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Runescape 3: Making Money with Cursed Energy

Cursed Energy is a Divination resource that can only be acquired out in the Wilderness. With risk, however, comes reward! At higher-levels of Divination, you’ll be able to make upwards of 8M per hour here. Even without the higher-levels and bonuses, you can still easily make 4M+ per hour with relatively low requirements. 

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What is Cursed Energy?

Gathered through the Divination skill, Cursed Energy is a type of divine energy. The source of Cursed Energy is cursed wisps, which are located near the Wilderness Volcano. Cursed Energy cannot be traded on the Grand Exchange but can be traded with other players. Due to this, it has a fixed value of 500 coins. 

In the Wilderness, Cursed Energy places two effects on a player carrying it in their inventory. The first is they will be unable to teleport out of the Wilderness while they are holding Cursed Energy. The second effect is that anyone in the Wilderness can attack you regardless of levels or single/multi-way combat. However, there is no visual change in your character when carrying the Cursed Energy, so other players will not know of you holding Cursed Energy unless they saw you collect it or attempt to attack you regardless. 

Cursed Energy can be converted into other, tradeable energies at the appropriate levels. 

Converting Cursed Energy

Cursed Energy can be converted into any of the 12 tradeable divine energies obtainable. Each requires the same level as it would to harvest that energy itself. For example, to transform Cursed Energy into Incandescent Energy, you will need level 95 Divination, the same as you would to harvest Incandescent Energy usually. You cannot create Elder or Ancestral Energy from Cursed Energy. 

Cursed Energy is always transformed at a rate of 100:150. For example, converting 1000 Cursed Energy into Vibrant Energy would result in you having 1500 Vibrant Energy. 

Extreme Divination potions can be used when transforming Cursed Energy into other energies, resulting in the Incandescent Energy that usually requires level 95 Divination being able to be created at as low as level 81 Divination.

Recommendations for best results

The first recommendation is to have level 95 Divination, allowing you to gather Energy at the fastest speeds and memory conversion rates and convert to Incandescent Energy without the need for utilizing boosts. 

Requiring 98 Archaeology, the Divine Conversion Relic significantly increases your efficiency with harvesting Cursed Energy. If you plan on gathering Cursed Energy for long periods as your money-making source, it is definitely worth the time investment for 98 Archelogy for this unlock. 

At level 81 Summoning, you can summon a Nightmare Muspah. These are very useful familiars for Divination training as they will increase the number of memories and enriched memories your receive, resulting in much more energy gathered. 

If you don’t have 81 Summoning, then the best combat-related familiar you can bring will be beneficial, too, as it would provide usefully should you be attacked out in the Wilderness. 

Unfortunately, in Runescape, there are plenty of bot accounts farming money-making methods just like this one. Cursed Energy bots are quite common due to the ease of profitability at any Divination level. Due to them often being low level, if you’re even a medium level combat account, killing them should be easy and top up your profit for the hour. You should be careful, of course, skulling in the Wilderness and opening yourself up to PKing. 

Surviving in the Wilderness

You don’t want to risk too much in the Wilderness, especially with the method requiring nothing to utilize. However, you do want to survive. There’ll often be PKers attempting to take you down for your Energy. 

The advice for this is to find some low-cost armor and bring with you high healing food and a teleport that works above level 30 Wilderness, such as Dragonstone jewelry. This opens up your escape possibilities drastically. 

Although you could gear up for combat yourself and defend yourself with an offense, you would be risking a lot more in terms of gear as well as making the method less efficient for gathering the energy as you won’t have much inventory space for collecting the Cursed Memories. 

Unlocking the Wilderness Lodestone only requires you to run there once. This teleports you close to the Volcano, making for a convenient return to the Divination location. 

Enjoy the Harvest!

Other than the odd player attempting to attack you, Cursed Energy is quite a relaxed money making method. Just keep an eye out for white dots on your minimap. The Wilderness is

dangerous, but the risk is well worth it. Bank often to secure your profits and enjoy the Divination training!

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