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Snapchat Deleted My Account For No Reason. How to Fix?

Snapchat is a favorite social space for millions of people to hang around online. Sharing routine snaps, texts, messages, audio, videos, and pictures has made it quick, fun, and creative by Snapchat. It is no less than a nightmare that one morning you wake up and your Snapchat account is gone. And the very first question you will ask yourself is, why did Snapchat delete my account for no reason?

In the first place, it is counterproductive for any social platform to remove its users for no reason, especially when the competition is tough. But if an account is deleted, it is necessary to know the reason behind it. We have figured out together a few ways to recover your deleted account along with a lot more useful information in this context.

Is Your Account Locked or Deleted?

Before we analyze the possible reasons behind your deleted Snapchat account, it is wise to check if the account is actually deleted or just locked. A locked Snapchat account is not as creepy as getting it lost permanently. Because when an account is locked, all the data, pictures, and everything still exists on your account but that’s not the case with deleted accounts. Locked accounts are fortunately recoverable within 24 hours simply by re-login your account again. But it is not so straightforward for deleted accounts. We will discuss this later on this page.

Possible Reasons Why Snapchat Deleted Your Account

A Snapchat user is always free to quit and delete his account. And he can do this himself from the app itself. But there are certain circumstances when Snapchat itself deletes a user account, with or without any prior notice. Let us see what are those circumstances when Snapchat is compelled to do so.

If An Account is Fake

Fake accounts are easily identifiable. There are strict rules and laws for social platforms to prevent any kind of misappropriate activities. If we would say creating and operating a fake account is a crime, it is not wrong anyway. It is likely that the original user got to know about his or her fake account and reported it immediately to Snapchat support. Snapchat then looks into the matter, investigates, and if the account is fake, deletes it. Fake accounts are identity theft and may be created with malicious intentions. Snapchat or any other social platform takes such fake accounts very seriously and takes appropriate action as per the guidelines.

Using An Unauthorized Third-Party App

If you are a dedicated Snapchatter and internet freak, we are pretty sure that you must have heard about Emulators, Snapchat++, Phantom, Sneakaboo, SnapTools, and more such apps. All these apps are categorized into third-party applications. These applications are insecure and gain access to your device with ill intentions to steal your confidential and private data or information.

If you go through the terms and conditions of Snapchat, it is clearly mentioned that users can’t make use of any third-party app to login into their Snapchat account. This attracts consequences like account lock and if the issue persists, eventually account deletion.

Unverified User Information

The most basic information that makes an account unique is the phone number and email. If this information remains unverified for a long time, the account becomes suspicious and seems to be fake. Snapchat takes action on such accounts where phone number and email is not verified. Time and again, Snapchat also sends emails to users for data verification. If no verification is done, account deletion is a possible consequence faced by the user.

For Abiding Law

Every country has a cyber security law framed and implemented to protect the security, privacy, and data of the users. If the account activity is found suspicious and promotes anything inflammatory, terrorism, adult content, etc., Snapchat deletes such account to abide by the law.

Snapchat Deleted My Account For No Reason. What To Do?

One thing is clear if your Snapchat account is deleted, there could be either a technical error or any of the reasons mentioned above. It is also possible that the account is deleted by the user himself mistakenly. To provide a concrete solution to this problem for our readers, we are here trying to offer all the possible ways to recover a deleted Snapchat account for whatever reason.

If Account Purposely Deleted By Snapchat

If the account is purposely deleted by Snapchat, there could be some absolute reason behind that. In such cases, the only way to get back your account is to reach out to Snapchat Support. You can contact Snapchat support both from the app and through the web interface. Follow the steps given with screenshots to contact Snapchat Support from the app.

  1. Open the Snapchat App. On the top left corner of the camera screen, find the profile icon. Tap on it.

  2. Then, on the top right corner, look for the gear icon ‘Settings’ menu. Tap on it.
  3. Next, scroll down to the settings and find the ‘Support’ section. Enter into the sub section ‘I Need help’.

  4. There tap on ‘My Account is Hacked’, among the popular options.

  5. When you tap the said option, a form will open, fill the form. In the description box, you may seek a reason for your account deletion from Snapchat or give your explanation also if any.

  6. Hit the ‘Send’ button and soon you will be contacted by Snapchat to resolve your query.

Once the query is raised and sent to Snapchat, soon the customer executive will contact you via your registered email. (So, if your email is not registered, you can’t take it further). You will be informed about the reasons based on which your account is deleted by Snapchat. If you are not satisfied, you may raise another query and explain the case. Please note that there are very few cases when the deleted account is recovered by Snapchat, otherwise in the majority of the cases, once the account is deleted permanently, there is no way to get it back.

If Account is Deleted By User Mistakenly

When for any reason, the account deletion process is initiated from the user end, Snapchat does not delete it permanently. For the first 30 days, the account will be deactivated. During this tenure, the user will not be visible to his friend nor they would be able to contact the user anyway.

After 30 days, if the account is not logged in again, it will be deleted forever. Deleting a Snapchat account permanently means that all the user data including stories, contacts images, videos, friends, and settings, everything is gone permanently. For in-depth information, you may read the Privacy policy of Snapchat on its official website.

When your account is deactivated, the user can log in through username and password only. Log in through email is no option available while reactivating a deactivated Snapchat account. Also, you cannot change the password.

How To Login To Snapchat Account When Account is Deactivated? [With Email & Phone Number]

When your account is deactivated, you can resurrect your account by login in through username and password. If you forget your password or username, like any other online portal Snapchat also provides you the option of ‘Forgot Your Password. You just need your email and phone number handy. When you enter either of the two pieces of information, Snapchat drops an email or SMS, containing the link to reset the password or username. Using the link, you will be able to see your username and reset your account password. Then login with the new credentials, to activate your account.

How To Login To Snapchat Account When Account is Deactivated? [Without Email & Phone Number]

When your Snapchat account is deactivated, there is no way to get your account back to life. All you can do is test the ‘Trial and Error’ method to try all possible emails you can use to log in to your Snapchat account. You might get lucky.


Snapchat is a huge social platform with millions of users around the globe. The social service won’t delete its user,’s account for no reason. Last year, someone reported the issue on Twitter as well and Snapchat assured to look into the matter. Snapchat provides 24×7 contact support to hear from its users. We have put together all the possible solutions a Snapchatter can do in this article. Read the FAQ section too to further clear any query in this context.

FAQ On Snapchat Deleted My Account

Does Snapchat Delete Inactive Accounts?

Not really, Snapchat does not delete inactive accounts but might deactivate long inactive accounts. However, Snapchat may delete accounts for other reasons. In the case of deleted accounts, Snapchat waits 30 days to permanently wipe the account from its database.

Do Snapchat Accounts Expire?

No Snapchat account will not expire. However, under extenuating cases, Snapchat might delete or lock the account.

How Long Does It Take To Reactivate Snapchat?

It takes a minimum of 24 hours to reactivate any deleted or blocked Snapchat account. In some cases, it may take even longer.

How Do You Unlock A Permanently Locked Snapchat Account

To unlock a permanently locked Snapchat account, the only way to get back your account is to reach out to Snapchat Support. You can contact Snapchat support both from the app and through the web interface. Snapchat will get back to you with the reason for deleting your account.

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