How To Resize an Image? – 3 Free Image Resizer For Windows
Photography has become a big passion in the 21st century! 🙂 Its been a fashion to keep clicking 24*7*365! 😎 The manufacturing of the high end camera’s have been boosted. The image qualities of the images from the camera’s like DSLR is just awesome, unbeatable! 🙂 And once the photos are clicked, you cannot hold… (28 comments)

Searching in Windows 7 with Advanced Search Filters
Hard disk – the best place to store all! 🙂 As a habit, we usually tend to collect anything and everything and the dump it in our hard drives. Smart are those people who dump the files in their hard disks in an organized way; but what about the chaotic’s like me who have everything… (8 comments)

How to Install and Set up AirDroid 2 beta for Android
About AirDroid 2 beta AirDroid comes to your rescue when you want to access your android device without using any cables remotely. You can transfer files, make changes in contacts and do a lot with it wirelessly. To add more to benefits there is version 2 of AirDroid now, which is really better as compared to… (8 comments)

How to Send Anonymous Emails to Anyone
There are a lot of guys out there who always keep on searching something different and with those things they either gain knowledge or prank with their friends. Sometimes they hurt other people too by doing such kind of things like when they send Anonymous Emails or SMS then it really annoying and hurting at… (30 comments)