5 Tools To Create Fake Facebook Chat And Status
Facebook is a social networking website that everyone uses and loves to share things on. It is extremely addictive when it comes to using it as you can get reactions from people in real time and the hunger for a single notification for a like or a comment on your Facebook post is real! Facebook… (17 comments)

Create Amazing Facebook Covers with FotoJet?
Social networking site Facebook take up a lot of our time today. Well, why not? These sites give us a medium to stay updated with what’s going on in the world and our social circle. Not only these but being able to share our photos on Facebook something that we all love today. When it… (17 comments)

How to Get More Likes On Facebook without Spamming?
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Kotak Mahindra Launches KayPay to Transfer Money using Facebook
Send money through Facebook using Kotak Mahindra’s Kaypay Yes, you read that right. Now you can transfer money by using Facebook. This is made possible by Kotak Mahindra Bank which launched a service, KayPay, based on Facebook for instant fund transfer. By using KayPay, a user can send money to his friends on the world’s… (6 comments)