How to Remove Duplicate files from Mac based Systems
There are many different reasons for the accumulation of duplicate files on Mac. Some practices like keeping more than one copy of the file on the system, often leads to data redundancy. For example, while synchronizing your mobile devices with iPhoto library on Mac, you might experience data replication. In addition, you might need to… (2 comments)

How to automate your work in the office?
Productivity and efficiency of a business explicitly relies on the performance and results of its staff. There are 2 kinds of ways you can get the work done from your employees, 1st Manual work which requires a lot human effort and time and 2nd Automatic work in which you get some software or programs built… (0 comment)

How to Combine Multiple Internet Connections in One?
We all have internet connections at home. For our laptop or PC we have either Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. We have data packs for our smartphones and sometimes there is a facility of community Wi-Fi available to us. But, the thing is that we can use only one internet connection at a time. Have you… (6 comments)

How to Schedule Emails in Gmail – Complete Guide!
Gmail, a service which has been serving people for a long time, has always tried to stay ahead in the race of email services. Gmail is not restricted to just sending and receiving emails, but from time to time it has emerged with something new, creative and interesting. Gmail can be collaborated with many apps… (13 comments)