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Why Are My Instagram Stories Blurry? (Causes and Solutions)

Instagram stories are different than normal posts. Stories disappear after 24 hours whereas normal posts stay permanently on your Instagram account. Instagram is a popular platform for showcasing your photos whether you are a model, a photographer, or anyone. You can speak your heart out with images and videos on this platform. I have been facing, and also hearing from my friends that they see their Instagram stories blurry after uploading.

I have done some research, and have tested this on various Instagram accounts with the help of my friends, and found out that there can be various reasons that can cause your Instagram Stories blurry.

Instagram blurry story

In this article, I will tell you Why are my Instagram Stories are Blurry, and why it can happen to you too.

Reason Behind Instagram Stories Showing Blurry

There are multiple factors that cause Insta stories to blur out. Some of the reasons can be these:

  • Poor internet connection: If you are just watching your Instagram story, and you see it blurry, there might be a possibility that your internet connection is fluctuating or running very slow. Because of that either your own stories or others are not loading properly, and thus, appearing blurry.
  • Low-quality Photos: When you upload a story to your Instagram account, make sure that they are of high quality. If the photos are low-quality, then after upload they may appear blurry.
  • Zoomed Photos: While capturing photos or recording videos, if you have used the zoom feature of your camera, there is a high possibility that your story may be blurry or pixelated.
  • Instagram Auto-Compression: Instagram automatically compresses photos and videos to reduce their size, which can sometimes result in blurry stories.
  • Already Compressed Photos: Sometimes, you may compress your photo and then upload on Instagram story, then Instagram again compresses it, and due to dual compression, story may look blurry.
  • Wrong Aspect Ratio: If the aspect ratio of your photos and videos is not suitable for Instagram stories, Instagram crops them as per its requirement, then at times stories may be blurry to improper cropping. Moreover, the Aspect Ratio for Instagram Stories is 9:16 so, if your photos or videos are in this ratio, then it is good. If not, it might create blurry issues.
  • Too Much Editing: If you apply too many filters or edit your images or videos too much, they may become blurry or lose their sharpness, and then you upload to Instagram story, it will show blurry or pixelated.
  • Instagram app issues: Sometimes, the Instagram app itself may have technical issues that result in blurry stories. Updating the app or reinstalling it may help solve the problem. For making sure about any temporary issues on Instagram app, you may check out their Twitter handle to know if there is a known issue going on. They usually update the status if something of this kind happens.

How to Fix Instagram Stories Turning Out Blurry?

Here are a few ways, you can solve this blurry Instagram Story issue:

Update Instagram App

From time to time, apps are adding new updates to patch some issues or add some new features. Also, maintaining compatibility with the upgrading OS as well. Sometimes, you just have updated your iOS or Android, and you use Instagram which may have some incompatibility issues with the new version. There might be various issues including blurry stories. Thus, make sure that keep your Instagram app updated always.  For now, if you are facing the issue, go check out Play Store if there are any pending updates there. If there is, update your app.

Format Image Correctly

When you upload any photos or videos to Instagram stories, it lowers the quality of these as per their requirement. However, Instagram has a fair share of its image requirements that you need to meet, or for that matter Videos if you want to share them in the form of a story. Instagram stories come with an aspect ratio of 9:16. The maximum resolution they allow for an image to be uploaded is 1080 x 1920 resolution. So, If your photos or videos are in this Aspect Ration and the resolution also matches, then there is no problem but if you have very different

The problem starts to occur when you have small-scale photos. These photos will then be expanded by Instagram to match up with their required aspect ratio and resolution, and then blurriness may happen in your Instagram stories.

Turning off Your Mobile Data Saver 

Photos and videos hog a significant crunch of your memory. So, many people like to turn on their mobile data saver on Instagram. Now, the data saver tries to keep the data limitations in mind while uploading and this can lead to out-of-shape and blurry photos appearing in your story. Choose WiFi over your old phone network in case you want to upload without any issues. Or simply turn off the data saver.

Steps to turn off data saver.

  • Open settings on your Instagram app, it’s the right-side clog wheel on your profile page.

  • Go to Account.
  • Select ‘Cellular Data Usage
  • You will see an option called ‘use less data’, just toggle it off.

Enable High-Quality Uploading

In case you only like to upload Instagram photos via WiFi then you can easily enable high-quality uploading. The steps of high-quality uploading are all the same. Just that in the data usage page make sure to toggle ON the option ‘Upload at highest quality’.

high quality upload

Try Using Another Fresh Photo

If the problem is recurring, it’s time for you to use another same photo by clicking on the camera that you used. After clicking the photo try uploading the photo and check if every upload is having issues. If that’s the case you might have to adjust camera settings, check the format of the photo, and also sizing that inflates the picture. Moreover, I would advise you to choose photos with high resolution and correct aspect ratio that match well with Instagram requirements.

Check Camera Settings

It is always amazing if you can check the camera settings and keep the quality requirements high. It’s always easy to auto-adjust your photos. The problem starts happening when the sizes are small and have the wrong photo compression JPEG method.

Prefer Using Instagram Camera

When you try to upload a photo/video or a reel, you will there is a camera option on Instagram. You can choose that for recording or clicking if you are thinking to upload that photo/video to Instagram. This will be better and may save you from blurry story issues as well.

Try all these fixes and I am pretty sure one option among the list will get the work done.


Q. Why are Instagram stories blurry?

It can be due to many reasons, just make sure to explore the problems whether file corruption, wrong image formatting, wrong cropping, and using the wrong resolution. Sometimes its Instagram’s own outage.

Q. Can we fix Instagram’s blurry story with music?

No, you can’t. If Instagram has a story made with adding music that will be fixed once you apply the listed fixes in the above article.

Q. Can poor internet make Instagram stories blurry?

Yes, it’s very much a possibility.


Instagram stories can turn out blurry because of a host of external factors as I have discussed and explained in the article. I have listed the possible fixes as well. Try some of these fixes, I am 100% sure that you will have your problem solved.

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