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What are the 5 Best Ways to Find Someone Online?

There are a few effective, easy, and low-cost ways to find people online, if not free. You can enter the person’s name and city or state into Google for a list of potential matches. For example, I just searched for my name on Google “Atish Ranjan“, and it shows this.

Atish Ranjan

Moreover, you can search with a combination of name and location. If you don’t see such people list, you might get their Facebook profile or Linkedin Profile links in the search, and from there you can find them.

Also, you can directly look them up on LinkedIn if you want to connect to a professional or on Facebook.

These are the free ways that might be easy to find some people but may be cumbersome to check a list of the same names, and then recognize the person you are looking for. That is why, for the most complete and systematized information, look no further than a dedicated people search tool.

5 Best Ways to Find Someone on the Internet Today

1. Google

Google was invented in 1998 with the main goal of systematizing all of the information indexing sites made available online. It has become a highly effective way of finding people with the integration of AI.

To find someone on Google, enter their first and last name enclosed by double quotation marks. Add any details you can remember, like the name of a spouse, a company they worked for, their last known location, or where they went to school. Moreover, you can do some improvisation while searching for someone by adding different text combinations. You can even try adding their names with any aliases or pseudonyms in quote marks to make your search even more targeted.

2. People Search Engines

A people search engine, also known as a people finder, uses high-performance AI software to sort out applicable results and provide valuable insight into your search target’s current information. One of the most effective ways to find someone online is by using a specialized site like freepeoplesearch.com.

Being into digital marketing for over 10+ years, I have been looking out for ways to effectively find some people online. Facebook even made it tough by introducing a profile lock in which a profile is locked, you cannot see anything in the profile apart from the profile photo.

When you search for a name, you see so many users with the same name. Now, you have to open each and check their profile photo to recognize them. But, due to the profile lock option enabled, you will not even recognize by photo as you cannot click on the profile photo of the user.

In that very small photo, if the photo is close-up, you may recognize but if the photo is not so clear, you will find it tough to recognize using the profile photo. I have been facing problems finding some old friends on Facebook due to this lock feature. Thus, I prefer Google, LinkedIn, and Free People Search.

People’s search engines work using AI-based bots that scour the internet for relevant data about the person you are searching for. 

They compile this information into different details and are intelligent enough to prioritize it time-wise. If they retrieve address information, for example, you will get their more recent addresses first instead of older ones. 

People finders can retrieve some of the following basic background details:

  • Phone numbers
  • Residential and employments addresses
  • Criminal and court records
  • Credit score
  • Traffic violations
  • Marriage & divorce records
  • Linked social accounts

It’s possible to find all of these without a specialized people search tool, but you’ll have to look at hundreds of sites, which will take hours. Few have that kind of time to spare. 

People’s search engines deliver accurate, comprehensive reports straight to your inbox, in many cases,for an affordable fee. When new details about the subject of your search appear, they follow up with updates.

Targeted and Scalable

You might find some information about the person you’ve been looking for on Google, but it’s usually very general, occasionally not even giving you enough to go on. Typically, you’ll only get leads to keep searching.

3. Facebook

If the person’s profile or page is public, Facebook is a great route to take. Ideally, they’ll also have one or more recent photos. Profile pictures can be used to ensure you’ve got the right person if their name is common. You’ll need to be patient and keep looking, as you’ll get a lengthy list of possible matches.  

Privacy settings might protect the person’s background information if you find them on Facebook. In that case, you won’t be able to retrieve anything concrete. This is another reason to turn to people finders. 

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn started a few years after Google as a platform for employers and job seekers. Recently, its algorithms began to evolve to enable more effective people searches. To start, enter the person’s first and last name and a company or another organization they were associated with.

5. White Pages

You can use White Pages to look them up if you have a phone number. White Pages matches phone numbers to addresses. If you got a call from an unknown number and you think it might be them, do a reverse phone lookup on White Pages to get the name and location of the caller.

Maximize Your Chances

Use multiple sources to increase your chances of finding them online. In the best case, you would combine a few people’s search engines with complementing features.

For instance, some tools are good at finding work history and criminal records, but their reports do not include education. Others retrieve social media but not job history.

Specialized websites like Ancestry.com and FamilyTreeNow can help you track down a long-lost family member. Their search results come in graph form, depicting the connections between close and more distant relatives.

You can narrow the search down by adding the city or state.

The Price of Finding Someone Online

If you use social media and free search engines, the search will only cost you time. If you sign up with a few paid people search sites, you might pay up to $200 for two months of searches. When you find the person, simply cancel your subscription. 

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