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Does it Matter to Find a Reliable New VPN Service Review?

Through the years, the online world has grown so much. It has changed the way people communicate and interact with one another. One of the advantages it has brought us is the convenience to work remotely even when the company you’re working for is located thousands of miles across the globe from your home. Nowadays, it’s also easier to learn even professional skills through online courses you can take at the comfort of your home or wherever your ideal learning environment might be.

The online world isn’t all about those great benefits though. Sad to say, part of the online population are some criminals and scammers who have found their way to the cyberspace as a new avenue to plot their vicious schemes. They take advantage of the individuals who aren’t adept at securing their personal information online, as well as those who aren’t too conscious of their online privacy. Read a related article about cybercrime here. To make things worse, it’s even harder to identify and catch those cybercriminals than any other conventional burglars.

Now that everything is done online, from work to school, to shopping, to banking transactions and more, it’s more important than ever to take necessary measures to stay safe online, part of which is securing your sensitive personal information such as your address and bank account details.

Because of the need to secure your computer and the sensitive personal data, it may contain, virtual private networks (VPNs) have been created. So, how does installing a VPN help you keep your internet browsing and transactions secure?

Understanding VPNs

In a nutshell, a virtual private network (VPN) is a private network of computers created through a public connection, that’s none other than the internet. A VPN allows you to connect your Internet-enabled gadgets including your laptop, tablet, and smartphone to a remote server which aims to hide your computer’s original internet protocol (IP) address. This would mean that if you’re living in Canada but your VPN server is in the United States, it would appear as if your computer is physically located in the United States rather than in Canada. Here’s a more detailed information about VPNs: https://www.lifewire.com/what-is-a-vpn-2377977

VPNs aim to make your online activities untraceable. This protects you from potential threats such as hacking, identity theft, phishing, and espionage, especially when you’re connecting your device to potentially unsafe public internet connection such as wi-fi in coffee shops or airports. Public internet networks like those mentioned can make your data vulnerable to cybercriminals lurking around.

And tell you what, they intentionally hang around those areas snooping for any sensitive data they can find useful. Yes, folks, that includes your credit card information you’ve just entered on a recent online transaction a while ago. That could even be your next big marketing campaign idea ready for pitching tomorrow. Because, hey, aren’t those bad guys in the creative world steal ideas that could win them a lot of money? This is exactly the reason why some companies have been requiring their employees to connect the laptops and other devices they use for work to a VPN that the company has exclusively subscribed for its network.

How to Find the Most Reliable VPN for You?

Now, we’ve come to our main point: Does it matter to be that meticulous, analyzing every review you can come across with to find out whether a new VPN service such as Surfshark would be good for you, or perhaps, better than your current subscription? Of course, it is necessary since not all VPN services could live up to their claims as well as your specific expectations as the user.

One usual issue in VPNs is the speed and performance of your browsing experience. The more users a single server caters to, the more speed is compromised. Location is another factor that can have a direct impact on speed and performance. The closer your home country to the server, the faster access you get.

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Another issue is the irony that a VPN is supposed to protect your privacy could be sometimes taking advantage of learning your online activities and bombard you with ads that are carefully chosen as based on your inferred interests. Apparently, free VPNs are guilty of this. You can read more about it by checking here. Aside from the fact that free VPNs usually offer nothing but a turtle-like connection, they display tons of annoying ads.

It’s no surprise actually. Because how can those companies offering free VPNs handle the costs of housing VPN servers when users don’t even pay a single cent? The only way they can earn is through ads. Take note, providing online security and privacy isn’t a charity work done by companies offering free VPNs. That’s very unlikely.

Thus, if you want a VPN that’s topnotch in service, speed, and performance, get a reliable paid subscription. You will need to choose from dozens of options available. Reading reviews both from experts and ordinary users is one way to make a more informed decision when choosing one. Check out this detailed article on how to choose the right VPN for you.

Whether you’re a worker, student, business owner, a citizen from a country with strict media and internet censorship, or simply an internet user who values online privacy and security, one of the measures to realize such aim is to get a reliable paid VPN subscription. It’s easy to find one with trustworthy reviews available online.

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  • VPN market is very competitive and reading various reviews and making comparisons is a must, I’m using Surfshark and bought it about three months ago I think. One thing is that they went through an audit to test their security features, another is VPN awards where they got best newcomer position, which got my attention. When I bought it they still lacked some features like a Linux client but it was added recently and overall I see the service constantly improving. I’d advise to talk to community online too, personal input is just as important as public reviews.

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