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16 Content Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without

The content marketing is one of the diverse and vast areas that you would find all the more unique and exciting at the same time. You need to be extremely careful with your planning and other requirements to scale up your performance. You would need a host of tools that can help you simplify the tasks more effectively. We thought of checking out a few Content marketing tools that you cannot live without. 

16 Content Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without

DepositPhotos Image Upscaler

The image upscales should be quite important to handle your content marketing needs. DepositPhotos Image Upscaler is an AI-powered image Upscaler tool that increases the resolution of the photos and enhances the image quality. The image Upscaler tool by Depositphotos.com makes use of the automatic picture resizer that utilizes neural networks for enhancing the image size and resolution. 

The tool can be one of the promising tools for enjoying a great degree of experience for professional and personal usage. It can also be a great option for helping you get access to improving the images for Ecommerce. 

Adobe’s Content Scheduler

Adobe Express is heavily packed with a bunch of helpful tools, with its free social media scheduler being one of the best solutions to help with social media content strategy. You can easily schedule posts across multiple social platforms and coordinate your weekly/monthly calendar with a preview option for a better experience and editing management.

Adobe express

The free version is enough to make your life easier running multiple social platforms, with paid versions that offer so much more. This is definitely a tool to add to your arsenal to make your marketing campaigns stand out.


Marketo is your great and fantastic tool for corporate system solutions ever. The tool has been into enhanced lead management, and that is what would make the product stand out from the rest. The tool should be your best choice for attracting the ideal customers for your business. It should be one of the most unique options for enterprise systems.

The tool has been considered to be a great tool with the best user-friendly appearance. The cloud-based solution can help you provide you access to powerful management and nurturing of your content marketing. You can simply try the free trial and enjoy the best features offered by the lead management tool. 


BuzzSumo is known for enjoying one of the most unique options for getting access to a great degree of experience for effective content research and topic generation. It can be your great solution for finding the relevant content in your particular industry. 

You can get access to a great deal of content on trending topics and keywords. You will be able to get access to a huge degree of shareable content ideas. You would find it a great choice for achieving the best analytical reports. You will be able to achieve the best experience in terms of the expert content in your field of interest. You will also be able to get an alert whenever your competitor posts a new content. 


MailChimp has been one of the most promising options for providing you with a great deal of assistance in automating your emails as part of your content marketing exercise. The user-friendly and versatile service quality offered by the service makes it all the more interesting choice ever. 

The latest version of the service is known for offering you to incorporate both Facebook and Instagram ads as part of your campaign. The wide range of templates and extensive email funneling are a few of the choices that would make it a truly enhanced option ever. Over 250 app integrations would further enhance your experience. MailChimp does come with a host of countless features, and that would be helpful in providing you access to building a powerful list of subscribers. 


Canva is the must-have tool for practically every need that you may have in terms of image creation. One of the most popular graphic design tools, Canva has been known for different templates that it provides you access to. The choice of multiple layouts can be something that would make it a truly powerful choice ever. 


The drag and drop feature should be yet another premium feature that you would find much unique. If you are someone who is not specialized in the realm of graphic design, this is the right one for you. The plenty of themes and layouts on the tool should indeed prove to be a great choice by multiple standards. Canva provides you access to one of the most unique options for gaining excellent online exposure. 


The content marketing efficiency offered by your strategies does assume a lot of importance, and Audacity should help you achieve more powerful options ever. Moreover, it provides you with one of the most prominent experiences ever in creating your podcasts. 

Of course, you will have a slightly steeper learning curve when using the tool, but the features offered by the tool are much impressive enough. Furthermore, with the demand for the podcasts growing consistently, it is quite important to use the tool for enhancing your podcasting portfolio. 


SEMRush is a well-known tool for the SEO and content marketing strategy par excellence. The tool has been known to be the clear leader in the realm of the SEO industry. It offers you a very intuitive information and provides you access to one of the most outstanding experiences ever. It should be your best bet for the all in one marketing option ever. 

You will be able to find almost all the keywords that are likely to rank for your content. The competitor analysis offered by the tool makes it all the more powerful choice by multiple standards. You can also check out the organic keywords that your site ranks for. Apart from the keywords, you would also be able to check your competitors’ backlinks with ease. 


Are you looking to improve the user experience of your customers? Then, Uberflip is what would make it all the more simple and easy. It has been designed as a powerful tool for a wide range of requirements that would include content marketing, account-based marketing, lead generation, and sales enablement. 

You will be able to manage almost all types of content that you can think of, and the list includes blogs, videos, e-books, and more. The tool can also be a great choice for building your own content hubs or sales streams. Simply give a seamless experience for your customers. You would be able to improve your visitors’ interaction with your brand or site. It can also be your best way to help you in keeping an eye on your competitors. 


Airtable is one of the promising and powerful tools for content organisation par excellence. The right way to ensure a powerful efficacy in terms of content marketing is to organise your work and your tasks more efficiently and effectively. Airtable assists you in achieving this task. It provides you with a powerful functioning with its ability in content scheduling, collaborating, or tracking your content efforts. 

The extremely customisable dashboard should be one of the most unique options that you would find much unique. The intuitive spreadsheet for the best in class content scheduling in terms of a great performance. It will provide you with a complete idea into the tasks that you need to complete. 


Are you struggling to get the right topics and titles? AnswerThePublic is what would be able to make your task easier. It helps you in an effective topic generator and search analysis at its best. The main purpose of a content marketer is to solve the problems of the audience. Therefore, the service helps you achieve the task rather easily and through simple steps. 

The autocomplete search database and an option to help you answer the questions from the public should indeed provide you with the greatest experience. You would thus be able to find what your users are looking to find the info on.


The emails are what you would need for practically every need that you may have in terms of the best content marketing strategies. Sendinblue is what would make it one of the most unique options in this context. The professional quality and performance offered by the service obviously make it the greatest tool ever. 

The extreme degree of personalisation that you stand to gain with the service should definitely make it all the more unique and exemplary in nature. Furthermore, the predesigned templates that form part of the tool should be what would indeed make it something quite unique. 


SimilarWeb is one of the most unique options for an effective competitor analysis. While an effective competitor analysis may be quite tougher, the tool should definitely be what assists you in achieving more positive results. It is all about gathering complete information on getting an all round info on your competitors. 

You would be able to get access to a greater experience in understanding which channels work best for your needs. The understanding of the top keywords of your competitors can prove to be quite effective in every way. 


Ahrefs is yet another keyword and competitor analysis tool that you would find all the more effective and unique in every way. It should be one of the most promising tools to help you in SEO analysis. You will be able to find how effective and optimised your site may be. 

You can have a great insight into what your rankings look like. You will be able to get access to manage all your SEO experiences and the performance of your site or blog. You will get access to a complete monthly organic traffic and have all the options on how to improve the ranking. Ahrefs should indeed be a great option for enjoying powerful research before you can write a new content. You can even use it to track the performance of your content once it goes live. 


Social media integration and management is one of the most important options that you would perhaps need to pay a special attention to. HootSuite should be something that can be helpful in getting access to a great degree of experience and efficient social media management. The tool does provide you with all that you need to benefit from social media to enhance your content marketing needs. 

You will be able to schedule your content across different social media platforms. The intuitive dashboard should be something that you can find much more impressive. It should be yet another promising tool to help you in terms of media presence and social media engagement. This can go a long way in helping you succeed as a vital brand.  The ability to schedule social media posts in advance and according to their peak engagement hours makes your social media engagement one of the bright experiences. 


ClickFunnels is one of the most unique and exciting services that would provide you access to a great degree of experience in creating a great sales funnel. The powerful sales funnel created with the help of ClickFunnels should assist you in turning the visitors into leads. These leads can then convert into sales, thereby increasing your order value to a considerable extent. 

The easy-to-use drag and drop interface would make the service one of the promising options. You can create a sales funnel within just a few minutes. The templates within the platform would make it quite easier and simpler. The ClickFunnels should definitely be your one-stop solution for practically all your needs. 

The Closing Thoughts 

If you are into content marketing, you will find it a blessing in disguise to find a huge number of tools that are available for you. They can be helpful in letting you plan your content marketing strategy in a very well optimised manner and build a powerful audience. Furthermore, most of the tools we have outlined here are either extremely affordable or free. Therefore, you would be able to get quite competitive and boost your sales to a greater extent. 

Yet another great option that you would find quite unique would be the fact that they are quite capable of integrating with one another. The 15 content marketing tools that we have outlined here should indeed help you achieve a more powerful and unique experience ever. Each of these tools help you in improving your content marketing capabilities to every extent. 

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