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Ezoic Review – Automatically Increase Your Site’s Earning – 2023

Ezoic can be a great Adsense Alternatives to Increase your site’s earning to big extent. Read on, and you will get to know why I am telling this to you.

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If you are a blogger and looking for the best information on how to increase your level of ad revenue on your site, Google AdSense alone may not be the right choice for your needs. That can perhaps be where Ezoic would prove to be one of the thoughtful options. A Google-certified partner, it has been rated to be one of the largest ad testing platforms. In fact, Ezoic has been one of the prime ad platforms that are being used by at least 98 to 99% of the publishers. 

My Personal Experience with Ezoic

Before I go ahead and talk more about Ezoic, Let me tell you that I have been monetizing my various blogs with various monetization ways including Adsense. But, I was never happy of their Adsense earnings even having a good number of visitors per day. I remember once I got an email from Ezoic to test out their network for one of my micro-niche projects. I was very hesitant to try something that I was not aware of. But, later, I thought of trying it once, and that is one of the best decisions I ever made. I applied for it, and added the ads there, and within a week, I was able to see a great increase in my earning.

When I was monetizing with Adsense, for 1000-1500 visits, I was able to get $1-$5 on an average per day which was low. However, someday, I saw hikes like $6-$7 too. But, that was occasional. But, after switching to Ezoic, I have seen a good hike, and the daily avg from $1-$5 increased to $10-$13.

Here is what My Adsense earning on that Micro-niche site for 4 months in 2020. i.e. $182.48

And, here are 4 months of earning data for that Micro-niche site with Ezoic. i.e. $1223.95

This is the latest screenshot which is of January 2021.

However, some days are low in Ezoic as well. But, still, I am able to earn $10 on average which is a very huge increase as compared to my past earnings with Adsense. And, with time, as traffic grows, earning is growing as well. As you can see my past months of 2020 were $10 on average.. but, that per day average has been now increasing as well.  

You can see, hardly some times, I got earning less than $10 a day.

So, you can see, for the amount of traffic, the earning is quite satisfying if I compare with Adsense. I am sure that by the end of 2021 we will be able to reach $18-$20 per day with Ezoic as well.

Do you want to increase your earnings just like I did? Then, go ahead join Ezoic today.

This is my personal experience. And, I am pretty sure that we will be using Ezoic in future as well. In fact, we are moving all of our other sites to Ezoic as well to earn more from them too.

Update!! [17-02-2022]

The Earning Screenshot of the same site of February-2022(Last 7 Days)

As you can see, the earnings from the past year have been grown by almost 4x. We can’t deny the fact that traffic matters too. Our traffic on that site also increased a lot. But, we did testing by running direct Adsense, and then Ezoic. Ezoic wins! It offered much more because of its intelligent AI technology that shows ads wisely.

latest earning from Ezoic Feb 2022

Now, let’s talk about Ezoic in more detail.

With that knowledge in the background, we thought of offering you an impartial Ezoic review and help you understand the benefits. 

What is the Ezoic Ad Tester?

Ezoic is the Google certified Ads partner service that helps you in monetizing your website by showing ads. So far so good and you will find it offering you a lot of features that is great to help you increase your earnings.

To define it exact, Ezoic is a platform that has many features besides monetization such as caching, site speed, GDPR, video etc. To explain further they work with ad networks, exchanges and other header bidders to serve the actual ads. But don’t misunderstand Ezoic as an ad network because they are not actually working as a network but instead help optimize the ads that come through from various ad networks. A common definition for an ad network is a company that connects advertisers to Publishing website. And,  Ezoic work with many such ad networks to ensure the best and most paying ads are served. This mainly happens with Google Ad Exchange (Adx). So Ezoic is between the ad network/ ad exchanges and the publisher.

Unlike the other traditional ad networks, Ezoic uses its own machine learning capabilities that can be useful and helpful in testing different placements for the ads as per the browsing pattern of the user. This will mean each of the users visiting your website will find the ads in different locations on your site. 

Ezoic stands apart from the other ad networks where you would find it using data-driven machine learning technology for optimizing which ads are shown and at which location. The platform is designed in such a way that you will have access to the more earning potential for Ezoic and the publisher. In fact, you can be assured of earning more when using Ezoic than when using Google AdSense. 

What makes it an even more exciting option is that it lets you get access to an enhanced experience with a free subscription. When you look at the advantages that Ezoic offers you, the fact that it is completely free should be what makes it a great option. 

What are the prerequisites for Ezoic for working with your site?

Getting approved by Ezoic can be a little difficult. The ads network platform does have a few system requirements that your website should satisfy. 

Here are a few system requirements of Ezoic that you can check out:

Website traffic

Ezoic expects your website to have a minimum of 10,000 visitors a month. Ezoic is a data-driven software and it would require a larger sample database that it can work with. While it works with the lower traffic, you may not get the best results and may not help you increase AdSense earnings. 

However, if your site meets the other conditions, and your site has a good quality, you can expect to get approved even when you have lesser traffic. 

Compliance with Google

Ezoic being a Google-approved publishing partner does need your site to be compliant with Google policies. Some of the policies that you need to focus on can include:

  • Make sure you have no invalid clicks or impressions 
  • No illegal content 
  • No use of aggressive and threatening content
  • No copied content from other sites 
  • No offer for offering counterfeit goods 
  • Traffic from the reliable sources 
  • No unnecessary keyword stuffing. 
  • No betting and gambling content 
  • No adult content except for health-related or news items
  • No alcohol or tobacco promotion

An existing AdSense account {Not Actually Needed}

Having a Google adsense account is good but you can apply for Ezoic even without any Adsense account. However, your site should be in good standing and adhere to Google Guidelines. If you have an Adsense account already that is great too.

Approval for Google Ads Exchange

To be eligible to work with Ezoic, you need to be approved on the Google Ads Exchange. In fact, this would be much needed if you have no Google AdSense account. You do not need to have a Google AdSense to get approved for an Ezoic account. 

However, once you are approved by Ezoic, you need to apply and get approved for the Google Ads Exchange. In any case, since Ezoic is a certified Google certified publishing partner, you have a bright chance of getting approved by Google Ads Exchange. 

Quality Content

Make sure that your site has quality content. The content on your site should be informative for the users. Avoid having superficial content. The service does not have any eCommerce sites onboard, but works if you have a site based on an eCommerce site. That would mean, Ezoic can be a great choice for your Amazon affiliate sites. 

How Does Your Site Connect with Ezoic?

To begin using the service and begin serving Ezoic ads, you need to integrate your site with Ezoic. Ezoic does provide you access to several options to help you integrate your site with Ezoic. You may use the option that best suits your preferences. 


If your site uses Cloudflare, that would be one of the excellent options to help you get access to Ezoic. You can add the Cloudflare app to your Ezoic dashboard and then follow the instructions to integrate your site into Ezoic. 

DNS Servers

This is yet another excellent option to help you integrate your site with Ezoic. This will not affect your web hosting in any way and will work seamlessly with your Ezoic profile. Your traffic will flow through the Ezoic platform if you use this method.  In this, they will share their DNS server to update in your Domain Control Panel.

WordPress Plugin

Most of the blogs are hosted on WordPress, and using a WordPress plugin can be a great option to help you integrate your site with Ezoic. You can find the plugin in your WordPress repository for providing you access to an enhanced experience. 

Code Snippet

This has been considered to be the least preferred option for integrating your website with Ezoic. It involves pasting a small code in your site header. This method may be a good option if you are using a free blogging platform such as Blogger. 

Does Ezoic Promise Good Earnings?

I have already shared the screenshots to show you how it has increased my site’s earning. So, the answer is, Yes, indeed! Ezoic ads do offer you a better earning when you compare it to the standard mode of earning from ads. If your site meets the minimum requirement to go onboard the Ezoic platform, we suggest you to go for it. You can definitely earn more from the ads network. 

In fact, several users and bloggers have testified to the fact that it even works on the websites that are not advertiser-friendly. That would mean if you have a site that has been optimized for ads, you can be assured of a lot higher earning potential. 

In essence, Ezoic can be a great option if you are trying to find a way to increase the ad earnings. If you are not happy with the ads earnings even after using Ezoic, you can simply turn off Ezoic and your backend or even your AdSense performance will remain unaffected. In any case, we would recommend testing the performance of Ezoic for a couple of months and analyze the earnings. 

What Benefits Does Ezoic Provide You?

If your sole source of making money on your blog is through ads, Ezoic should definitely be the right choice for your expectations. It does provide you access to a host of advancements and benefits. 

Let us check out a few of the prime features that would make it a great choice: 

  • It has been proved beyond doubt that almost every website that uses Ezoic has experienced a bump in its ads earnings. You will find many bloggers testifying for the fact. We are one of them!
  • Ezoic improves the chances of your visitors receiving a greater degree of performance enhancement. They will get an interface that suits them and thus they may tend to stay on your site for longer. 
  • Ease of use is yet another plus point on Ezoic. Of course, the dashboard may not be much easy for the beginners, but every user is assigned an account manager and provides you access to an enhanced experience. 
  • You can get more ads on the page. Since Ezoic ads is a certified Google Ads Partner, you would be able to place more ads on your site and thus get more ad revenue. 
  • Ezoic makes use of a huge number of ad networks. In addition to Google AdSense, it also works with Criteo or Media.Net, any many more. You can be assured of a higher quality ad that assures more earnings. 
  • Ezoic ensures that you are not facing any Google AdSense violation issues. 
  • It is completely free and that should be the prime factor that should make it a powerful option ever. It will place a small widget ad of its own on your site. If you do not want the ad, you can opt for the subscriptions option which is quite nominal.

Ezoic Ad Tester Chrome Extension

You can use Ezoic Ad Tester Chrome Extension to add or remove ad blocks on/from your page. Also, you would know, how much percentage of total earning is coming from each ad block. That way, you can keep the high earning blocks on the page, and remove the one that is not earning.

When you are on any of your site pages which is showing the ads, you can just click the Ezoic Chrome Extension, and you have to login with your Ezoic Credentials. Then, you have to click “Activate Placeholder

Once, it is activated, your page ads will be shown as placeholder, you can try deleting them if you want to remove. You have to click that small dropdown icon on the placeholder to get the option to delete or disable.

When you remove them, you will see the percentage of earning of it. So, it will help you to know which ad block is earning more. so that you can add or remove accordingly. Moreover, It is advisable to remove only those ad blocks that are not earning at all. Moreover, deleting the ad blocks are not always advisable but if some ad block is there for long time, and still you see 0% earning, then you can go ahead with removing that block, and try placing another ad block on different positions. That is what you need to test and learn, which are the positions where you can put your blocks to earn more.

As you can see in the above screenshot that the earning of that particular block is 11% of total earning which is quite good. So, it is obvious that I won’t delete that but, if I would have seen 0%, then I could delete that.

Now, if you are not sure how to get started, then click here to join Ezoic, and read this guide as well. In fact, you will be provided with an Account manager who will help you set everything up for your site. You can watch this video to know more about setting it up.

FAQs on Ezoic Review

Is Ezoic free? 

Yes, it is absolutely free to join Ezoic. If you go with the free option, it will keep the earning from one ad unit on your website. It will also place an ad of its own on the site. You can opt for the subscription plans, but it may not be needed

Is there any contract period specified when signing up with Ezoic? 

Ezoic has no contract period that you need to sign up for the service. You can turn off Ezoic whenever you want to if you are not satisfied with the performance. 

Can I use Ezoic if I have no WordPress?

Yes, Ezoic works with almost all CMS. It works with almost all popular CMS such as Custom PHP, Squarespace, Joomla!, Shopify, Drupal, Blogger, Arch, Rebel Mouse, Magento, and Bitrix. 

Can I join Ezoic if I don’t have Adsense Account?

Yes, you can because Ezoic works with so many ad networks. So, you can just directly join Ezoic without having Adsense account as well.

Is Ezoic an Ad Network?

Ezoic is an AI based technology made for Publishers which streamlines the accessibility, implementation, and optimization of various ad networks and ad-tech. It provides access to thousands of ad networks, exchanges, and ad partners supported with its high tech to increase your website’s ad revenue substantially

What is Ezoic Premium?

When you use Ezoic, you don’t have to pay anything, and you are served with ads from various advertisers but Ezoic Premium is a subscription-based service offered from Ezoic itself where publishers need to pay a monthly fee to access ads from higher-paying advertisers. That means your site is enabled to serve ads of huge brands. This helps increase your ad revenue to great extent. As compared to the increase in ad earning, the fee is nominal.

What are pageview requirements for Ezoic Monetization?

Ezoic had the requirement of around 10,000 page views which they have removed, and now anyone can join. But, the sites with less than 10,000 pageviews can join through their monetization program “Access Now“. And, sites with more than 10,000 monthly views can join by clicking here.

What are Ad Policy requirements for Ezoic Monetization?

The guidelines for Ezoic Monetization is similar to Google’s Ad policy which you can read here.

What is Ezoic Leap?

Ezoic Leap is a free website performance tool that was designed to address the site’s performance issues, and improve them so that every site on the Ezoic platform may achieve good Core Web Vitals and great loading speed which ultimately improve the user experience. Which further improves the search ranking, and thus, the traffic, and thus the Ad earning.


Well, that was perhaps what you wanted to know about Ezoic and the discussion here should definitely have helped you pick it for the sheer benefit that it offers you. From our personal experience, we have found Ezoic to be one of the excellent options ever and have indeed benefited from it. 

In fact, there is no harm in trying it out as it is free and you can always sign out if you are not satisfied without affecting the performance of your site. The Ezoic review here should help you understand the basic concepts of the ad platform and make the most out of it. 

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