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Pinterest: A Great Source of Traffic for Your Blog

This blog post was originally published on April 3, 2012. Today on May 25, 2016, I am reposting this blog post with some updated content and information.

Pinterest, an image-based social networking website is one of those sites that grown up very fast. It is an online virtual pinboard where you can create your own boards and pin various images on them. You can also share your boards with other users, and invite them to pin their image based content as well.


When I first came to know about this particular website, I thought that it may not help me increase my blog traffic but ever since I learned more about it, and started using, I noticed some referral traffic to some of my blog posts.

In 2012, I read a report that said that in the month of February 2012 Pinterest drove more traffic to the websites than Twitter. On that time, Pinterest had only 11.7 million active users as compared to Twitter’s 100 million and still it sent more traffic to sites. That was indeed a great achievement for it.

After reading that report, I started to take Pinterest seriously and have worked so much to promote my content. However, I am not that regular now due to some other work engagements. But, I always pin some of my blog posts in which there are awesome images because when you pin something with an attractive image it performs quite well.

Now, when I check out’s Analytics, I see that it is getting more traffic from Pinterest than Twitter because I have some pins that have really attractive images, and they are linked to various blog posts of the blog.

pinterest traffic ttw

I got 1,713 referral traffic from Pinterest for the duration of 24-04-2016 to 25-05-2016, which is more than enough because I am not putting much effort on it currently. I just pin some of the posts that have really beautiful images.

Pinterest has now grown up, and it is more famous than what it was in 2012. As you can see, I am getting a good number of visits from it; you can also get the numbers like this as well if you promote your content well over there.

In this blog post, I am going to share some tips that you can implement to get more traffic from Pinterest to your blog.

Create and Organize Pinboards in a proper manner

On Pinterest, you can create boards in which you pin different content. Boards are like categories in which you put relevant content. Suppose, you are working in Tech niche as well as SEO niche, then don’t just mix all the content in one board rather create two separate boards, Tech, and SEO, and pin the content on those boards as per the content type. All the content related to tech should be pinned in Tech, and SEO content should be pinned into SEO board.

This way, the boards are well organized, and people who are interested in one niche, they can follow the relevant board and stay updated. But, if you have mixed boards, you will not get more followers to that. Therefore, create boards and organize them in a good manner because it helps you get more followers to your boards. Thus, you get more traffic to your blog as well.

Use attractive and interesting Images

As I said earlier and you know this fact as well that Pinterest is an image-based social site. So, you must have to use attractive images while uploading a pin to your Pinterest board. And, even if you are directly pinning using your blog post link, make sure you have attractive images in that particular post so that it can fetch them from there.

If you fail to use such images, you may not get the success that you want with Pinterest. Therefore, always try to create some attractive and attention-grabbing images for your pins.

Add Pin It button for images on your blog

As you offer social sharing buttons to your readers so that they can share your content on social media without much hassle, you should also offer them the Pin It button on all the images so that if readers like your images, they can Pin them easily using that.

There are many WordPress plugins out there that offer Pin It button such as Monarch, SumoMe, etc. However, if you still need a guide for it; you should follow this guide by Pinterest itself for adding hover Pin It button for images.

Tag your followers While Pinning (Don’t spam)

Just like you tag your friends on Facebook while sharing some update, you can do on Pinterest as well because it notifies the right pins to right people.

When it comes to tagging, you must be sure that you don’t spam people rather you tag only them whom you think are very interested checking out a particular pin. For example, if one of my Pinterest followers is looking for some South Indian food recipe, and I have something related to that which I am going to pin, then for sure I can pin that follower because he will love it as that is his requirement.

Tagging is same like Facebook, use “@” before a name and that person will be tagged.

Use Hashtags in the description properly

Just as you use Hashtags on Facebook and Twitter for maximum reach of your shares, you can do the same on Pinterest as well by adding them in the Description. But, make sure you don’t add hashtags unnecessarily. Use them when required.

pinterest 3

As you can, see I have added # just before blogging to make it a hashtag, now when you click on this, you will find so many pins tagged with Blogging Hashtag. This is the reason; you need to tag because it helps to appear your pin whenever people use a particular hashtag to search pins. In this case, when you will search pins using blogging Hashtag, this pin will show up as well.

Participate in Group Boards

When you create new boards, you don’t have much audience that will see your pins. In such situation, you can participate in Group boards. Group boards are those in which not a single author but multiple authors can pin their content. You must need to be invited to pin on a particular Group board.

Try to find the group boards of your niche with a good amount of audience, and try to request the owner of the group boards to invite you for contribution.

Before asking the owners, make sure you have an appealing profile on Pinterest such a good bio, good number of boards and having nice pins in them, etc.

As the group has a good number of audience, your pins will be viewed by many that further results into more traffic to your blog.

Pin a small tip image every day within your niche

You can create a board like Tip of the day or Blogging tip of the day or anything that you are into. For example, you can see below that a cooking blog owner shares tip of the day in the form of an image.


This really works because people find something new quickly by looking at the pin. If you do this, you may see your board’s follower will be increasing.

Don’t miss to edit the pin and add a link to your blog post if you have a detailed post related to that tip. If not, you can simply add your blog link in the description. This will increase your blog traffic.

Quick Tip:

If you want to search pins from a specific site then just use this :-[Web site URL here]/

Example: This will show pins from The site Only.


As you read a few good tips to help you increase traffic to your blog using Pinterest, you should start practicing of these and see which ones are working well for you.

Pinterest is indeed an amazing website, and if used properly, it is a gold mine of traffic.

I hope you have enjoyed the Post. Let me know if there are any questions.

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