5 Ways to Enhance Your Business Computers
Today, virtually every employee working a nonlabor-intensive job relies on their business computer. Even contractors will need to resort to their machine for invoicing, communication, and so forth. Yet, few of us are what you could consider techy, and often our workstations (computers) need some tender love and care. We understand that the idea of… (3 comments)

4 Crucial Tricks to Keep You Safe Online
If you have been keeping up with the news headlines lately, then you are probably well-aware of how scary the internet has become. Identity theft and issues with cyber espionage are everywhere, while national spies and organized criminals appear to lurk around every corner. As technology continues to evolve at an astronomical rate, there are… (15 comments)

VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts
VLC media player needs no introduction because it is one of the best media players out there for Windows. I remember those days when I used to exchange movies and songs in CDs/DVDs with friends, and there were times when default media player failed to play various videos that have some different formats. But, VLC… (3 comments)