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6 Websites Like Peter Answers

If you are someone who loves playing pranks with your friends, you have plenty of options for the purpose. One of the most popular options in this genre is a site called Peter Answers. It is one of the most popular widely used prank websites you can opt for. A Virtual Tarot app, it will let you prank your friends into believing that the site is capable of predicting their future. 

If you have been using Peter Answers and looking for the websites like Peter Answers, the following choices can come quite handy enough. 

Websites like Peter Answers – A Top 6 List

We will check out the websites like Peter Answers in today’s post. However, do note that we will not be looking for the similar sites like Peter Answers in its entirety, but will check out different genres of Prank websites so that you can troll your friends or make fun of them. Perhaps, an excellent option for the April Fool’s Day! 

Peter Answers is an excellent option for playing pranks with your friends. The app is simple to use where you use petition for Peter Answers and it comes up with the answers that you wanted the app to provide! And your friends will feel as if the app really understands the future. Use the Peter Answers hack effectively and enjoy the game!

  1. Simon Answers – Tarot game

The app is almost equivalent to the Peter Answers. However, please notice that you will need to mentally prepare your friend int believing in your prank. You will further be able to convince him or her with the app and make him fall prey to your prank. 

In fact, the trick can really scare your friends or family members. There are several ideas you can put into the game and make them believe in your tricks. The app is just what would help you out. How far you would be able to take it would be dependent upon what kind of prankster you are. It works in a similar way as Peter Answers and uses the same technique as petition for Peter Answers. 

  1. Fake Update Prank

Do you have a friend who is always glued to a PC or laptop? The prank can be perfect for those situations. Maybe you have someone who is using your PC or laptop, and you do not want them to continue doing it incessantly. 

Just head over to http://fakeupdate.net. Follow the steps here below:

  • Press F11 to hide your browser. 
  • Choose the operating you are on. Ensure you are not doing anything wrong here. 
  • Once that done, minimise your browser and continue doing what you are on. 
  • As soon as you sense the person you do not want to have there, maximise the browser and you will give an impression that your PC is updating. 

Moreover, if the unwanted visitor is extra expert, and taps the ENTER key, he will be greeted with a BSOD screen! That should indeed scare the life out of him. 

  1. The Red Mark Prank

Yet another excellent alternative for the websites like Peter Answers, the Red Mark Prank can be one of the excellent and widely popular options. It is a simple yet a complicated prank that can be a little devastating. 

If you want to know what it does, you would need to visit this website. Rest of the task is handled by the website on its own. It isn’t funny; it isn’t scary. However, it is definitely something worth trying as a prank to play with your friends. It does keep you engaged for hours together. How about teaching some of your friends who think they are over smart? Engage them into the Red Button and make them learn that they are not smart anymore. 

  1. Love Calculator

Want to know whom your friend has a crush on? Make them believe that they can calculate their love meter and they will unknowingly let you know who they are in love with. It can be a great mischievous prank and should be one of the perfect options and a good alternative to virtual tarot sites. 

Visit the site for  Love Calculator and follow the tips below:

  • Create an account on the site. Remember to provide an email address that you regularly use and have access to. 
  • Login to your account and share the link to your friend. 
  • When they open the link, it will be displayed as the actual Love Calculator. 
  • They will have to enter their crush or secret lover’s name
  • As soon as they do it, you will get a notification on your registered email address indicating the name of the crush your friend has. 
  1. HackerTyper

Want to give an impression to your friends that you are a hacker and can hack anything? Well, we have an excellent option that should be helpful enough for your needs. Prank your friends and make them believe in your capabilities when it comes to hacking. 

Visit the website HackerTyper. That does it. Keep typing whatever you are looking to type. Give the impression that you are typing something quite seriously. Add up those histrionics like scratching your beard as you keep typing. Do not go slow or let your friends have their hand on the keyboard. You need not type anything specifically. Whichever key you press, the website will keep typing its own text strings. 

  1. Geek Typer

This is yet another hacking simulator, and you would find interesting and impressive enough. In fact, it appears geekier than the previous hacking simulator that we just discussed. It has plenty of folders, and other look-alike pranks included which can give your friends an “insight” into your “hacking capabilities”. 

The graphics available within the website are realistic and should not ideally give away the real YOU. The complete graphics are indeed quite convincing enough. You will definitely give the impression that you have hacked someone’s site. 

The Concluding Thoughts

That is exactly a few services and websites that should provide you with enough opportunity to play a prank with your friends. This should be an excellent option for websites like Peter answers, and we assume that the list of virtual tarot sites and other prank sites you will enjoy.

The prank sites can be used to troll your friends and pranking them into believing into you. Of the best prank sites or the websites like Peter Answers that we have listed here in this compilation, we liked the Hacking simulators to a better extent. Yet another prank site that can indeed scare your friends who have the habit of poking their nose into your laptop is the fake update website. 

Check them out and share your views on each of the websites we have shared in this compilation.

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  • interesting read. I can’t wait to use your tips to prank my techie friends in college. They go crazy over that hacker stuff.

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