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Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2023

tips and tricks to increase you instagram followers

Instagram has become one of the best and most popular social media platforms for users who love to showcase their day-to-day life in the form of photos and videos. With more than 2.35 billion monthly active users, Insta is ruling the social media industry.

If you want to earn money on Instagram by getting advertising deals, you must have a great fan following and better engagement on every post you publish. Having a big fan following can be a life-changer for you because as the number of followers increases, you can charge more from the advertisers for doing any ads.

When you read this, it looks so lucrative, but it is not that easy to build a huge follower base and keep them engaged. You will have to create content that users love. If you go to Instagram, you will see people doing various things to gain followers. While some are doing some creative stuff, some are posting just skin shows; but, whatever they do, they do to gain followers. So that they can get collaboration offers.

Apart from posting great content, you need a lot of things as well that would help increase your Instagram followers. 

I am not a great Instagrammer, so I needed help to understand more about the follower boost. Thus, last month I asked the social media specialists at SocialsGrow.com, which helps new Instagrammers in the UK get started quickly and get Instagram followers affordably, to recommend their suggestions. They have given me a plethora of knowledge on this issue.

I have done my research, and mix them up with their recommendations, and created this article. So, keep reading, and you will have the best knowledge about increasing your Instagram followers.

5 Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2023

1. Optimize Your Profile

When you make an Instagram profile, don’t just keep anything random if you want to succeed on the platform. You must well optimize your profile to make it more appealing and stand out from the crowd. 

To improve the effectiveness of your Instagram bio, you can do the following things:

  • Better Profile Photo: Always put the best of your photos in a profile. It should not be blurred, and should rather have a close-up look. 
  • Better Bio: While writing your profile description, make sure to be straightforward and write exactly about what you will post. If you dance, for instance, you could write about dancing.
  • Choosing an Attractive Username: A username is a very important thing on social profiles. Make sure to have a shorter and more attractive username for your profile. Shorter names are easy to remember. So, many of your Instagram followers would remember yours too.
  • Using Proper Keywords in Bio: The use of proper keywords in the Bio makes it possible for people to find you easily. If someone is searching for a Gym Trainer, your profile will only rank if you have used keywords such as fitness trainer, gym trainer, etc.

checklist to optimize your profile

2. Post High-Quality Engaging Content

When you want to make yourself famous on Instagram, it is paramount that you post only high-quality engaging content. Followers may follow you once, but the only thing that keeps them stay being your follower is your high-quality content. Whatever you post, make sure it is attention-grabbing and adds value to people’s life. For example, If you are posting fitness videos, you must make sure to post the best fitness-related tips and tricks along with great diet plans that can be managed well at a low cost.

Always remember to use popular hashtags related to your topic, which will increase the visibility of your post so much. You can also tag relevant accounts in your post to attract their followers as well. But, No unnecessary tagging. Only when it is required or looks natural to the post.

3. Use Instagram Stories

Stories are great for keeping your Instagram followers updated about your day-to-day life by posting random things. Such as, if you are going to a mall or a party, you can make a small video and post that as a story. Moreover, you can do more by posting behind-the-scenes footage, sneak peeks, and fun facts about your life or business. You may entice your Insta followers to engage with you by using polls, quizzes, and questions.

The best thing about Instagram Stories is that they won’t clutter your post area, as these expire within 24 hours. That means it is available for 24 hours only. Buffer.com has done great research on Instagram stories 1500 stories from 200 of the world’s top brands to find out in-depth analysis. This will help you know more about it, and I would recommend you check out that research before starting to post stories.

It has been proven that the more stories you post, the more visible your profile becomes, and thus, you gain more followers quickly.

4. Engage with Your Followers

As in any business, the interaction with your customer gives you benefits, and the same on Instagram. If you keep engaging with your followers, which is crucial, it will give you many benefits and also hold them. For this, you should start responding to comments and direct messages. You can go ahead and like and comment on your followers’ posts on their profiles as well. Your followers will feel appreciated as a result, and they’ll be more willing to interact with your content.

5. Collaborate with Other Accounts

For going one more step, you can start collaborating with other Instagram users within your niche. It will gain more followers. For this, you have to look out for accounts that have a good following and a target audience similar to yours. This would help you reach a wider audience base. 

6. Use Instagram Ads

You can run Instagram Ads, which is an outstanding way to market your content to fresh and well-targeted audiences if you have the funds for it. This will help you gain some relevant followers who are actually interested in your niche.

7. Host Contests and Giveaways

Everyone loves freebies. Thus, hosting some type of giveaway can be a great way to attract a bigger audience base and gain more subscribers. Run the contest, tag your friends, and ask them to spread the post as much as possible so that more people can participate. You will undoubtedly earn a large number of followers this way.


Increasing followers on Instagram requires a strategic approach that involves a combination of tactics such as posting high-quality content, using hashtags, engaging with followers, collaborating with other accounts, and leveraging Instagram’s features, such as Stories, Reels, and IGTV. You have to make sure to do all of them at full of your potential to make things better and better day by day. This will 100% help you gain followers on your Instagram profile.

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