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Quntis Computer Monitor Lamp – For a Comfortable Working on Your PC

Are you someone who has to work late nights and needs to keep staring at your screen in dim light conditions? That can really be extremely annoying, and the best way to get rid of the situation is to stay safe through the use of a good lamp that can reduce your eye strain to a better extent. The Quntis Computer monitor lamp should be something that you would find quite handy here. 

Quntis Computer Monitor Lamp – The best way to protect your eyes

Quntis is a firm dedicated to developing, and innovating on the best eye caring solutions to take care of your long hours on computer screens. The series of products that they offer you have indeed been one of the prime choices for taking care of your health, the eye health to be precise. 

The Quntis computer monitor lamp attaches itself directly to your computer screen and makes the beam of light fall on the keyboard and the screen. This ensures that you do not need to struggle in the dim light conditions to struggle or strain your eyes looking into your screen. This can be helpful in avoiding the reflection on the face and eyes. This will ensure that you can keep working to a comfortable level even in the bad lighting conditions. 

The best features offered by the Quntis Computer Monitor lamp

Having understood the basis on which the computer monitor lamp assists you in working in dim light conditions, let us now check out a few of the decent and great features that the lamp comes with. 

The clamp design

The clamp makes it rather easy to attach the lamp directly to your screen. The size of the lamp is ideal enough for almost all types and sizes of screens. The monitor lamp can be used even on larger screens. 

The clamping also is in sharp contrast to other lamps, which may take up more space on your desk. The Quntis lamp does not need any extra space, and this can make your desk more clutter-free. That way, your office or the work desk will look stylish and modern. 

Auto-dimming feature 

The auto-dimming feature offered by the lamp is one of the best options from the flexibility point of view. The lamp has two dimming modes that you can put to great use. The auto-dimming feature adjusts to the surroundings and adjusts the brightness accordingly. 

If you are not comfortable with the step-by-step dimming used by auto-dimming, you can opt for the manual dimming mode as well. In addition, the 3000K-6500K step-less color temperature adjustment helps you make a choice between warm and clod color temperatures. 

Blue light filter

The blue light filter on the computer monitor lamp is yet another unique option that you would find quite unique and innovative. The feature is designed to take extra care of your eyes. That way, you will not have much glare on the screen, and thus you can keep working for long hours without the need to worry about eye strain. 

Humanized mode of touch controls 

The touch controls on the monitor lamp have been designed to be in the form of the best-humanized control. Irrespective of which age group you belong to, the touch controls would work quite effortlessly for all your individual requirements. All the tasks right from turning on or off to control the brightness can be handled with the easy-to-use touch controls. 

How Does the Quntis Computer Monitor lamp fair?

When you look at the options available for the best computer lamps from other manufacturers, one of the strongest competitors to the product offered by Quntis is BenQ. The BenQ Screenbar has been one of the most popular options, and Quntis makes every innovation to bat or compete with it. 

The prime factor that would make it a great choice is the fact that it is available at a better price option. The value for money product should definitely be something that you would find on Quntis as compared to the BenQ offering. 

Benefits of using the Quntis Computer Monitor Lamp

The Quntis Computer Monitor lamp comes with several advantages. In fact, given the functionality that it has been designed for, you would find that the benefits that you stand to gain with the lamp should be quite easy to find out. 

Some obvious benefits that you stand to gain with the Quntis Computer monitor lamp can include 

  • It offers you access to a clutter free desk space 
  • The pricing makes it the best value for money product
  • Lowers the strain on your eyes and improves your eye health 
  • A flexible management of monitor light. 
  • You can comfortably work for long hours on your screen

Any Improvements that we would look forward to on the Quntis Computer Monitor lamp? 

The Quntis Computer Monitor lamp is definitely something that you would be looking forward to and working with, thanks to the multiple benefits that it offers you. However, we found a few limitations that we hope to find rectified in the updated versions of the computer lamp. 

For one, the lamp does not work comfortably on a laptop screen. Moreover, if you have a monitor with a curved design, clamping it in maybe a little difficult. However, you can go with a few workarounds to secure the lamp and use it. It does not necessarily affect the proper functioning of your computer monitor lamp or its usability. 

The Concluding Thoughts

If you are someone who looks to or has to work long hours on your screen in dim light conditions, it can indeed be quite an annoying feat ever. Whether at the home or office, the eye strain that such long hours on screen can cause is quite troublesome in its own right. That is where a good monitor lamp comes in handy enough. 

The Quntis Computer monitor lamp can be one of the unique options to work with any of the situations where you may have a restricted work area. The ease of use, simple design, and a wide range of other benefits that you stand to gain with the computer monitor lamp should definitely make it a truly formidable option ever. 

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