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8 Key Factors for Selecting the Ideal Hyper-V VM Backup Solution

If you are a business that relies upon Virtual Machines for their day-to-day work, taking absolute care of the security of your virtual systems is important. Choosing the right backup and security options for your Virtual Machines would assume a lot of essence and importance. 

It is thus always important to consider choosing the best ways to help back up your Hyper-V VMs and their associated applications. This is where choosing a good Hyper-V backup solution is crucial in protecting your virtual infrastructure effectively.

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When you work on technical infrastructure, it is of utmost importance to have a backup. Not just Virtual Machines but anything in tech; backups are crucial. I have been managing my websites for years, and having their backups saved me many times from losing the whole website content. 

Let’s dive deep into the topic to know more about the best factors you should consider for selecting backup solutions for Hyper V.

What to Look For in the Best Hyper V VM Backup Solution?

Before you can choose a Hyper V VM Backup Solution, it is always advisable to pay enough attention to a few specific features in your chosen backup solution. We will check out the best features that you should always look for in your VM Backup solution. 

1. Analyse your specific requirements 

There are several factors that you may need to pay special attention to. Analyze the number of servers and virtual machines that you wish to handle. The type of backup storage you need can also be a deciding factor. 

The selective approach in determining the exact number of servers can be helpful in reducing the cost associated with the backup storage and recovery times. 

2. Real time monitoring 

Real-time monitoring is another excellent feature that can help you enhance the backup performance. This will ensure that the backup solution will detect the potential issues, backup the data and try to fix the issues. 

Real-time monitoring can help ensure data integrity, optimize performance and comply with regulations. It can also be a good option to help you in your business continuity. 

3. Instant recovery 

Instant Recovery helps you in allowing your businesses to restore the backup instantly. In fact, this helps ensure a faster backup, in case of any data loss situation. 

The instant recovery will ensure that there is no longer downtime involved in your processes and thus you will not incur any sort of productivity losses. 

4. Cloud or On-Premise?

Making a choice between cloud storage and on-site storage can be an essential decision to make. Each of the solutions comes with its plus points and drawbacks. 

In most situations, a cloud service should be the correct decision to make. Using a combination of both cloud and on-site locations can help you in having multiple copies at multiple locations. 

5. Scalability

Scalability will ensure that you have access to a better option to build your backup solutions for the future. It is quite essential to look for both scalability of backup capacity and backup performance. You should also make attempts at handling the scalability of management. 

This will ensure that your Hyper V VM Backup solution will help you in handling an increasing number of VMs and growing data volumes. Your chosen solution should be able to handle both vertical and horizontal scalability. 

6. Better Efficiency through Deduplication 

Deduplication is a feature that helps in reducing the amount of storage required for your backup on the host. It can also help in saving bandwidth requirements. A powerful deduplication technology can help you achieve better results. 

Compression should be yet another feature that can help you in making your backups faster. This is yeet another aspect that can help you save backup time and storage space. 

7. Robust Security Measures and Encryption in VM Backups

Another important factor that decides the right service provider for a Hyper V VM backup solution is to look for the right security features and encryption offered on your backup solution. 

Your backup will mean nothing if you are not able to safeguard and protect it. An AES 256 encryption protocol may be an excellent option that you may need to pay special attention to. This will ensure that your data is taken care of during data transmission and storage. On-site encryption if available is another excellent choice. 

8. Reputation of the vendor

Reputation and support services offered by your backup solution will assume a lot of essence in choosing the best service. 

A few factors that you may need to pay attention would include:

  • The number of years that the company has been in the business 
  • Check if the service is ably supported by your Virtualisation vendor. 

Opting for a backup vendor with a 24/7 helpdesk ensures assistance is readily available, even during off-hours or emergencies.

Our Pick for the Best Hyper V backup Solution – BDRSuite

Our choice for the best Hype V Backup solution that ideally meets most of the above requirements is BDRSuite. It provides a huge range of comprehensive sets of features that ensure an effective recovery for Hyper V virtual environments. 

Key Features of BDRSuite for Hyper-V Backup

  • Agentless backup & recovery for Hyper-V cluster & standalone host
  • Agentless Hyper-V VM replication with instant failover
  • Application-aware backup & replication with automatic Log Truncation
  • Resilient Change Tracking (RCT) based incremental backup
  • Automated Backup Verification 
  • Instant VM Recovery and Granular recovery of files and application items
  • Store Hyper-V Backups on DAS, SAN, NAS, BDRCloud – Powered by BDRSuite or public clouds like S3, Azure Blob, Google Cloud, S3 Compatible Cloud like Wasabi, MinIO, etc
  • Built-in encryption and compression

Key Benefits:

  • FREE Hyper V Backup: BDRSuite offers free backup for up to 10 Hyper V VMs with all core backup and recovery features.
  • Cost-Effective Backup: With BDRSuite, you can back up and protect your Hyper V data within your budget.
  • Free Trial: BDRSuite offers a 30-day free trial (Fully featured version) for you to explore in your environment. You can get it from its official website.


The right type of VM Backup is an essential part of protecting your data and ensuring a seamless continuity for your business. When choosing the right Hyper V VM Backup solution, it is advisable to take absolute care to pick the service that ideally meets all your needs. 

Of course, our choice when it comes to enjoying a formidable set of features in a robust Hyper V VM backup solution is BDRSuite. It does meet you in diverse backup and this can go a long way in helping you ensure a better resilience in terms of protecting your virtual server environments.

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