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5 Ways to Stay Safe on Facebook

In the world of social media, Facebook has made its name as the best social media website that anyone can use not just for chatting and becoming friends but for business purposes as well. I have cracked so many deals on Facebook.

In the early days, it was just a platform for me to get new friends, and connect but, now, I have been using it for multiple purposes.

Facebook is the place where I can express my thoughts and receive feedback for the same from the community. All in all, it is an international community of people from every corner of the world that are willing to socialize, find like-minded, and be heard.

As Facebook has gained popularity, more users are hanging out here; Hackers got a new place to trap the users. They use different methods to invade your privacy and search for the most eligible opportunities for it.

On Facebook, we share our private life frequently without knowing the fact that nothing is safe online, and whatever we post is viewed by many, and in those many, there will be hackers as well.

It is obvious that cybercriminals find it a perfect place for fulfilling their evil plan. They steal data to blackmail people, get money or track the current location using Facebook messenger spy app without target phone.

In short, social media users leave a lot of information unprotected online which Hackers use to target or hack into someone’s profile. Not just Facebook, even spam emails can be sent by scammers to scam money from you. They will first get your email id from the internet, and then they will send you any spam link which could be of some adult movies or photos, as long as you click those links, they will send you a scam email saying that they have recorded you while watching those clips or pics. Although they haven’t done anything, you will be scared because you did click the link and you will start thinking that they might have done it. This way they will ask you to pay money to delete those recorded videos. I have faced this issue, but since I have been working online for years, I know these are scam emails. You can read that story here when I got such an email.

So, in short, you need to keep your stuff safe online and don’t click on suspicious links. And, when you get such emails, don’t be afraid, and try finding out if that is a legit email or not. Some scared people might give those scammers money which is what they want.

This is what I have suggested you, to stay safe online and don’t fall into such a trap. Now, let’s get back to Facebook. How we can stay safe on this platform?

safe on Fb

Let me tell you one thing, in most chances, you won’t be hacked if you don’t make mistakes. I mean hackers, in most cases, cannot hack you directly; they will first try to trap you by sending some links to get you to click on them, and then if you make mistakes, you can be hacked. So, only you can keep yourself safe on Facebook.

Let’s find out a few ways you can do to stay safe on Facebook

How to Stay Safe on Facebook? 5 Surefire Ways

Set a Strong Password.

Password is the main thing that helps you keep your account access private to you. So, it is of utmost importance for you to set a strong password that is not easily guessable. Also, a long and strong password that includes various special characters makes you safe from brute-force attacks as well which is quite common in the hacking world to break the password.

To create a good password you should make use of the combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Along with the usage of these, make sure to keep a long password, and don’t use obvious information like your date of birth or last name.

Limit Posting Stuff on Your Facebook Account.

You may even fail to notice that something very private like your residence address, location, or screen of your documents may be on one photo or video. These small things can be hooks for hackers to invade your private space. To prevent it, think carefully about what to post on your account and what not to

Even if you post everything,  make sure to make extremely private stuff “private” or to be shared with only a few selected family members or friends. Facebook offers this option so, you don’t have to worry about it. Just post, and share with the ones you like.

Don’t Accept Every Friend Request

You know, when I started using Facebook, I sent friend requests to many people whom I never knew, and also, I have gotten requests from people I never knew as well. And, this all looked good then as it was so new. But, as I learned more about social media safety, and all, I started to accept friend requests from those with whom I know or have some close mutual friends. 

I don’t accept requests from people I don’t know because Hackers disguise themselves in a nice-looking profile, and they closely monitor your activities when you accept their request, and one day, they will have all the information about you to steal your steal confidential information which they can use in many fishy things.

See Privacy Settings. 

Facebook has a great “Privacy Settings” feature which is a must for every user to set their privacy to keep themselves safe.

You just have to Settings & Privacy >> Settings >> Privacy, and you will see a lot of options to control your privacy on Facebook.

Facebook Privacy Settings

As you can see in the screenshot above, there are a few options visible that you can set. If you go to that option and scroll down, there are more options. Also, on the left side, you can see a few more options such as profile and tagging, blocking, etc. All in all, Facebook offers detailed Privacy Options, it is up to you how you can safeguard your account.

Don’t Use Facebook Login Details to Register on Other Websites

To be honest, I made this mistake in my early days as an Internet User as well because it seems so easy that you keep the same password everywhere. So you don’t forget it. But, that is a really big mistake because once any one profile is compromised, your other profiles may be compromised as well.

Especially, when you register on so many websites that you don’t know well but register just for the sake of some work. There, never use your Facebook password. Use any other password.


Social Media Platforms has become an indispensable part of our life nowadays because, in this busy world, people have less time to actually meet. So, they do interact online. This way, we are not able to imagine a life without the Internet and social media. But, since we spend so much of our time on these platforms, it is crucially important to use them carefully to avoid unwanted consequences. Unfortunately, criminal cases in this area are not a rare thing today, so we should do everything possible to protect our privacy. Nowdays there are many apps that can track cell phones as well which you can check out more on  CellTrackingApps.com. It seems, Online Privacy is Myth Now!

I hope you have learned a lot about making yourself safe online and specifically on Facebook. Please share your thoughts and views in comment section, and I will be happy to respond.

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