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What Does ISO Mean On Facebook? {Meaning, Usage, Examples}

ISO stands for “In Search Of” on Facebook. But it can have different full forms which we have explained in this article.

I have been seeing a lot of people finding the answer to the question “What does ISO mean on Facebook”? Although nowadays, one such acronym may have different meanings, ISO generally stands for “In Search Of” on Facebook, and on other social media as well. 

Let’s talk a bit more about ISO and in what context it is used as well.

What Does ISO Mean on Facebook?

Do you find yourself baffled by texting short sentences? Did you get a message or email with ISO in it, or did you see ISO through one of those social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, but you have no clue what ISO stands for?

And this can be annoying and/or humiliating, but that is no big deal! You’ve arrived at the right to learn what ISO stands for.

ISO stands for: In Search Of

ISO Meaning

ISO is an abbreviation for “In Search Of.” Rather than having written ‘in search of,’ you can simply write ISO in your texts and emails and internet conversations. These notations are also known as text buzzwords. ISO is also being used on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among others.

Those who are using the Craigslist website will notice that people who are looking for something particular to buy will frequently use the acronym ISO.

The term “ISO” generally refers to the same thing as LTB (looking to buy) and WTB (wanting to buy).

ISO Full Form

Generally, ISO is being used as “In Search of”, but there are different meanings as well which you should know because you never know who is talking to you and in what context they use it. If you know the various meanings, you would be able to get the idea of the meaning as per the context.

  • ISO: In Search Of
  • ISO: In Support Of 
  • ISO: Isolation 
  • ISO: Isolated Power
  • ISO: Is seeking other
  • ISO: Instead Of 
  • ISO: Interactive Support Online 
  • ISO: I’m still online

ISO Usage

Here are some good examples of ISO in discussions with the interpretation “In Search Of”:

  1. Kev: ISO a puppy.
  2. Samantha: Oh Wow! But, what makes you go ISO puppy?
  3. Mann: ISO of a good friend to hang out with at a club? Do you have any contacts?

Why Use Abbreviations

Forms of communication were costly to make and receive in the days before “infinite talk and text” data packages, and even though they were restricted to 150 words per message, each character was valuable.

Text messaging on a traditional phone keyboard was also time-consuming, necessitating numerous different presses per character. As a result, users of mobile phones adjusted to clumsy keyboard and character restrictions by abbreviating prevalent terms/expressions.

As text messaging became more common, a new world of acronyms and texting abbreviations emerged, becoming incorporated in text messaging and online culture. Even though our mobile phones have full keypads, texting acronyms are still handy shortcuts and are used in communication systems all over the world.


These times, we reduce and simplify sentences and paragraphs all over. We answered the question, “What would ISO imply in text messaging?” above. The concern might also be, “What does ISO stand for on Facebook?” What exactly does ISO imply in Tweets? What does ISO on Snapchat stand for? What does ISO stand for in SMS?

You can get ideas. We shorten and then use ISO not just in text messaging but also on all social networking sites and in other features of electronic information exchange.

ISO Other Meaning

Well, there are some other meanings of ISO too! Let’s check them out: 

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a global federation of nationwide standard-setting organizations.

ISO is a non-governmental organization made up of regulatory agencies from over 160 countries, with one bureau of standards chosen to represent each member nation. The American National Standards Institute, for instance, reflects the United States.

ISO representatives are national standard organizations that work together to develop and promote international standards for new tech, science-based test methods, conditions of employment, changes in society, and other topics. ISO and its representatives then distribute documents that contain details about these benchmarks.

Final Thoughts

Online communication has been there for more than 25 years, and it is approximated that 8 trillion texts and emails are sent worldwide each year. Whether you want it or not, text messaging acronyms (such as the pervasive “LOL”) are widely used in communications. Not recognizing what they mean can confuse people at best, and then you’re in distress at the worst.

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