4 Simple Tech Tips to Save Energy in the Office
With the threat and impact of global climate change seldom out of the news headlines in 2020, businesses everywhere are increasingly looking for new and innovative ways to become more environmentally responsible, saving energy and money in the process.  Ensuring business energy costs are kept under control is not always easy, however, especially for small… (1 comment)

10 Clever iPhone Camera Tricks
iPhones are probably one of the most popular brands of smartphones today. Since Apple became a big name and increased its reach all over the globe, iPhones sales have toppled other competitor brands. Today, Apple enjoys the number 1 spot for the most popular smartphone brands of the decade.   More than just a smartphone for… (1 comment)

Tips and Tricks for OneDrive
I find it strange that OneDrive isn’t as popular as its counterparts – Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. While there’s hardly any difference in cloud technology, OneDrive is way better because of Microsoft’s support.  Why is OneDrive better than Google Drive? 1. It allows you to create and edit documents using Microsoft Office tools. I never… (0 comment)

6 Ideas for Creating an Awesome Home Game Room
Relaxation and entertainment have become essential aspects of our modern lives. Building a game room in the comfort of your home is just what you need to kick back and spend well-deserved, quality time with your family and loved ones. If you’re looking to turn a spare bedroom or your basement into a private leisure… (0 comment)