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What is STEM and Why is it Important For Kids?

Whether you are an educator or a parent, you’ve probably heard the word STEM a couple of times. But what does this mean? Why is it important? How can it be applied to me?

For starters, “STEM” is an acronym for key subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The acronym became popular at the US National Science Foundation after a meeting on science education was held. This was followed by an address by then-President Barack Obama on the need for United States STEM education to maintain its global leadership.

A couple of years back, these subjects got less attention though placed in many school curriculums. Today, this has changed as STEM subjects are recognized as top subjects that every student needs to ace.

STEM puts your kids at more experience by bridging the learning gap between active learners and passive listeners. In this article, we will discuss why STEM is important for kids.

Kids with Basic STEM Knowledge Thrive Better in Tech-Heavy Environment

With the advancement in technology and digitization, kids with a basic knowledge of STEM can thrive in techheavy environments. As your kids move into different occupations, the knowledge gained will keep them relevant in the industry.

This is important especially since today most of the lucrative jobs available are related to STEM subjects. Kids who study STEM core subjects in college are already equipped with the skills needed to keep our tech-savvy world moving forward.

STEM Encourages Kids To Think Critically

As kids study STEM, they learn to think critically to figure out the best solution for solving a problem. Little do they know that this will help them develop one skill that is very applicable in the real world; critical thinking. Asides from critical thinking, kids are empowered to use their imagination and initiative using these vague and theoretical subjects like math and science. All these wonderful skills gotten from studying STEM can be relied upon in other areas of life.

STEM Brings Kids Together From Different Backgrounds

STEM creates an environment where kids with different backgrounds and experiences can come together to learn. This is important for building understanding, love, and tolerance among kids as they participate in well-run experiments.

STEM Kids Have Better Entrepreneurship Skills

Most global organizations like Google and Facebook begin with a vision that has resulted in several entrepreneurial legacies. To encourage a continuous entrepreneurship, STEM education should be made a priority for kids.

Teaching kids about STEM at an early stage of their life creates room for true innovations that eventually leads to bigger projects in the future.

STEM Encourages Learning and Creativity

With several exciting experiments and stimulating conversations, STEM makes studying fun and exciting. It helps your kids understand that education is beyond having good grades and doing homework.

It encourages creativity which is something that you can be proud of. It is therefore important for parents and teachers to imbibe creativity when teaching kids STEM.

STEM Encourages Economic Stability

One major problem of the 21st century is financial insecurity however, this can be prevented for your kids and generations that follow through with STEM.

Kids with knowledge in STEM have higher chances of working in huge organizations that require their expertise thereby earning more than those who don’t. It can therefore be said that STEM is an investment that reduces economic disparities and societal wealth gaps.

STEM Kids Understand Core Subjects Better

Most people consider STEM to be four separate subjects but in reality, STEM is a combination of all four subjects to produce a multi-disciplinary learning approach. By studying STEM, your kids begin to see the connections between these four subjects.

For instance, STEM students might be able to figure out how mathematics informs engineering, and how well technology and science relate to each other. Perhaps this is the reason most parents say that their kids perform better in these subjects after they were introduced to STEM learning. This ability to come up with ideas from studying these subjects shows the connection these subjects have with each other.

STEM Kids Have Higher Chances of Enrolling in College More Affordable

The cost of a college education is high and has always been a major concern for parents and teens. Luckily, there are lots of colleges offering grant and scholarship options for kids with basic knowledge and interest in STEM fields.

This is one of the reasons why parents and teachers should encourage their kids to learn STEM at an early age.

When To Introduce Kids To STEM Learning?

It’s great if you are ready to take a step towards teaching your kids STEM learning. However, we understand that finding the right time to do so is important.

Your kids can start learning STEM early from the age of two. This is because, at this stage, the learning pace in kids is high and cannot be after their initial 5 years.

Most parents say that they started noticing a positive attitude in their kids towards education after they introduced them to STEM learning. There is no doubt that STEM learning wires a kid’s brain to develop better problem-solving and critical thinking skills which in turn leads to metacognition & growth mindset.

For instance, several studies show that before kids start going to school, they already have a view of the world and their reasoning skills. This is why the best time to strengthen their innate abilities should start at the earliest years of their lives.

As soon as your child gets to the age of eight, most children develop an interest in technology. However, they seldom experience the mindset transition from being a user to becoming an innovator especially since the education system emphasizes more on traditional learning and acing your examination.

This completely takes the focus off from indulging in divergent thinking and experiential teaching. Moreover, a test conducted by researchers in collaboration with NASA to check the genius level in people shows that 98% of kids are born geniuses.


Your kids must have basic knowledge of STEM. Aside from the fact that it is fun, it also prepares

them for the real world while creating several opportunities for them. So what are you waiting for? Connect your kids to this life-changing opportunity today!

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