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How To Recover a Snapchat Account?

Your Snapchat account is no more just a social profile but a huge collection of hundreds of friends, thousands of messages, and infinite beautiful memories. So, you can’t afford to lose your Snapchat account at any cost. It will be nothing short of a shock if one day you find out that you are not able to access your Snapchat account for whatever reason (Hacked, forgotten password, or accidentally deleted).

Thankfully, reviving a lost Snapchat Account is possible. Read the full article to know how to recover a Snapchat account.

How To Recover a Snapchat Account?

There could be multiple reasons why you cannot gain access to your Snapchat account. To recover a Snapchat account, you must know the reason behind not being able to access your account. I am here to consider all the probable reasons and possible solutions for getting your Snapchat account back to life.

How To Recover a Snapchat Account
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How To Recover Snapchat Account When You Forget Your Password?

This is a very common case and can happen to anyone. When you install the Snapchat app, you will be asked to enter the password. Once you have entered the password and verified that it is you, the app then facilitates One-tap to log in without the need to enter the password every time you open the app. This is the reason that we often forget our account password when we need to open a Snapchat account on other devices. 

Apart from this, there can be many other reasons that you forget your Snapchat profile password and cannot access your account. Whatever the reason, it is easy to get back your Snapchat account. You need to reset your account password. Here I am assuming that you remember your username or email. How? Read below:

  • Open Snapchat App.
  • At the bottom of the phone screen, you will see two options. Log in and Sign Up. Since you have already Signed up for your account, Tap on Login.

Snapchat Login

  • On the Login page, enter either username or Email. (It is assumed that you remember either of the two at least).
  • Leave the Password Box empty as you forgot it.
  • Then, tap on the “Forgot your password?” button.

  • Next, you will get two options, either you can recover your account using your email or phone.
  • Suppose you choose the email option. In this case, you will be redirected to the default web browser of your phone where you need to enter the email ID that you entered at the time of signing up for the Snapchat account.
  • Hit the yellow color “Submit” button.
  • As soon as you hit that button, Snapchat will redirect you to the web browser, where you need to enter your email Id and submit.
  • Snapchat will send a password reset link to this email. Open your email account, use the link to reset your password, and get back access to your Snapchat account. 
  • If you want to reset the password using your phone number, select the option of “Via phone” and enter your mobile number associated with the Snapchat account.
  • To verify your phone number, Snapchat is going to call your phone and then automatically ends the call. Leave the app open, so Snapchat can confirm you received the call.
  • If you don’t want to receive a call, tap on the option of “Text me instead”. In this case, you will receive an OTP to confirm your phone number. Enter the OTP and reset your password.
  • Once you reset the password using either of the options – Email or Phone, go back to the Snapchat login page and log in to the Snapchat account with the new password.

How To Recover Snapchat Account When You Forget Your Username or Email?

When you forgot your password, Snapchat may verify your ownership of your Snapchat account using your email or phone number but when you forgot your email or username both, the problem becomes even more complex.

To log in to the Snapchat App, you may use either a username or email, without which there is no way to enter your account. Although there is no sure-shot way to recover your account in this case, there are some workarounds that you may try on to recover your Snapchat account.

Prepare the List of All Possible Email IDs You Posses 

We all possess multiple email Ids for different purposes, say separate email IDs for work purposes and personal use. So, it is quite possible that you might forget which email ID you used while signing up for the Snapchat account. The better idea is to Create a list and add all the possible email addresses that you think you might have used while signing up for the Snapchat account.

Once you prepare the list, go to the Snapchat login page and adopt a trial-and-error approach. One by one enter all the email Ids you have listed. Incorrect ones will not be accepted and give you an error – “Email address is invalid”. This way you will get to know the one email Id which you have used at the time of signing up. Once you get the confirmed email Id, use this email Id to recover your account by following the steps mentioned in the previous heading.

Asking A Snapchat Friend

Snapchat is a virtual world where you are friends with hundreds of people around? You might have some friends on the Snapchat App whom you also know personally or can contact outside the Snapchat App. If this is possible for you, this is the easiest and most straightforward way to know your forgotten Snapchat username. 

Your friends can easily see your Snapchat username in your profile. Even if you have turned on privacy features, a username is something that is public and can be seen by everyone irrespective of the privacy setting. So, you can contact any of your friends whom you know outside Snapchat and tell them to check your username. As simple as that!

How To Recover a Hacked Snapchat Account?

The previous two cases were accidental and the chances of recovery are quite high, in fact in most of the cases recovery is sure. But if your Snapchat account is hacked, it is hard to get it back because it is likely that the hacker has made significant accessibility changes.

In this case, the only thing you can do is try to change the password of your Snapchat account. So, even if the hacker has changed your account password, you reset it again and this time it is stronger and harder to guess. This is the only way to get back control of your lost Snapchat account.

If we consider the worst case, your account hacker might also change not only the password but also the phone number. In that case, you do not have any option to recover your account. As a last resort, you need to contact Snapchat support at the earliest. They will ask you to fill out a form required for verifying your details and possibly then your account will be recovered. Since you have already lost control of your Snapchat App, you need to visit the Snapchat support page through the web browser. To file a complaint with Snapchat, do the following:

  • Open the web browser and visit the Snapchat Support Page
  • Out of all the available options, select “My Account is Compromised”.
  • On the Next page (Submit a request), Select the option “I can’t access my account”.
  • On the same page, you will get a form to fill up. Fill in all the details correctly and hit the “Submit” button. Your complaint will be submitted and you will be soon contacted back by Snapchat.

Tips To Reset Stronger Password

It has been said that “Prevention is better than care“, Indeed! The digital era demands digital well-being and intelligence. Besides that, digital security is a must. So, keeping. A stronger password is a need for an hour to stay safe from hackers and intruders. Here I am giving some tested and trusted tips. 

  • Your password should not be easy and predictable so that anyone who knows your personal details can make a guess. 
  • Set at least 8-character long passwords. 
  • Create a new password which is a mix of numbers, symbols,  Uppercase, and Lowercase letters.
  • Never set the date of birth, username, phone number, girlfriend or boyfriend name, or such other personal details as a password. 
  • Create a completely random password.

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Losing a Snapchat account with so many loving friends is menacing. You can’t afford to lose your friends from years and amazing memories with them. Snapchat facilitates the recovery of accounts in cases where they can verify your identity and ownership of the account. In this article, I have mentioned such cases where you can recover your account easily using email or phone numbers.

However, in case your account is hacked, there is no way to get it back unless you are lucky enough to change your password from your device. As a lender of last resort, Snapchat can also intervene in the situation and may help provided they would be able to verify your identity.

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