List of 14 URL Shorteners to Shorten the Long URLs

This is going to be one of the smallest posts of TTW because in this post I am sharing just a list of URL shortening services which you can use to short long URLs to make them short and simple and even easier to share on social media.

URL shorteners are very popular nowadays. These are online tools or services which help you transform a long URL into manageable short URL. Many online publishers are using these services to hide their ugly URLs behind fancy ones.


They simply redirect the short URL to the original URL. You must be sure that service you are using, uses 301 permanent redirect so that all the SEO values transfer to the original one. You can check it using MOZ extension as it shows the status code of redirection.

Especially when you need to share URL without any anchor tag, it becomes tough to share long URLS (if they are too long). There you can use shortener to make them short.

I have shared a blog post which teaches you to set up Yoast SEO plugin. Read here:  http://www.techtricksworld.com/2014/06/how-to-use-wordpress-seo-plugin-by-yoast.html


I have shared a blog post which teaches you to set up Yoast SEO plugin. Read here: http://goo.gl/qa7wIc

Which is better to share on social media?

Of course the second one!

You can see how good short URLs look. There not just one url shortener available over the internet rather there are a vast number of services of this kind exist, out of which I am sharing the list 14 of them.

Check out the list of 14 URL shorteners(URL shortening services) here:

  1. goo.gl
  2. bit.ly
  3. ow.ly
  4. po.st
  5. tinyurl.com
  6. shorte.st [You can make money using it. Click here to know]
  7. tr.im
  8. cli.gs
  9. ity.im
  10. reducelnk.com
  11. hex.io
  12. is.gd
  13. fur.ly
  14. tinyarrows.com

Now, you may choose the URL shortening service as per your choice and requirements out of these above-listed ones.

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