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How to Use Instagram to Reach, Engage, and Grow Your Audience?

In the modern world, IG is one of the most powerful tools for promotion. It is great for brands and personal blogging careers, and no wonder that people look for ways to buy 20 likes or more on Instagram. But along with paid services that can enhance your performance on this platform, there are organic methods to get more engagement, increase your audience and reach online. Read this text to find out how to make your career grow faster and easier!

Optimize Your Profile

The Insta authority has announced that soon enough the platform will implement a keyword search, which means that the results for users will be improved. For creators and brands, it is a signal for getting started with proper optimization of the profiles on Instagram, to make them more discoverable for potential viewers and get more likes. Check the relevance of chosen keywords, by comparison with other social networks, like YouTube, where the search is already based on keywords – follow the most popular results to see what kind of content is exposed under these terms. 

Back on IG, you must check your texts for keyword richness. In the years coming, this might be an important aspect of staying on top of the ratings. 

Of course, you should forget about the baseline of optimization on Instagram – your bio. The main points to remember are:

  • Write a clear description of your blog
  • Add an important link (always use link shorteners)
  • Mix in a touch of personality
  • Use call to action 
  • And squeeze all that in 150 characters

Analyze Your Target 

It is vital for you to hit the bullseye when we are talking about gaining influence on IG. When you launch your promotion campaign on Insta, you must be confident in your target audience. So, the best strategy is to examine the behavior and preferences of your potential followers and to correct the tactic for advertising not on the go, but before the start. See how people react to different kinds of content and which one they prefer and give likes. 

Try to define activity hours that are relevant for your viewers – it will help you to concentrate your efforts in the proper period, in order to expose your content to the biggest number of viewers that is possible. 

Also, pay attention to the relationships between users and content-makers. Your goal is to see what is the most effective way to communicate with the audience, and how to get the reactions that you need. 

Be Honest And Genuine

The market is overloaded with established celebrities who made a career on Instagram. But people crave seeing new faces that aren’t yet spoiled with huge publicity and fame. They would look for original and true social media content that goes from the heart, and if you provide such a thing, many mistakes can be forgiven. Making really good content that resonates with the public is hard to have likes. But the result is that you easily get noticed by users and your work will be appreciated and renown. 

Vary Your Content 

The span of users’ attention to the profile is incredibly short. So to make them engaged longer on your page, make sure you have various types of content to impress your audience for their likes. Of course, it all has to remain within the range of chosen blog topic, but luckily, IG has enough instruments to make even the most narrow niche a bright bouquet of emotions.

Instagram Live

Live sessions on IG are a big deal for brands – this is a method to connect with potential customers quickly and effectively. Live sessions require some preparation and hosting skills, but the result is worth all the effort: you get a loyal and strong community, which is the base for your support and progress online. 

Feed Posts

The alpha and omega of this app. Insta was started as a photo-sharing app, and despite all the perturbations and changes throughout the years, the original square format is preserved and improved. In your feed, followers can discover interesting and valuable information, along with enjoying high-quality images and videos so they can leave likes. 

Never neglect long-reads as well. You can share your opinion and thoughts only in this form. Captions for feed posts are long enough, and you can expand the character count even more by using the carousel feature where you can add more text, using screenshots of the written text. 


As the regular feed videos have a limit of 1 minute, IGTV is aimed to hold videos that are longer than that. This form of content is great for uploading:

  • different workshops, 
  • classes,
  • viral videos from other platforms, like the glorious speech of Cynthia Nixon over the issue of sexism and misogyny.

On IGTV you can share a lot of valuable content and drive attention to your talents – this feature is very important for musicians, actors, and other people of art. 


The latest update for content range on Instagram, that has already proven to be effective. A Reel is a short video with the possibility to add music, that is up to 30 seconds, that appears in the feed for one day, and later can be stored in a specific folder in your profile. This format is somewhat mimicking Tik Tok, and that is how IG keeps the primary place in the daily dwelling of most people in the world. This form of content is fresh, interesting, and has not been discovered by many yet, so now is a great moment to begin examining and exploiting it in your favor for more likes. 


This is the ultimate power of Instagram, ever since this format was launched in 2016. Although it isn’t the original format that emerged in the app, IG gave a strong push to the general idea of vanishing content. Today, it is hard to imagine an Insta influencer or brand who wouldn’t use stories daily. Stories are a gold mine of engagement and fun – all the stickers, quizzes, polls, and custom filters can make your communication with the audience much brighter and effective for your growth. 


This is also a new feature that helps organize your profile feed. This is a specific folder in your profile, where you can add a guideline for your posts and categorize them as you find relevant. For example, brands can create special categories for different products, or divide their content into other significant groups. 


Instagram is a truly incredible place, and the opportunities to become popular are endless here. The wide range of content formats allows you to express yourself in the most comfortable and effective way, providing interesting and hearty posts that earn the love of the users. 

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