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5 Human Rights Apps to Use

Human rights are the single most important thing in the world. Every human needs food, medicine, clothing, shelter, etc. to survive with dignity. Unfortunately, millions of human beings all around the globe don’t have even these basic necessities of life.

With the help of human rights organizations such as the United Nations human rights activists work towards getting these amenities for everyone. Moreover, history is fraught with war and the infringement of the rights of human beings.

The Declaration of Human Rights was created due to the horrors of WWII and the Holocaust. This and a lot more is mentioned in students’ papers on human rights and helps us realize their importance. 

United Nations and other organizations conserved with the preservation of rights ensure that the vulnerable members of society are taken care of, and aren’t abused by the ones in power.

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With the advent of information technology, there is an app for everything. From an alarm clock to streaming services, you name it, and you will have an app for it. Therefore, human rights programs and organizations have harnessed the power of technology and information for good and have come up with innovative tools.

The Best 5 Human Rights Applications That You Can Use

  1. The United Nations HumanRights App

The Human Rights Office of the United Nations released an app in 2017. This app is full of news stories related to human rights issues, rights violations, and what you can do to help human beings around the globe. 

It is basically a news portal where the user can search for any rights issue that a specific region or country is facing. 

You can also adjust the settings of the news story app to show only the news stories that you find interesting and are relevant to you. It is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download it from the respective online stores.

The current version has a 3-month archive and you get daily updates. You can read the news, information, & news stories and watch videos from the YouTube channel of the United Nations. You will even find a quiz to test your knowledge on news rights. 

Moreover, there is an option to share the story with your family & friends through social media such as Twitter & Facebook. The news story app is available in three different languages – French, Spanish, and English.

  1. Mobile Justice

Unfortunately, we live in an era where we have to be protected from the human beings who are supposed to protect us. Yes, we are talking about police violence. Developed and designed by Quadrant 2, you can record any news of police encounters with this app for the ACLU. 

This version of the app has three main functions. You can record the incident, write a detailed report, and get an overview of the rights of the citizens when they encounter police. You can stream and play the news recording directly and send it to your family and friends, or you can send it to the local ACLU. 

Moreover, you have the ability to record any abuse instead of having to put up with it and make sure you know what your rights and responsibilities are as a citizen.

  1. TraffickCam

Trafficking is a global rights issue and it affects human beings all around the globe, from men and women to young kids and children. Most of the time, trafficking gangs strike when in hotel rooms and prey on innocent travelers.

This app, TraffickCam, started as a way to keep travelers safe from traffickers. Once you download the app, you can take a picture of the hotel or motel where you are staying in, and upload it within this version of the app.

The news pictures are sent to a national news database that has state-of-the-art analyzer tools. The policy tools can identify the key features of different rooms and then law enforcement agencies have the ability to go through the database and identify any potential victims and traffickers. 

This is important since sex traffickers have a policy to usually upload pictures of their victims while keeping them in motel rooms, in news advertisements. The patterns in the furniture, carpeting, accessories, etc. help the law enforcement agencies identify and capture the criminals.

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  1. Human Rights Campaign Buyer’s Guide

Even if you don’t discriminate against certain fragments of society, you might be unintentionally supporting human beings and organizations who do. With the HR campaign buyer’s guide, you can keep an eye on the behavior of various organizations, such as the United Nations, in this regard.

The United Nations guide compares various brands against the Corporate Equality Index. It gives you the ability to make a decision. A score of 80-100 is high while a moderate score is 46 which shows that a company is working to eliminate discrimination. A score below this shows that the organizations have not responded to questions posed by the HR campaign or they have discriminating policies.

You can search for companies by categories such as beauty, news agencies, electronics, household, etc. Moreover, you can search the brands alphabetically as well.

  1. eyeWitness to Atrocities

After the long and horrible civil war in Sri Lanka, the rebel Tamil Tigers were executed. In the trial, the prosecutors even had videos, but since it couldn’t be verified, it wasn’t allowed to be used in the United Nations court.

This issue is common all around the globe. Therefore, to combat this problem, this app was created with help from a legal data firm based in London. The app allows the users to record videos with GPS and time stamps and other important meta-data. 

The video footage is then sent to a secure server daily where it is encrypted and a copy is sent to the user. This app won the Geneva Center for Security Policy Award in 2016. With this app, no one can say that the videos are fake, doctors, or manipulated.

The privacy policy of the company protects the identity of victims, so you don’t have to worry about that as well.

Final Word

When humans realize that they have rights, they speak up about the abuse they face. They give people the freedom to express their opinions and viewpoints, stay safe in their home, practise their religions, love whom they choose, etc. 

With equal work opportunities for people from all fragments of society daily, irrespective of gender, caste, color, creed, nations flourish and progress. From protecting the environment to educating the masses, human rights have a profound impact on everything in society. 

They provide a universal standard against which we can measure the performance of the general public as well as the government.

The 5 apps that we have listed above will help you do your part to make this world a better place. You can easily access these human issues applications from your phone’s local store. 

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