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What is Pastebin? 10 Pastebin Alternatives

Pastebin is an online repository of text based data. It was founded in 2002 and it has 1.7 million registered users by now. I am sure millions using it without registering. So you have an idea about how popular this particular website is.

People use it store text or code snippets or bigger text based data which can easily be shared to anyone else just with a link. When you create a paste, it gives you a short URL (click here to read about URL shorteners) which you can share with your friends or clients to show that particular paste.

The Owner Jeroen Vader says that Pastebin is an effort to make it easier for people to share large text document online.

There is no doubt about the popularity of Pastebin but it also became a primary tool for hackers as they can anonymously host malicious codes and stolen information.

You can check out pastebin.com to know more about it by doing things practically over there.

Now as you know that in this online world there are always a lot of alternatives scattered for everything and so with the Pastebin, there are so many similar kind of online tools which offer similar services.

Here is the list of 10 Alternatives of Pastebin:

1. Tinypaste



The first on my list is Tinypaste which is as simple as a click. Go to its home page, type your paste title and write or paste the content in the container, Format the text as per your requirement. If you want to set password to protect your paste then you can do this too, now click on submit, get the link and share it with whom you want to.

Tinypaste also offers you to ON or OFF the code highlighting. As said above you can format the text as well which is one of the unique features of it. This is the best Pastebin alternative for sure.

2. Cryptbin



The second one is Cryptbin which is also a cool one. Just name your paste and write content. You can drag the bar just above the create button to fix the timing of the paste destruction. Means if you set the time for 4 days, then the paste will auto destroy once 4 days will be gone. There are so many features given by this website which you can check by clicking here.

3. Pastee


The third one is pastee. The name itself describes its work. The interface is very simple. Write the content or paste in the container, give it a title. Select the required option from Syntax Highlighting option, set expiration time, set it public or private, add tags if you want then submit and get the link to share with your friends or to whom you want.

4. Hastebin


The fourth is Hastebin and I am in love with it because of its simple and eye soothing interface. So simple yet effective. You cannot set a time limit for your paste to destroy. All the paste you create stays for 30 days from your last view.

5. Chopapp


Chopapp is fifth on the list. Its interface is also a simple one. This is a product of Zurb – a product design company since 1988.

You can paste codes of different languages which you can see in the screenshot. If you want to paste a code from a URL then just click on Grab from a URL and paste the link and click on Chop It! Button.

6. Github Gist


Gist is sixth on the list . Github is a famous website and this tool is being offered by it. The best thing is that each gist you create also works full-fledged Git repository. Syntax highlighting feature is also there in its user interface. As a registered user all the gists get linked to your account. This is one of the best Pastebin alternatives for sure, and I just love it.

7. P.ip.fi


P.ip.fi is seventh on the list and it’s the simplest one. Just write and press ctrl+s to save and get the link to share with others.

8. Zerobin


Zerobin is eighth on the list and this one of most secured website of its kind. It offers you the security in a way that the website itself doesn’t have idea whatsoever of the content of your shared text. It features a size limiting of 2MB per paste It also gives client side encryption texts.

9. Dpaste


Dpaste is ninth on the list and it’s simply designed with light gray colour as background. It’s simple and lets you share content quickly. Its automatic expiry function ensures that the database is never full.

10. Sprunge


Sprunge is tenth and last on this list. This is a command line pastebin which should appeal directly to sysadmins and network engineers.

When you open the website’s home page, you will see a screen like above. Now click on “this form” and you will get the actual page from where you can paste.


Just paste the content and click on the button to get the link which you can share with others.

Final Words

I love this type of tools because I can simply paste any information or code and share it with my friend in seconds. I can edit as well which reflect on the same link. I hope you have enjoyed the list of top Pastebin Alternatives. Still, if you get some more alternatives of it, you can share in the comment.

Keeping the benefits of these websites in mind, I thought to share it with the awesome readers of techtricksworld.com.

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  • Hi Atish

    This is really an amazing list as the pastebin is one of the most popular website among the developers, now you have given us the opportunity to use its alternatives. Keep posting such good articles.

    • Hello Rakesh bro,

      The idea to write this post I got from my clients as they sent pastebin link many times for some work and thus I came to know about it and found very useful. Thus I have done a little research and found similar websites to present it for my lovely readers like you.

      Thank you for coming.

  • Hi Atish,

    I love pastebin many time for share my text code snippet file to my client, I love this place because here any one can directly share his text code to his client without registration.. but before reading your article I didn’t have any information about this website alternatives.. but Now I have 10 resources which I can also use.. thanks so ,uch bro for share great news..

    Mohd Arif

    • Hi Arif,

      Glad you liked the post and I am happy that you have some experience with Pastebin. I have been using it for some time now.

  • Hi Atish

    Thanks for this information – I hadn’t come across pastebin before, so it’s useful to learn about it. Also good to have some alternatives to choose from. So thanks for sharing those.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy

    • Is it? you never been to this website?

      I would advise to make use of it Joy. Thanks for coming by.

    • Pastebin is the most famous and a great service but others are also good. Thanks for coming Annette.

  • Paste bin is amazing! I always use to for collaborative projects. It’s great to know these alternatives exist though…

  • Nice post Atish!

    I aware of paste bin and as you said, I’m one of the unregistered users over there. I came to know that active site when reading a post on ‘Google Adsense” from an unknown person.

    I’m not using Pastebin but it seems useful. Good to know that there are some good substitutes available for Pastebin and thanks for gathering them here.

    Have a relaxed weekend!

  • Hi Atish,
    Thanks a lot for this wonderful information.
    I am totally not aware of these tools,
    It is well explained it and i am sure i will be
    using it, of course the alternatives too i will try.
    May you have a great and profitable day.
    Keep sharing my dear friend
    ~ Philip

  • Well I never used pastebin but seems like its really awesome online tool. I’ll make sure to try other lisited alternatives

  • I’m a regular Pastebin user. It often comes in handy when I have to quickly share some text based data with friends and colleagues. I have also used GitHub Gist earlier, it’s definitely a very good alternative who can’t access Pastebin for some reasons. Thanks a lot for sharing this list, Atish. Really helpful.



  • Artish, this is the first knowledge about those kind of above list website.

    Honestly, I would admit that I never tried, or used those above. However, this article provided me a lot of knowledge of it. I will learnt more about it..


  • Hi Atish

    I never heard about this paste bin before. Its now new in my list. And also I want to thank you for letting us know about the privacy danger. Anyway to test the service I will check its features.

    Thanks your sharing

  • I think nopaste.me should be mentioned. They got some cool features like replys to pastes, QR codes, encrypted pasted etc.

  • A great alternative is the TextBin website textbin.net, which is a kind of standard platform for sharing code or text online.

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