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How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

The dream of making money while sleeping remains a dream for 99% of people. Why? The reasons behind that are numerous. But one of them is definitely not trying out all available tools and not catching opportunities. Now in the era of ubiquitous Internet connection, it’s highly important to use a variety of online instruments to generate income, and affiliate marketing is definitely one of the most efficient ones. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?   

 You might have seen advertising banners almost everywhere on the streets, in stores, public transport, etc. With online marketing, the main principle of advertising works the same as with traditional offline ads: people see an ad, get interested and proceed with the real action. The difference is that with online ads a user takes an action faster and therefore their actions are more trackable. How many times have you clicked on an ad banner right away and at least took a look at that pair of snickers or that pair of jeans? If you didn’t merely browse, but also actually bought something or signed up, your action has been counted as a completed targeted action and the owner of the website you saw an ad banner on, got paid. This is exactly how affiliate marketing works.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online marketing that enables advertisers to pay only for real results, and owners of websites and social media bloggers (called “affiliates” or “publishers”) to earn without any limits by promoting relevant products and services to their audiences.

The way affiliate marketing is organized is highly beneficial for all parties involved. An advertiser pays only for the targeted actions they determine in the affiliate program: sales, leads, downloads, registrations. A website owner chooses the products and services their audience is interested in, promotes them on their online resources, and gets a commission every time a targeted action is completed.

Sounds promising, but where to find an affiliate program?

How to Find Advertisers?

Hundreds of thousands of companies and brands have their affiliate programs. Surely, searching for relevant ones can be tedious. You are certainly free to search advertisers on your own by browsing websites of companies and brands, contacting them one by one, going through a moderation process and solving all technical issues all by yourself. It’s doable, but you should keep in mind that it will definitely eat up your precious time, and therefore your potential earnings.

If you think only affiliates deal with that problem, you’re wrong. Advertisers for their part struggle with finding efficient affiliates who will promote their products and services.  

But the solution is already found and successfully leveraged by affiliates from across the world. CPA network is an ultimate destination for both advertisers and publishers. To some extent it acts like a dating app: connects both parties, but also takes over all other related procedures and operations, like managing a tracking system, making payments and providing support for any issue. For example, Indoleads is an award-winning CPA network and has more than 2000 affiliate programs on its platform from 180+ countries. Nike, Farfetch, Aliexpress, Adobe and other world-famous brands and companies place their affiliate programs in their catalog and any publisher can join a program of their choice within a few clicks. 

Ok, that sounds good and all, but how does it actually work? 

Just a few steps to start earning hassle-free:

Step 1. Sign up at Indoleads 

Signing up is absolutely free, and be cautious with those networks which ask you to pay for it. Indoleads is always transparent about all their costs and fees, and it’s another reason to join this network. 

It takes just a few minutes, and then an Indoleads team checks the online resources, indicated by the publisher. Once the moderation is completed, a publisher gets access to the catalog with thousands of affiliate offers, that can be easily filtered by the country, allowed traffic type, model of payment, and vertical.

Step 2. Choose the affiliate programs you want to promote and join them

Choose affiliate programs relevant to your audience by filtering them, reading the descriptions and comparing payouts. You’re more than welcome to look through affiliate programs on the unique Affiliate Marketplace where there are 3000 more offers from partner-networks. Just apply for the chosen program within a few clicks, generate your unique affiliate link and start driving traffic to the program.

Step 3. Get all the statistics in your personal account

All the information about your conversions is accessible in your account. In-house tracking system tracks data about users’ purchases and leads on your website and sends it to the Indoleads statistics. No sale or lead will stay untracked, and you will get exactly what you’ve earned. Place a withdrawal request from your account and your earnings will be transferred to your bank account or other payment systems.  

Benefits Of Leveraging Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing. The more your audience clicks on your affiliate links and proceeds with completing actual targeted actions – the more you earn. This brings flexibility to your working schedule and work-life balance, because you become your own boss.

Compared to a regular salaried position without overtime pay, where you’re paid the same whether you work 40 hours a week or 70, affiliate marketing can be a great solution.  

Low Barriers of Entry

You can have your own business without dealing with customer service, delivery and supply. If you‘re strong in sales, affiliate marketing is a great way to start earning without having to invest in business operations.      

Also, you can change your niche without any losses, which isn’t that easy when actually working in any kind of retail business or services-related business.   


Affiliate marketing is all about being flexible in approaches and being able to quickly adapt to a changing situation. The world might change in one day, and as a consequence, the markets and people’s needs too. It seems like a challenge, but it’s actually a pool of opportunities. You can try various niches and various marketing channels, because affiliate marketing combines hundreds of different promotion ways, and this number will only grow. 

You don’t have to stick to the same old methods, just because they work for someone else. You can go ahead and try other ways. There are no limits for you!   

Learn as you go

All those who came into affiliate marketing learned everything in the process. Even affiliates-millionaires started from scratch, so you can do it too! There are tons of learning materials online: online and offline forums, online courses, Indoleads News section with numerous articles for newbies as well as for experienced affiliates. Of course, having some knowledge in IT or Marketing is always a huge plus for you, but if you’re determined to keep learning and succeed, you will be just fine.     

In affiliate marketing it’s crucial to keep yourself updated on everything happening in the world and in countries with your targeted audience, that’s why working in affiliate marketing will only motivate you to identify new trends early and pivot your marketing strategy in accordance with that.    

Sustainable Income 

Affiliate marketing is built on trust. The more your audience trusts you, the more you can earn by promoting high-quality products and services relevant to the interests of your audience. To gain the trust of users, you will need useful content. Although it’s not that easy as it seems to provide great content regularly, the results are well worth the effort. The bigger your audience is, the more opportunities there are for monetization and turning your promotions into a stable income stream, because once you build a reputation of a trusted information source, your audience will stay loyal to you.

Most probably it won’t be an overnight success, rather a step by step road, but thousands of successful affiliates have already passed that road.

Tying It All Together

Affiliate marketing is the future of online advertising and a great way for you to leverage it for your benefits. It’s low-risk, doesn’t require huge investments, and is a great way to use your marketing skills to maximum if you have a blog in some niche where you have expertise knowledge.

Indoleads is one of the leaders among CPA networks offering 2000+ affiliate programs from world-known advertisers, and all modern tools to start monetizing your projects effectively. Join Indoleads today and the results should not disappoint you! 

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