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The Future Of Gaming: Intriguing Tech Development Predictions

Gaming has been around since 1958, and the industry has been growing dramatically ever since. When Physicist William Higinbotham made what is thought to be the first video game, a very similar game to the classic 1970’s video game, Pong; the foundations of the industry were set in stone. Whether you are looking for handheld or console games, TheOldSchoolGameVault.com has everything you need that is 100% authentic and tested.

While there is absolutely no doubt current developments in gaming are impressive, we can only imagine what the industry will bring to life next. The following outlines just a few gaming industry predictions that enthusiasts and even beginner gamers can look forward to. 


Each gaming console, both the PS5 and Series X controllers, are different than they’re previous successors. The PS5 controller looks dramatically different from the PS4 controller, with its more boomerang-like shape, adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, built-in microphone and mute button, and a new ‘create’ button that replaces the PS4 Share button. The same rings real for the Xbox Series X/S, with its revamped d-pad, textured triggers, USB-C instead of micro USB cable for charging, and improved shoulder buttons compared to the Xbox 360/One controllers. 

It is predicted that these controllers will solidify the future of gaming controllers. With controllers come new skins. You can find Xbox 360 controller skins as well as ps4 controller skins quite easily online. Retailers of graphic skins for consoles will likely release suitable skins following the release of the highly anticipated new gaming systems as well, which means you won’t have any trouble customizing your gaming experience in the future either.

Artificial Intelligence

When thinking about the concept of artificial intelligence, you may the idea is too far fetched and futuristic, although, the groundwork for basic AI has already been skillfully crafted. Artificial intelligence is no longer the things we see in science fiction movies, it has lodged itself into our daily lives, and gaming is no exception. From the colourful ghosts in Pac-Man to the innocent bystanders in Grand Theft Auto, AI will drastically improve the gaming experience involving NPCs or non-playable characters. What’s more, the next few years will likely have you witness the unravelling marvel of advanced AI in the gaming world. 

Gone are the days when artificial intelligence was no more than a futuristic thought or idea as the best tech minds have made this exceptional concept an incredible reality. So far, as seen in the aliens of Halo 2, they can work together and coordinate their attacks, rather than heedlessly beeline into gunfire. As of now, NPCs are coded to do specific actions, for the cost of AI for sophisticated NPCs in games the price is too high.

Virtual Reality Video Games

For decades, gamers have been tantalized with the prospect of fully immersive experience, but technology has yet to deliver on this promise. VR or virtual reality is still a niche category compared to the rest of the gaming industry, and despite its buzzing status, it continues to give many consumers pause. When it comes to VR, we’re still in the early days, but favourable developments are on the horizon, but first, the companies trying to make this a complete reality need to address the few challenges holding it back.

Mobile Gaming

With the rise of future technology came the smartphone, the computer within our hands. Mobile gaming is the top gaming platform we have; almost everyone nowadays has a smartphone, whenever it be an Android or Apple. The industry as a whole has the most significant financial income compared to PC and Console. Compared to other platforms, mobile games are available at our fingertips anywhere and anytime.

The future of gaming is dependable on how far we can reach with technology. Gaming companies have a lot of work regarding the challenges and funding to improve the future of gaming. We can realistically expect massive strides in the development of incredible gaming technologies as current results far exceed our expectations. From virtual reality to exceptional graphics and the release of futuristic-designed consoles, there is sufficient reasoning to believe that the gaming industry is among the fastest-growing in the world. That said, if you are in two minds about delving into the world of gaming, there is undoubtedly no better time than now to get on board with modern entertainment. If current developments don’t impress you all that much, there’s no doubt you will soon be blown away by impressive developments in the next few years.

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