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How to Make Your Online Gaming Experience Safer?

Online video games have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. The benefits that they provide in the form of entertainment cannot be ignored. Many games help with memory and problem-solving skills. With all the benefits, it is easy to forget that there are dangers associated with these games. We must follow certain precautions and steps to avoid such situations. The following guidelines will help you protect yourself while you have a safe experience entertaining yourself. 

Make Your Online Gaming Experience Safer

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Restrict (Or Change) The Personal Information You Share

You should avoid sharing any personal information on any video game. Some games might ask you for mandatory information, like your date of birth if it is age-restricted, but if it is not necessary, then you must avoid it. 

Also, you should never share your banking or credit card information with anyone until that’s the only option you have. Similarly, trusting any player in the game and telling them about your vacation plans, location, etc., might prove to be fatal. 

You will find that many experienced gamers use a VPN to protect their identity. A VPN will mask your IP, ensuring that no one can know your location and any information about you. 

Do Not Buy Any Mods, Cheats, or Anything Else From Unofficial Websites

Buying cheats and mods from unofficial websites can put you at risk. The biggest threat of using such websites is malware attacks. These attacks can steal your data, destroy and damage your device. 

Trojan viruses, worms, ransomware, viruses, adware are some malware that might get installed into your device when you use such websites. The cheats or mod can contain malware or virus that can be harmful to you, and your crucial information can get leaked. 

Also, when you enter your payment details through these websites, hackers might capture your bank account details and hack your bank account.

Webcam Worries

With built-in webcams featuring in most smartphones, tablets, and laptops, hacking has become easier than ever. Attackers can get access to them easily, exploiting you and the data on your device. To safeguard yourself from such attacks, you can schedule regular system scans for malware. 

Also, ensure that all your webcams are “off” by default. You can also use opaque tape or cover the webcam with a cloth to stop anyone who might be trying to surveil you. 

Online Predators

Online predators aim to lure younger victims online. It involves gaining the trust of people for the predator’s own advantage. They are mostly older gamers who use video games to achieve their target. These predators would lose the game on purpose to get the younger generation’s attention and start trying to form bonds with them. They venture into the personal territory and start isolating these amateur gamers from their families. 

It leads to things like webcam chats, inappropriate messages, and face-to-face meetings. They then start harassing and exploiting these young gamers. Therefore, any child or teenager around you should be aware of these possible situations. 

Hidden Fees

Many dangerous games use tricks and make you do in-app purchases without realizing it. The so-called “freemium” experience is used to attract people to download the game. But, almost all features are available at additional subscriptions and purchases. Characters, special abilities, and weapons with different appearances are occasionally free, but the rarer one needs purchase. 

The gaming industry makes billions of dollars by releasing these “free” mobile games. In most games, you must add a credit card to your gaming profile, and they charge you automatically when you purchase a new item or service. People can fall into this trap by unknowingly making purchases and realizing it only after going through the credit card bills. Therefore, you must keep a check on your credit card bills and make sure that you have not made any purchases or have accidentally subscribed to a plan.

Excessive Screen Time – Sleep and Physical Health

Undoubtedly games are addictive. People keep on spending an excessive amount of time using devices to play games. It can lead to many physical health issues, and study shows that people start having a lack of sleep. Since most games involve a lot of sitting idle and a continuous concentration on screen, other issues like back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, and eating regularities also are becoming evident. 

Keeping an eye on your screen time and restricting it can help you overcome such issues. Ideally, an adult should spend no more than two hours per day using devices outside work hours. One must instead try to involve themselves in physical games and activities that have a lot more benefits.

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  • Recently I became a victim of an online gaming scam and then I started to do research about how to be safe from these scams and your blog has really helped me with that.
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