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How to Improve Productivity: 5 Habits You Must Break

In today’s hectic working world, productivity has become one of the critical success factors that can determine the success or failure of our project. For this reason, the question of how to improve productivity is a real challenge for workers and companies, which often follow erroneous improvement strategies based on overwhelming tasks and lack significant results.

The ability to delegate, and no matter what, from accounting to the task of finding an essay writer for you, is just as important as personal productivity. In the case of delegating, it works for the team, but productivity is important for yourself. So, it’s important for absolutely everyone.

If you are at a loss as to how to improve productivity, we recommend that you first analyze how you spend your time today and focus on eliminating the bad habits we propose below. With their correct application, you will notice a huge difference almost immediately and begin to have more time and space for your personal activities.

How to Improve Productivity: 5 Habits to Eradicate

  1. Constantly striving for perfection

If you are a perfectionist, you are probably willing to dedicate hours and even days to achieve your ideal of perfection in every task you perform. However, this obsession causes a rebound effect that happens without exception: every time you get something as perfect as you crave, many other things also need to be perfect.

You should remember that no one will notice your imperfections as significantly as you do; being aware of this will help you be more practical and save you useless efforts. Even in the event that there is someone who notices certain details, your losses will not be as severe as you initially expected.

  1. Schedule every second of your day

Although a priori may seem contradictory, you should avoid excessive scheduling of your day. As a general rule, the process of planning your task schedule brings a feeling of accomplishment that is as high as it is unjustified and fleeting, which inevitably ends up generating frustration. Not only will you end up hating your work days, but when an emergency arises, or you simply don’t have the energy to finish the work to be done, it will completely dismantle your goals.

The solution lies in establishing a simpler method, such as choosing six important tasks to complete before the end of the day. When you wake up, we recommend that you create a simple list of what you want to accomplish, avoiding being too rigid with the schedule. Listen to what your body dictates and keep your eyes focused on those essential tasks.

  1. Not rewarding yourself for your achievements

Rewards help you gain motivation to maintain the level of work intensity, so if your goal is to get more done in less time, you must pay enough attention to your satisfaction. Otherwise, you will get tired of your work much faster and fail to accomplish the assigned tasks, or at least not get the most out of them.

So, if you have completed two hours of high-intensity work, you should compensate yourself with something simple, such as an ounce of chocolate. A longer period of time would allow you, for example, to watch a movie. In this way, you will gain productivity and improve your quality of life and emotional balance.

  1. Achieve success in multiple areas at the same time

When faced with the question of how to improve productivity, it is precisely at this point that most people lose their ability to concentrate. We all want to achieve success in different areas of our lives, preferably at the same time: starting a business, traveling the world, sculpting our bodies, and so on and so forth.

However, this approach is harmful: if you pursue too many opportunities simultaneously, you will probably end up falling short in all these facets. And even if you succeed in all of them, so many small triumphs will bring you less satisfaction than a single one.

To avoid this effect, you should identify a particular aspect that pushes you to achieve other goals by concentrating all your energy on it. Once achieved, reduce the time you devote to it and redirect your time investment to other adventures. In this way, you will be taking advantage of your initial success as propulsion towards other goals.

  1. Skip breaks to be more productive

It is sometimes tempting to follow the philosophy that you will be more productive if you work more, which is a 100% wrong assertion. If you spend ten hours working at a two-hour intensity, you will achieve the same result as working two hours at a ten-hour intensity, accomplishing the same thing in a quarter of the total time. The key, therefore, is to get your intensity level higher and higher.

 You will find it effective to follow the Pomodoro technique to get into this habit. This consists of working uninterruptedly on the same task for 25 minutes and then taking a break of 5 minutes. Once you have repeated this cycle four times, you will be able to allow yourself to take a longer break.

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