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10 Best Sci-fi Movies on Netflix

Science-fiction movies are among the best movies in the movie industry. Movie enthusiasts are always impressed and enchanted by the science and fiction that are incorporated into movies.  From apocalypses to creepy creatures, superheroes to space wars, science fiction has given movie enthusiasts something that will take them into fictional outer space and keep them entertained.

sci-fi movies on Netflix

If you are a Science movie lover and want to watch the most entertaining sci-fi movies on Netflix, this list is good for you as we are giving you a list of 10 science fiction movies you can choose from.

Important Note

Netflix has a different version for every country in which it offers its services. That means, a movie that is available on Netflix India may or may not be available in any other countries. In this post, I have shared Netflix India links so do check if that is available in your country as well just by clicking on the movie link. If it is not available to your country you can simply make use of VPN, and switch the IP to India, and watch that movie. Even if you want to watch the movie that is available in other country and not in yours, then switch to that country’s IP using VPN, and watch that. With the use of VPN, you can access region-blocked content. I would highly recommend using NordVPN to access blocked content. Get NordVPN Now!

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10 Best Science Fiction Movies on Netflix

  1. District 9

District 9 highlights the conflict between some alien refugees and human officials who see every reason to maltreat the aliens, contrary to the expectations of the harmless aliens.

In a swift twist of fate, a field agent who was given the responsibility to evict the aliens from their illegal camp accidentally contracts a virus that completely twisted and altered his DNA. The impact of the virus forced him to seek refuge among the aliens in their settlement known as District 9.

  1. The Road 2009

Have you ever thought of how life will be if you are the only survivor in your country? Well, what if you have only your father for a company? Will that make a change? Watch this movie and find answers to your questions. The movie details the experience of a father and his son as the lone survivors of a burned America. The only images surrounding you are burnt houses, cars, and the debris of fallen structures. They have nothing except a single pistol they can use in self-defense as they are pitched against some lawless bands stalking the ravaged country.

  1. The Matrix

There was a time when The Matrix was the undisputed number one sci-fi movie in the world. This movie starred Keanu Reeves as Neo, a skilled hacker who eventually discovered that the world was nothing but a computer simulation. Not satisfied with living in a simulated world, he took it upon himself to fight and help people gain freedom.

The success of this awesome sci-fi movie is attested to by its four Academy Awards in recognition of the quality of this movie.

  1. The Host 2006

Seoul was a peaceful city until a monstrous creature emerges from the city’s Han River and start tormenting the people, attacking them at will. A family decides to tackle this monster when it took a member of the family. They have to do all they can to rescue their daughter from the clutches of the monstrous killer.

This Korean sci-fi movie combines the power of technology with the creativity of the director to produce an interesting and successful sci-fi movie. Its audience acceptance success in the box office show why this movie is in this list.

List of Movies

  1. Men in Black

This movie gave movie lovers the best of Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. Laced with some comic punches, the classic sci-fi movie shows the duo protecting the world from some powerful extraterrestrial forces that are hell-bent on destroying the world. This movie is still rated among the best sci-fi movies of all time even 20 years after its release. You simply can’t resist this sci-fi comedy.

  1. Advantageous 2015

Advantageous depicts the potential challenges that automation may bring in the nearest future. This movie narrates the experience of a career woman in the future as she fights hard not to lose her job to a younger candidate.

Working in a biomedical firm as a spokesman, the woman is on the brink of losing her source of living without an alternative way to provide for her daughter. In a desperate attempt to retain her job, she agrees to a procedure that will allow her to transfer her consciousness to someone with age on her side.

  1. Looper

If you want to space-travel into the future, Looper will take your there, figuratively. The movie is mind-blowing and superb as you follow Joseph Gordon-Levitt in his attempt to rid the world of aliens that are teleported into the earth by a mob organization from the future.

The plot gets twisted when he has to handle a very difficult task: kill his future self. That started a chain of complicated issues. The movie enjoys an abundance of strong performances and actions that will keep you glued to your screen throughout the duration of the movie.

  1. John Dies at the End

When a new street drug that can teleport its users into the future was created and released into the market, the users are not prepared for the outcome of that decision. This drug has a drawback: some of the users will not return to earth as human. The onus now lies on two college drop-outs to salvage the situation and save the entire humanity from dangerous invasion.

  1. V for Vendetta

This movie is set against a future British tyranny. An anonymous freedom fighter decides to fight the oppressors of the world. Known only as “V,” this freedom fighter saves a young woman from the secret police. With the assistance of the woman, he now has an ally to fight off England’s oppressors

  1. Orphan Black

Sarah accidentally witnesses the suicide of a woman who resembles her. Unperturbed by the potential questions she may have to answer if her actions later become public knowledge, she steals her doppelganger’s identity and takes over her bank accounts, stealing as much as she can.

Expectedly, Sarah has to face the consequences of her decisions and actions. Severally, she has to deal with the human cloning conspiracy as she uncovers one conspiracy after another. The movie is skillfully written in a coherent and logical manner.


What you have here is a complete list of 10 of the best sci-fi movies you can stream from Netflix. Any of the listed movies on this list will take you into an imaginary fun-filled world where science, technology, and aliens reign supreme. They are must-watch sci-fi movies.

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  • Love V for Vendetta, Matrix and District 9… thanks for the list. I’m gonna need to check out some of your other recommendations… I think I’m going to start with Looper! Of all the movies you’ve listed – which is your personal favorite?

    • Hello Drew, there are so many favourite movies of mine but from this list, The Matrix, and Men in Black are my favourites.

  • yeah I have tried nordvpn to use netflix usa It works wonders. Thanks for the tip and the top you made, I will watch them this weekend.

  • I loved your list, really good movies, The Matrix is a Classic… The Road of 2009 I will watch… I will use the VPN feature. Thank you for the tips.

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