakes you can make is to think that number of followers you’ve managed to acquire on any given social networking website constitutes “success” for your marketing efforts.

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