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What is Private Proxy? How It is Different From Sneaker Proxy?

It is always said that there is nothing safe on the internet, and thus, we always try to be safe as much as possible. For encrypting internet connection with internet, and to save from being tracked we make use of VPNs or Proxy Servers. If you want to read more about VPNs, click here. In this article, my focus is Private Proxy Servers especially.  So, the Proxy Server acts as an intermediary between the internet and you.

When you request to open a website, generally the request goes to the internet, and then to the website’s host. but, when you are using a proxy server, the request first goes to it, and then it sends the request to that particular website using its own IP address. This way, your actual IP address is hidden which is quite important nowadays.

People use Proxies for various purposes such as accessing blocked content, keeping their identity anonymous, and so on.

This is the basic idea of proxy servers. Now, there are many types of proxies such as Private Proxy, Public Proxies, Sneaker Proxies, etc…

In this article, I am going to discuss more Private Proxy and its benefits.

What is Private Proxy?

Private Proxy is a type of proxy that is used by one person only or you can say, it is assigned to only one person or an organization. If you are using a proxy for your business, it is better to go with Private Proxy than to go with Public Proxy because the Private one is not shared with other users. Privacy and security is the main reason you should go with private proxies.

Since Private Proxy is assigned to only one user, the cost is higher than public proxies which are shared among many users.

Private Proxies
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Difference Table Between Private Proxy and Public Proxy

Proxy Type Definition Usage Speed Reliability Cost
Private Proxy A Proxy server that is used by only one person or an organization is called Private Proxy. Used for accessing sensitive information or online services that require authentication. The speed of Private Proxy is faster since this is not shared with anyone so the load is less. Very high, as the user has exclusive access to the proxy server. Since it is exclusively assigned to one person only, it is expensive.
Public Proxy A proxy server is available to anyone on the internet is called Public Proxy. This is used for general browsing purposes or accessing region-blocked content Used for accessing content that is not available in the user’s region or for general browsing. It should not be used for professional use. Speed is slow since it is shared among everyone. So, the load increases, and the speed decreases. Reliability is very low since this proxy server is accessible to anyone and may be used for malicious activities. Free or low cost, as the user is sharing the cost with many other users.

10 Benefits of Using Private Proxy

  1. Fast Internet Speed: Since Private Proxy is used by one person. There is not much slow down in Internet speed which usually happens when you use a Proxy server. If you compare, the internet speed will go too slow when you use a public proxy but with a private proxy, you will get optimum internet speed.
  2. Not Being Flagged as Bot: When you use a Public or Shared Proxy server, multiple websites may consider you a bot because, from the same IP, there will be going so many requests to a web server. So, at times, it could create issues if you are using a public proxy. But, this thing won’t happen with a Private proxy.  
  3. Anonymity: When you browse using Private Proxy, your identity is anonymous. Thus, you can collect your competitors’ data without revealing your identity anywhere even if they are tracking.
  4. Downloading Restricted Content: A good tool to look for free downloading software.
  5. A good tool where exclusive entries are often reserved for a single IP address.
  6. Good For SEO Professionals: For building links from multiple websites for multiple clients of yours would result in a ban on some sites if are using a public proxy. But, when you use a private proxy such a problem won’t happen.
  7. Fake Your Location:  While you use to browse or use any social media, if you are using a proxy server, your real location will be safe. 
  8. Reliable Performance: Private proxies are more reliable and stable than public proxies as they are used only by you. Not much server load is there, thus, they offer better stability. 
  9. Access Blocked Content Effectively: Some Public Proxies are used by so many users around the world that popular websites may have blocked them, and if you use that, you won’t be able to get access to some sites. but, using a Private Proxy helps you get access to blocked content more effectively as it offers a stable and fast connection as it is only assigned to you.

What is a Sneaker Proxy? How it is Different from Private Proxy?

Do you know what a Sneaker Bot is? Sneaker Bots as the name suggests are basically tools that enable you to help you catch the glimpse of a sneaker going on sale. All the major sneaker companies, Converse, Adidas, Puma, UCB, and John Players have a sale at some point in time. In tumultuous modest discount catering and offering procedures, Sneaker Bots tend to wrap the payment faster than ever. These sneaker bot proxies help you buy limited-edition sneakers quickly. You should use One of the best Proxies for Sneaker Bots to be able to get the limited edition sneakers as and when available on sale. 

As already discussed, Private Proxies are dedicated servers that offer a high level of security and anonymity and are accessible to one particular user or organization. Private proxy is used for general web browsing, social media, SEO, and data scraping.

Sneaker Proxy
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On the other hand, Sneaker Proxies are a specialized type of proxy server designed specifically for buying limited-edition sneakers from online retailers. These proxies are well-optimized for speed and rotating IP addresses that are further shared with multiple users. It makes it difficult for sneaker-selling websites to detect and block individual users. These proxy servers are typically located in regions where popular sneaker sites are located and are subject to strict usage limitations to avoid detection.

Difference Table Between Private Proxy and Sneaker Proxy

Feature Private Proxy Sneaker Proxy
Purpose General web browsing, social media, SEO, and data scraping Buying limited-edition sneakers from online retailers
Speed Better than Public Proxies but less than Sneaker proxy Very high
IP Address Dedicated and not shared with anyone Rotating and sharing with other users
Security High High
Usage restrictions A few only or sometimes, none. Strict usage limitations to avoid detection by sneaker websites.
Location Can be located in any country or region Located in regions where popular sneaker sites are located.
Price More than public Proxy but lesser than Sneaker proxy Higher than Private Proxy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is private proxy safe?

It is safe as it masks your current IP address with its own IP address placed on a remote location. It is safer than public or shared proxies. 

Q. What are shared Proxies?

Shared Proxies are IP addresses manipulated and bundled with a similar arrangement. Making one address accessible to many users.

Q. What are the risks of using sneaker proxies?

There is only risk of using Sneaker Proxies for buying sneakers is that being caught by the website, and being banned by them. But, such chances are low because sneaker proxies are made that way that they don’t get caught.

Another risk is being scammed by fake sneaker proxy providers. Thus, it is very important to use sneaker proxies of some reputable brands only.


Proxies provide a lot of anonymity and safety. As said, protection is often granted to the matured individual, meaning protection cannot fix all your missteps, so use proxies fairly with adequate knowledge before using. It does not make you immune to criminal activities. 

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