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Can You Share HBO Max in Different Locations?

When it comes to the streaming services currently available, HBO Max has been one of the most popular ones in the streaming industry. Thanks to the excellent offerings available on the platform, the streaming service has grown quite popular. But the service comes with the geo-restrictions. This is what has resulted in people asking that one all-important question –  Can you share HBO Max in different locations? 

Can You Share HBO Max in Different Locations

Quick Answer

HBO Max lets you use its services outside your home – anywhere in the United States and a few select countries in Europe and Latin America. But, this is applicable only when you use the account in only one location at a time. If someone else that you share the account with streams the content precisely at the same time that you are streaming in your home country, your account can get suspended.

Can You Share HBO Max in Different Locations?

No, in principle, HBO Max does not allow you simultaneous streaming from different locations. If the algorithm finds that an HBO Max profile is being used for simultaneous streaming from different locations, your account is likely to get suspended. As per the terms of service on HBO Max, you can only share your HBO Max account with three people in your household. Sharing your account details with non-household members is strictly prohibited. 

If you satisfy those terms and conditions, you can share your HBO Max credentials with the people you trust. You will just need to share the email address and password associated with your subscription. This will allow anyone who has access to your account details can watch HBO Max shows. However, simultaneous streaming across different locations is strictly prohibited. You can, however, bypass this restriction by using a VPN service. Even in that case, make sure that no more than three devices are accessing your HBO Max account simultaneously. 

How Many People Can Watch HBO Max At Once?

HBO Max lets you have up to five different profiles, but there can be only three simultaneous streamings. If you already have three devices streaming under your HBO Max plan, a fourth device cannot log in. Any of the existing three devices will need to sign out. 

The standard plan on HBO Max lets up to three simultaneous streams. However, if you are on a mobile plan, you can stream only on one device at a time. However, if you already have a mobile plan, it is advisable to keep it as the plan has been discontinued. If you switch to a standard plan from a mobile plan, you will not be able to switch back to a mobile plan again. 

The maximum number of people who can stream simultaneously on HBO Max can be dependent on the subscription that you are on:

  • With Ads or basic Ad-Free subscription: Up to two devices at once.
  • Standard plan: Up to three devices at the same time.
  • Ultimate Ad-Free plan: Up to four devices at once.
  • Mobile plan: Up to one device at a time.

How Many Profiles Can I Have on HBO Max?

You can have a maximum of five profiles on your HBO Max account. This includes the Kid’s profile as well. You cannot have any more profiles than that. This can be a good option as it will do away the need for creating separate accounts for each of the family members. Assuming a standard family of four people, the five profiles allowed on a single HBO Max account should be more than enough. 

However, having multiple profiles on the same account should not mean you can have access to each other’s watch history. Each of the profiles can have their own watch history and do not have access to other’s profiles. This is perhaps the best feature that helps you take care of your privacy without breaking your bank. 

Can Simultaneous Streaming Affect User Experience on HBO Max?

The simultaneous streaming feature on HBO Max is definitely an excellent option and lets you and your family members watch their favourite content on the same account simultaneously. However, this can have a negative impact on the proper bandwidth management and the streaming quality. If your network has any limitations on bandwidth, you may have a few issues with your streaming quality. 

Streaming Quality

When you are streaming on too many devices at the same time, it can have an impact on the quality of streaming. However, HBO Max does manage the streaming quality really well, offering excellent HD streaming across all profiles. 

However, the streaming quality can be affected based on your internet connection. If your network has bandwidth issues – especially during peak hours – you may face a reduction in the streaming quality and even buffering issues. 

Balancing Bandwidth And Streaming

An effective management of bandwidth is necessary for an effective and powerful streaming quality. You may have to check the bandwidth limits, if any, on your internet connection and upgrade your plan if needed. 

If you belong to a household with multiple users, investing in a high-speed internet connection may be a good idea. You can even improve your streaming experience by streaming the off-peak hours or downloading a movie or video so that it can be watched in good quality. 

Can I Use My HBO Max Account in Another Country?

HBO Max lets you watch your HBO Max shows in another country. However, the compatibility is limited to certain countries. You can use your HBO Max account anywhere in the United States, a few regions of Europe, and Latin America.

However, it may be noticed that HBO Max comes with a geo-restricted library. That would mean if you move to a country or region outside the US, you will have a restricted library. However, you may be able to remove geo-restrictions using a reliable VPN service. 


HBO Max allows you to share your HBO Max account across different locations. But that option comes with a catch. Sharing your HBO Max credentials with a non-household member is completely against the terms of service, and you may run the risk of getting your account suspended. One of the best options to help avoid that from happening is to use a VPN service.

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