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10 Best Inspirational Movies on Netflix

Life is not a bed of roses but is full of ups and downs. Sometimes, you may be high and happy. The next moment may bring its challenges and wash off your happiness. When you feel low, you can lift up your hopes by watching soul-lifting and inspirational movies.

best inspirational movies on netflix

This is a list of the 10 best inspirational movies with different stories but the same goal: lift people out of their moodiness and replace it with happiness. These movies that are available on Netflix will inspire you.

Important Note:

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10 Best Motivational Movies on Netflix

  1. Keep on Keepin’ On

This motivational movie will take you from the bottom of hopelessness and despondency to the apex of optimism. The movie is regarded by some as one of the best motivational movies on Netflix of all time.

In this documentary, Clark Terry, jazz legend far from his prime guides a young jazz pianist as he prepares him for a big jazz competition. In the movie, you will be uplifted by the bond between Clark and his student, blind Justin Kauflin. As ageing takes its toll on Clark and renders him sightless, his bond with his blind student becomes stronger than ever. This is obviously the best motivational movie on the list.

  1. 13th

This movie derives its name from an amendment to the United States’ constitution, the 13th amendment. It thus occupies a special place among the most inspirational movies of all time and can be watched on Netflix.

The movie focuses on the 13th amendment that led to the emancipation of slaves as well as banning slavery throughout the world during the slave era. That amendment was the turning point in the lives of former slaves as they could use their newly-gained freedom to improve their lot in life.

The movie contains some inspirational footage, such as the footage of Barack Obama, the sitting president during the launching of the movie. That has a huge impact on the movie as it eventually won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Documentary. You shouldn’t miss this movie for anything.

  1. Long Shot

If you are concerned about the rampant injustice in the world, you can derive inspiration for a better future by watching this absolutely inspirational movie. When Juan Catalan was unjustly arrested for a crime he never committed, the world seems to be working against him.

Despite all the odds against him, Juan gradually worked on his case until he eventually gets justice and acquitted of the murder case charged against him.

  1. Mona Lisa Smile

If you want a movie that will inspire you to defy expectations, it is Mona Lisa Smile. The movie revolves around Katherine Ann Watson who works as a teacher in the Art History department of Wellesley College, an all-women college.

Rather than stick to the school curriculum and the established norm that encourages women only to get married and raise a family, Ann encourages her students to challenge the established norm and choose a different path for their future. Although this nearly gets her fired, her stance motivates her students. If you need the inspiration to challenge status quo and chart your own course, watch this movie.

  1. Rocky

If you have ever thought of giving up in life, you need to watch this movie. Rocky Balboa once thought of giving up too. The movie is about a Philadelphia boxer who struggles to succeed in life despite the barrage of challenges he has to contend with.

He gets kicked out of his training gym, gets tricked by a fake trainer, and was deeply dejected. Despite the struggles, he hangs on and hopes he becomes successful in life. When the opportunity came to be trained by Apollo Creed, the cantankerous heavyweight champion, he takes the offer, and the rest is history. He eventually won the heavyweight championship and eventually gets what he has always hoped for: success.

  1. My Happy Family

My Happy Family is a tribute to female emancipation. Manana is a dutiful mother who tries to free herself from the pressure and demand that society places on her. This middle-aged mother of two and dutiful wife goes against the traditional and decides to live independently of her family. This affords her the opportunity to discover herself and fashion out how she wants to live her life.

  1. Schindler’s List

Schindler’s List is a movie that focuses on the complexity of humanity with a view to helping us have a balanced attitude towards life. Oskar Schindler sets out to enrich himself during Nazi’s rise to power in Germany by using bribery and flattery to win contracts and employ people at ridiculous wages.

However, in a twist of fate, he ends up as a philanthropist, saving the lives of the people by risking his life and spending his fortune on them. By the end of the war, he saves the lives of over 1,000 Jews.

This true life story adapted into a movie serves as a reminder that there are still some people with the milk of human kindness.

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  1. Queen of Katwe

This inspirational movie tells the story of a young Ugandan girl who defies all odds to achieve her goal in life. Although she was born in the slums, she puts in all efforts, with the assistance of her coach, to become a chess champion. That gives her the financial ability to help her family escape from poverty.

This is a proof that your background shouldn’t be the major determinant that defines your success in life.

  1. Apollo 13 (1995)

This movie hit Netflix on January 1, 2018. It depicts humanity’s struggle for survival in the face of overwhelming odds. Starring Kevin Bacon, Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, and other experienced actors, Apollo 13 gives the audience a ray of hope that the future can be brighter in the face of daunting odds.

The movie got nine Academy Awards and won two, Best Sound and Best Film Editing, a proof of its high-value content.

  1. Pursuit Of Happyness

This is one of my most favourite movies of all time, ad I have watched it more than 50 times. Will Smith played a great character of Chris Gardener. This movie is based on the real-life story of multi-millionaire Chris Gardener as how he had once almost no money in his bank. How he struggled and got success, all of these well screen-played in this movie.

Disclaimer: Netflix movie links may or may not work all the time because when their license expires of a particular movie, and if they don’t renew, the link stops working. So, please keep that in mind. However, if you don’t find any of these movies on Netflix, then do check out these lists of movie sites, and try finding the movies on these:


Every one of us needs motivation when we feel demotivated, and what is better than a movie. These motivational movies are one of the best ones that when you watch, you will be filled with positivity and motivation.

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