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9 Best Comma Splice Checkers to Make Content Grammatically Correct

In case you are in the writing profession, whether as a content creator, a novelist, an author, or any other work that needs you to play with words, punctuations, and what not, you would definitely understand the essence and importance of Comma placement. You may think that “I better pay someone to write my essay”, but what is a reason for this, if you can figure out punctuation and grammar on your own and get a good score. You can learn the concept of proper punctuation with the help of the right selection of proofreading software options.

One of the most common misplaced punctuation marks that can completely ruin the meaning of your sentences is a comma. If you are someone who is always confused about the proper placement of commas, it should be evident that you should invest in a good comma Splice checker tool. 

What Are Comma Splices, and how can they affect your writing?

A comma splice is the most commonly used grammatical error in English. In fact, a comma is understood to be used in an area where the writer or the speaker is expected to take a break or breath. However, adding commas at every place that you take a breath may not be the reliable and grammatically correct way of sharing things.  

At times, if you are not so great at writing such tools help a lot, and if you don’t have the time, you can pay someone to write your essay as well. So that you can save time, and get the work done quickly.

A comma split occurs when two independent clauses are joined incorrectly with a comma to make up one sentence. The prime option to avoid a comma splice is to understand the different independent clauses and learn to separate them appropriately so that the meaning is not altered. 

A good example here is 

John did not want to meet her, he canceled the date. 

The two sentences are independent clauses. They can work as individual sentences on their own. Joining these two through a comma creates a comma splice error. 

How to correct this comma Splice error? The error can be corrected in several ways: 

  • Separate the two clauses. As in John did not want to meet her. He canceled the date.
  • Use conjunction such as and. As in John did not want to meet her, and he canceled the date. Here we retain the comma but fix the comma splice error by adding a conjunction. 
  • You can even add subordinating conjunction. As in, Since John did not want to meet her, he canceled the date.

Where should you use Commas?

The right places to add commas would be to follow a few rules: 

  • You can use commas after the introductory adverbs. Ex – Strangely, they did not respond. 
  • You can add commas to a list of items. Ex – homes, buildings, and other dwellings. 
  • You can use commas when separating the elements in an address
  • Use commas when separating the first word, such as yes or no. 
  • You may also use commas when attributing quotes

Best Comma Splice Checkers in 2021 You Can Rely Upon

Do note that the list of the best tools in this list not only helps you like the best Comma Splice checkers but can also be utilized as a means to check your complete English writing. You would be able to learn the appropriate use of several English words and grammar. The tools here are designed to help you effectively use apostrophes, commas, colons, and other grammar rules. 

Without much ado, we will list out the best Comma Splice checkers and comma placement checkers that should provide you with outstanding functionality. 


Grammarly should definitely be one of the best and outstanding punctuations and grammar checker tools. The app can be used in several ways since it comes with extensions for major browsers, can be used as an add-on with MS Word, and even on a web portal. You may opt for the feature you are comfortable with. 

Grammarly also offers you a Plagiarism checker, which should be yet another great asset if you are a content writer. The tool is used by a vast number of professional writers and teachers, and it can correct more than 400 different errors. You will be able to remove a huge number of punctuation errors. It can even handle the Comma Splice errors much efficiently. 

  • Grammarly can check more than 400 grammar errors
  • Support for iOS and Android devices along with PC
  • Offers you a context-specific suggestion. 
  • Professional level plagiarism checker
  • It May not work on a few specific websites as the comma placement checker 


WhiteSmoke is one of the excellent options for semicolon and comma splice checker for providing you with an exciting set of options in achieving the best results. A powerful competitor to Grammarly, it can be an excellent option for checking punctuation errors. 

However, one of the issues with WhiteSmoke is that it does not find the context-specific errors and other significant grammar-based errors. Instead, you would find it offering you a wide range of benefits and features such as multi-platform support, spelling and grammar checking, plagiarism checker, and style checking capabilities. In addition, a recent update has added several advanced features making it a genuinely formidable option. 

  • A complete proofreading tool 
  • Built-on National Language Processing technology
  • Full translation service supporting over 55 languages. 
  • Support for Windows, Mac OS, the web application for popular browsers, mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • No add-on available for browsers 


If you are checking out the best comma splice checker worthy of mentioning, Ginger is definitely a great option after Grammarly and WhiteSmoke. It is definitely one of the best free comma checker option for most of the needs that you may have. It is one of the prime checking tools for punctuation checkers and proofreading. It can also alert you in the cases of sentence fragment checker needs that you may have. 

It can be one of the premium options for the best free online punctuation checker. The software can check and correct a host of errors, including punctuation, sentence structure, writing style, and many more errors. In addition, it can be one of the excellent options checking the advanced punctuation checking software, fixing apostrophe, fixing comma splice errors, and several other errors. 

  • Improves the sentence structure and readability effectively 
  • You can use it to correct the typos more efficiently 
  • Translation support for more than 40 languages. 
  • Supported on a wide range of platforms. 
  • No native app support for Mac OS.


If you are looking for the best online free spell checker cum sentence fragment checker tool, SpellCheckPlus should be what would make it one of the most perfect options for most of the needs that you may be looking forward to. The tool also helps you detect the errors by highlighting the mistakes in a red color text. In addition, you can get suggestions for fixing the errors. 

The tool can fix apostrophe errors, and it can also address the punctuation issues such as comma splices and missed semicolons. The free version comes with a limited number of corrections, and you may need to go Pro if you are looking for unlimited corrections. 

  • A simple and easy to use a grammar checker and comma splice error checker 
  • It can also double up as the right sentence fragment checker
  • Volume discounts would be available for educational institutions. 
  • Premium users can get access to a French text editor as well 
  • Grammar exercises specifically designed for practicing your grammar skills 
  • Page is filled with too many ads. 

After The Deadline

The tool After The Deadline should be one of the excellent options for providing you access to one of the excellent functionality in the right grammar checker. It does provide you a great degree of performance with the comma splice checkers. The software does provide you access to a powerful AI. 

The natural language tool functionality available on the software can definitely be a great option for your needs. It can help you get access to a massive degree of flawless copy. The service also provides you access to a WordPress plugin that helps you get access to the best comma splice checker option. 

  • Free for personal use 
  • Support for a wide range of languages such as Spanish, French, or German
  • Found not many cons. 


This is yet another popular and excellent tools for an enhanced comma splice checker feature. It can be one of the excellent options for a highly user-friendly functionality in getting access to the best services ever. You can simply paste the text in the text editor, and you will be able to get access to a huge degree of options. 

You can even enable the software to auto-correct the errors, which should further make it one of the prominent options. The tool can check the spelling and basic grammatical errors in your text. You will also be able to get access to the summary of the mistakes in the summary page. The text editing options are available for different languages viz German, French, Spanish, Russian, and so on.

  • The software can check spell, grammar, stylistic and punctuation errors 
  • A complete list of errors and suggestions to fix them
  • No download or installation required 
  • Enable automatic error corrections
  • May not discover all the errors.

Language Tool

If you are checking out the options for an enhanced experience in terms of a punctuation cum grammar checker for multiple languages, this one can be the right pick you would want to opt for. Language Tool should be what would make it one of the promising proofreading tools with free online functionality. 

It is an open-source comma usage check tool and provides you access to a wide range of different features that you would find impressive in every right. In fact, you do not even need to sign up for the service to use it. You can simply copy-paste the content you want to check on the web page, and your task is done. The software can check the quality and readability of your text as well. 

  • You can get it in multiple versions that include Web version, add-ons for Google Chrome, and Google Docs, and many more 
  • Works great with Liber Office users 
  • Support for around 32 languages 
  • No plagiarism checker options are available 

Garretson’s Punctuation Checker

If you want a very minimalistic design on your comma splice checker tool, the Garretson’s Punctuation Checker can offer an outstanding functionality as a free comma checker online. The online nature of the tool would make it one of the prominent choices for most of the needs that you may have. 

You do not need to install or download any software for the best possible comma usage check functionality. Simply copy-paste the text on the page, and the content will be checked and corrected. In addition, you can find the tool providing you a complete help with the basic grammar and punctuation issues. 

  • Guides you learn a better written English
  • It offers you a complete justification into the text. 
  • Best meant for the academic writing for the beginners 
  • It has a limit on the word count that it can handle. 

Paper Rater 

Paper Rater is a more comprehensive proofreading tool that you would find much impressive in its own right. This is yet another great option for providing you access to an efficient online proofreading and grammar checker tool ever. A complete combination of grammar check, proofreading, and plagiarism check, you will find it providing you a huge degree of performance enhancement. 

The tool can detect even the most hard to find grammatical errors in your text. The I technology provides you access to a correction in just under 15 seconds. The options offered by the service would include word choice, writing style, vocabulary usage, and a great degree of options. The tool provides you access to a wide range of services that would include grammar, spell check, punctuation corrections, plagiarism checking, proofreading, and scoring. 

  • Never saves your text and thus assists you in secured data analysis
  • The free tool for providing you a complete plagiarism check and other benefits 
  • Available in over 140 countries and different languages 
  • No downloads and sign-ups needed
  • Not many cons observed 

The Final Wrap Up

Well, a proper comma placement checker should be what would provide you access to a great degree of experience in providing you an effective grammar correction. You no longer need to worry about the punctuation errors, comma placements, and assist you in writing your content in a very effective and robust manner. The tools designed explicitly for comma usage check should help you get access to a great degree of experience. 

The list of the best options outlined here should help you get an outstanding experience in proofreading your content. Of course, Grammarly is one of the excellent options that helps you achieve a complete degree of performance in getting access to the best proofreading and comma splice checker features. But, the other alternatives too should ideally help you gain a great degree of service quality.

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