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What Does a Grey Arrow Mean on Snapchat?

Are you eager to know and understand what does grey arrow mean on Snapchat? Well, if you’re keen to understand more about Snapchat and one of its features, read on! Here we will speak about everything you need to know! Hang in there to know it all!

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The Grey arrow is a type of indicator that shows up when the particular content is not delivered. It can happen when someone has not accepted your request, when someone does not want any contact with you, and finally when you are unfriended by a user!

Snapchat is an app that has been getting the hype for many years. Its popularity has soared, and it is one of the most important apps in circulation. Snapchat’s fan base is with the younger audience, who are more tech-savvy. This social media platform’s popularity rose among teens because of its unique photo-sharing features. And it allows you to share a photo for a limited amount of time. It protects your privacy, while allowing you to have fun and share your daily snippets of life with your friends and followers. 

Moreover, it also has a lot of other fun things to do, for example, it offers games, tools, quizzes, fun and quirky filters, news, entertainment, etc. This app’s light-hearted and fun demographic lets people enjoy it without worrying. But Snapchat has a lot of icons, and it can get confusing at first to navigate through it. But once you spend some time on that app, you can understand it better. So, now, we’ll look at what a specific grey arrow means on Snapchat!

What are Indicators on Snapchat?

Before we get to the part of the grey arrow on Snapchat, we need to know what ‘’indicators’’ on Snapchat are:

Indicators are a tool of Snapchat that shows the status of a media that is sent. It can be any text, video, or photo. Indicators are available on these three. These are equally useful to both the sender and receiver.

A sender can understand if the media they have sent has been opened, read, or viewed. On the other hand, a receiver can tell if the media that is sent is a photo, video, or text, without even opening it. These indicators appear right below the user’s username.

What is the Grey Arrow?

The grey arrow is a type of ‘’indicator’’ that we talked about in the above sections. But compared to its counterparts, it is used not often as this indicator appears when certain content is not delivered and it is pending. So, if you are questioning what it means when it says pending on Snapchat, then it means the same as a grey arrow.

Unlike the sending notification, which means you might have network problems and your snap couldn’t go through, the grey arrow means something different. It means that the user you’re trying to communicate with cannot accept the snap from you.

Why Does it Appear?

Reasons why the grey arrow might have appeared:

  1. You might have been unfriended by the user.
  2. The user might not have accepted your friend request in the first place.
  3. The user does not want to be contacted by you.

Grey Arrow Check

The grey arrow check is a process by which you can see if anyone in your friend list has unfriended you, as Snapchat does not let you know if someone has unfriended or blocked you on the app or hasn’t even accepted your friend request.

So, you can check who has unfriended you or blocked you and who doesn’t want to be connected to you by sending a snap to a couple of people. If anyone has that grey arrow along with their name, it means that they are not connected to you and haven’t accepted your friend request yet.

What if the Person Tries to Re-friend You?

As we said, the grey arrow means that someone has unfriended you. Anything you send to that person will not reach them. But if that person tries to add you as a friend again, two things might happen.

  1. A notification will come of a friend request from that person. All of which leads to the fact that the person might have unfriended you before.
  2. The grey arrow won’t be visible anymore. It will change to a colored arrow, as the person is now on your friend list. You can now communicate with them through snaps and texts.

Can We Do Anything About the Grey Arrow?

We have already said that the grey arrow means that the person has either unfriended you, blocked you, or not accepted your friend request. If any one of the above is the case, it, unfortunately, means that you can do nothing about it unless you are re-friended by that person. If you want to be re-friended by that person, you can contact them personally. Otherwise, there is no other method to get rid of the grey arrow.

Final Thoughts

We hope this blog was helpful in making you understand how Snapchat works, especially the grey arrow. It definitely gets easier once you understand it, and you can enjoy the app and its features to the fullest.

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