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How to Monetize Your Website in 2022

Monetizing your website is of utmost importance if you want to cash out the traffic coming to your website. If you are a blogger, it is even more important to know about the possible monetization methods that you can use to make money from your blog.


In this blog post, I am going to talk about a few of the best monetization methods that you can employ in 2022 to make money from your website/blog.

Few of the Best Monetization Methods for Your Site


CPM is a marketing term that stands for “Cost for Mile”. “Mile” means “Thousands”. That means CPM means Cost for One Thousand Impression. There are many Advertising programs that offer CPM ads for blogs which you can use to make a lot of money. 

An “impression” means a single instance of an advertisement that shows up on your blog. This directly means that even if your visitors don’t click on ads, you will still get paid if there is an impression on the ad. To put it short, if a visitor comes to your site, and ads are loaded, it gets an impression, and you earn from that. No matter if they click or not.

But remember that you can earn well using CPM advertising if your site is getting a good number of visitors every day. 

PPC Advertising

PPC stands for Pay Per Click which has been one of the finest ways to earn money if you have a blog. In this, you put ads on your site, and when there is a click on the ad, you get the money. The difference between CPM and PPC is clear here is you get earnings from the traffic that comes to your site when you use CPM, but in the case of PPC, no matter how much traffic comes, if there is no click on ads, you won’t get any money. Google Adsense is the most popular PPC advertising service.

Important Mention!!

When I was using Adsense my site’s earning was pretty low despite the fair number of visitors per day, but when I signed up for Ezoic, my site’s earning increased to a greater extent, and while working with Ezoic, as we optimized the site more, our site is earning 10x per day of what we were earning from Google Adsense. You can read my hands-on review of Ezoic by clicking here.
If you want to signup to Ezoic, use this link.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is booming, and thousands of publishers are taking advantage of that. Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which you promote or recommend a product on your site, and if someone clicks the link of the product, he will be directed to the product page. And, if he buys the product, you will get a commission for that. In this, you have to add your tracking id with the product link so that the sales can be tracked. Amazon affiliate, Web Hosting affiliate, and many tools affiliate programs are there that you can try out. CJ, ShareAsale, Impact, etc. are some good Affiliate Marketing platforms where you can join advertisers, and promote their products.

Point to note that while recommending products, don’t just put up links rather create content that can help buyers to know and understand about the product. Possibly share the hands-on experience with each product. The more value you add to your content, the better sales you can get.

Direct Advertisements

Direct advertisements in terms of sponsored content, ad banners, reviews, etc. can be a great income source for your site. In this model, generally, you are contacted by the advertisers, and you can finalize the deal, and you can earn. This is probably the quickest way to make money. But, this happens, when your site gets tons of traffic and has great SEO stats.

Sell Your Digital Products

If your blog/site has a good amount of traffic, you can try selling your digital products such as courses, e-books, video courses, etc. The best thing about selling directly via your own site is you can save the commission of the platforms where you usually go for selling your products. So, selling through your blog would help you earn well, and save extra bucks. In fact, you can sell more because your potential visitors know you, and have faith in you, so they would be more likely to buy the product that you create.

Accept Donations from Visitors {Set up PayPal Donations}

Since you create amazing content for your visitors for free, you can ask for small donations as well. It might not sound good from one perspective but it is in fact good to get some small amounts of donations from your visitors as you offer your knowledge and research for free. You may get some earnings from there as well.

But, before asking for donations, you must make sure that your site is actually adding value to the community and offers so much learning that people need.

For example, web.archive.org makes tons of money by donations, and that is because they actually offer so much plus they have millions of visitors. 

Offer Services {Create “Hire Me” page}

If you have some skills such as writing, logo making, designing, or anything, then you can use your blog to advertise your services easily, and you will get good business from there because your blog visitors must have faith in you, and either they hire your services or they would recommend you wherever needed.

Final Words

Monetizing your website is very easy but you have to make sure that your site gets a lot of traffic because no matter whatever monetization method you use if your site is not having a good amount of traffic then you cannot earn well.

So, focus on building traffic to your website first, and then start monetizing with the methods you like.

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