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How to Acquire Backlinks to Appear In Google Top Without Penalties?

A cherished dream of every webmaster is to get a website to the top of the results page on Google or other search engines. There is often a strong temptation to boost ranking within a short period of time with so-called black hat SEO techniques. However, this may result in a Google penalty that affects your website ranking and authority. 

Another way to get your website to the Google top is by reinforcing the link-building strategy. Webmasters and SEO specialists prefer to buy safe website backlinks in order to avoid Google penalties. This is an ideal solution for your website promotion in a proper and fast way.

The Power of Backlinks

One of the major elements of the off-page SEO approach refers to backlinks because it proves to be very effective and powerful. When other online resources contain a link to your website, it means they recommend the content, products, or services you have. Consequently, a large number of such backlinks signifies that your website is highly relevant so that users can find what they need there.

In fact, strong backlinking could be compared to the TripAdvisor ranking in the hospitality sphere. The more positive the feedback is, the greater amount of people is likely to visit that hotel, restaurant, museum, or another spot with a high rating. 

Given that backlinks leading to your website can boost its ranking considerably, webmasters highly rely on this approach. Sometimes, the desire for immediate success forces webmasters to buy bad backlinks, which can lead to risks such as Google penalties. This is definitely something one needs to avoid because Google penalty recovery might take a lot of time.

How to Acquire Backlinks?

Making a purchase is not rocket science, but when it comes to backlinks everyone should be very conscious and attentive. Some time ago, it was considered that buying backlinks is something illicit, however, it is not really so. Everything depends on various factors such as the quality of backlinks and their amount. By following several simple guidelines below, you will be able to create your paid backlink profile of high quality.

Get different types of links

While establishing incoming links, consider the diversity of their types for creating a quality backlink profile. Those should not be only the links from blogs or guests posts. Feel free to so-called nofollow links coming from the comments on forums or social media.

Consider all the pages on your website

Very often, most of the attention is paid to the home page of the website. There is nothing wrong with it, however, you should also pay attention to other pages on your website. When incoming links are leading to different pages, it is more likely that users will land on the page they were exactly looking for.

Diversify anchor text

Depending on the page you choose the backlink to come in, modify the anchor text accordingly. It should definitely carry the same idea in all instances, however, its diversification is also highly recommended.

Keep the right speed

Quality is not always about quantity when it comes to backlinks. On the contrary, when many incoming links start to point out to your website at the same time, that might give Google a hint that something is going wrong. When you buy backlinks, you should never consider a bulk of cheap backlinks as those may trigger Google penalties.

Maintain your backlink strategy in a hasteless manner with no hurry. Thus, you will not only avoid risks that could potentially impact your website ranking negatively but also make a deliberate analysis of how backlinks benefit your SEO strategy.

What are Bad Backlinks?

Before buying backlinks from a website, make sure that this link will certainly benefit you. It might not be always easy to say that from the beginning, however, there are types of backlinks that you should certainly stay away from. It is definitely better to maintain your link building and avoid penalties – read more about it here by learning essential tips on the subject.

Backlinks from websites in other niches

Google is getting smarter each year, other search engines are not left behind as well. That is why their algorithms can easily detect the industry you are operating in and the sphere of the website with the incoming link. For instance, when a backlink on the sports goods website comes to your web page with the bakery goods, that would be definitely detected by Google.

Backlinks coming from gambling or adult websites

In general, any link that comes from a website with ambiguous or forbidden content is potentially risky. The code of ethics is present in a set of regulations of every search engine, so such websites might be initially a red flag for Google.

Spammy comments

Sometimes, the links are placed in the forum or social media comments to make the number of incoming links grow. However, that is not the right thing to do as many similar comments containing only a link could be recognized as spammy. Consequently, search engines would understand this and could drop your website ranking.

Site-wide backlinks

When there are links coming to your website from sidebars, footers, or widgets, those are recognized as hidden ones. Search engines detect such links and consider them illicit because they are not done in a proper way.

What is the Google Penalty?

When your traffic decreases and the website loses positions on search engine result pages, it usually means that some penalties have been applied to your website. To check whether your website was dropped in search because of penalties, go to the Google Webmaster Tools and see notifications there.

The types and severity of such penalties get modified every year following the evolvement of search engines. However, there are 2 major kinds of Google penalties – manual and automatic. There is a group of employees in Google scanning websites with suspicious links. If some bad backlinks are detected, the agent manually changes the status of the website so that its rating drops. When bad backlinks are detected by search engine algorithms, this is an automatic penalty.

Once you have detected that Google penalized your website for bad backlinks you should take immediate action to take control over it. Contact the webmaster of the resources with the bad backlink and ask to remove it.

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