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How to PM Someone on Reddit?

Reddit is one of the most credible platforms if you are looking for a dedicated group of people who have a keen interest in what interests you and allows you to join various communities of your choice. Also, a user can connect directly with his fellow community mates in case he wants to.

While connecting with people having the same interest level as yourself can be very exciting, there can yet be times when it would turn out to be a nightmare. To make sure that you do not have to deal with the disturbing presence of the people with whom you actually don’t connect well or whose posts do literally drive you mad, you have the option to block someone on Reddit.

Here, in this article, we would be talking about how to pm someone in Reddit and would also help you block someone on Reddit.

How to PM someone on Reddit?

When you are new in Reddit, and you actually want or need to get in touch with one of the users who seem to have fascinated you, well then you must be looking to message them. We would love to help you with how to message someone on Reddit. This is a step by step guide to help you with the process.

But before we move into the guide, we would like to inform you here that when it comes to personal message someone in Reddit, there are two ways, namely chat and message. Here, we would be talking about both of them separately.


  • Navigate to the post or page or comment of the user with whom you want to connect. 

  • Search for the user’s name. For example, in the screenshot above, if you are looking to message the user who did post this, check the screenshot.

  • Click on the user, and you would almost understand how to pm someone on Reddit. On clicking on the user, the profile page of the user would open up.

  • On the right-hand side of the page, as you can see, you have the CHAT option. Click on the same, and a chat window would open up, as shown below.

  • Now you can chat with the user you want to.

This is all that you would have to do to chat with someone on Reddit.

Alternatively, you can also send a personal message to the user in the following way. You can also check out the alternative way about how to PM someone on Reddit. 


In this case, the way to reach out to someone’s profile would still remain the same. All you would have to do is search for the user you want to send a message and click on the username to reach the user profile.

  • Once you have reached the user profile, check out for the MORE OPTIONS link.

  • Click on MORE OPTIONS

  • Once you click on the More Option link, you would see the drop down where the  first option is SEND MESSAGE. Click On SEND MESSAGE. Once you click on the link, a new tab would open up.

  • Write the message you want to send to the user along with the subject and verify yourself and click on SEND button.
  • Once you have clicked on SEND, you would have the message marked above, which would help you understand that your message has been sent.

These are the two primary ways in which you can simply reach out to anyone you would like to in Reddit. Remember, though, that while the first one is for a chat, the second one is for an inbox message. Hope that it helped you understand how to message someone on Reddit.

How to Block Someone on Reddit?

Well, now that you have already know how you can text anyone you want to while on Reddit, its equally important that you know how to block someone on Reddit. This would help you have a great experience while on the website. Here, we would try to provide you with the details of the same. 

It’s easy to block someone on Reddit, but not until you know how to do it, so let us help you in the same. Before we move ahead and explain how exactly you can do it, we would like to bring to your notice a fact that when you block someone on Reddit, unlike many other social media accounts, the user does not stop seeing your public posts; instead, you stop seeing them. And also, you can only block someone who has messaged you on Reddit.

Here is the process to block someone on Reddit:

  • Click on the messages icon that is present at the top of the page.

  • Once the messages open, then scroll and find the user you wish to block. You can only block users whom you have interacted with. 
  • Once you find the user, then a small block option would be appearing beneath the message. 

  • Click on the block user option to block the user.
  • After clicking on it, a confirmation would appear. Click on yes to confirm and block the user.

  • In just these simple steps, one can restrict unnecessary users on their account.

So here, in this article, we have helped you understand how to pm someone on Reddit and also how to block someone on Reddit. With the growing popularity of the forum, it would be more than probable that you are using it or would be using it in the recent future, and the titbits would be hopefully of some help!

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