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How to Buy YouTube Channel With 100k Subscribers?

Youtube in present times has become more than a video-sharing platform. It has in this day and age become a marketing platform as well. Creators and big industries alike want to popularize themselves. You might not know this but in any shape or form. Many people want to put content on youtube because they believe it is the platform to be in in the current times. You get to engage with a large audience and they have a massive sway over you.

Above all, when you post engaging videos that can attract huge amounts of views, you can earn a big amount of money consistently as well. In this video, I am going to give you some ideas for buying an already-grown YouTube channel for quick growth and earning. So, let’s have a look at the guide on how to buy YouTube channel with 100k Subscribers.


How to Buy YouTube Channel with 100k Subscribers?

Buying a channel involves a lot of things that I will discuss further in this article. Moreover, to buy a channel, first of all, find out where to find the sellers, then discuss with them.

You can go to Flippa, Facebook groups, and other sites where YouTube channels are being sold. Now, if you find someone who is selling a channel with 100K subscribers, then start talking with them, and get to know which niches are available. Choose the niche you want to work on further. Now, it is time to go ahead, and ask for access to view the Analytics of the channel, and then you have to check all the things to make sure that the channel is in good standing, and the views/comments/engagements are all there.

These are important to know because there are scams everywhere, some sellers might buy 100k subscribers at cheap rate and sale the channel to you and you will be in total loss.  Thus it is important to make sure that everything there is real, and not fake.

In this article, I am going to discuss all of those things that you have to take care of while buying a channel.

Advantages of Buying a 100K Subscriber Channel

Buying a YouTube channel with 100k subscribers is possible and quite beneficial too. You can go ahead and start a channel from scratch as well. It will take time to build it up and get this many subscribers and views. When you buy an already grown channel, you have the advantage to market your product on that channel and get the maximum benefits. And, also, you will earn money from the YouTube Partner program as well. Let’s check out the advantages of buying a 100k Subscriber Channel.

Buy Accounts From These Websites

YouTube channels with 50k–100k subscribers can be purchased or auctioned off on services like Flippa, accs-market, channelkart, etc. Buying a 100k Subscriber channel gives you instant access to a sizable and active audience. This would help you save time and money by avoiding the need to start from scratch.  You can advertise your own product on your newly bought channel as well as there is already a huge number of followers.

Improve Authentication

In addition, having a channel with 100,000 members helps bolster your trustworthiness. People often feel more comfortable on channels that have a large following giving them advice than the other way around. The new content you will post will get optimum eyeballs and engagement as well.

Initiate Audience Engagement

You can benefit from the existing audience and engagement of the channel. You do not have to build your audience, since you got everything made and already build out for you it becomes easier. If you produce content that is liked by a grown audience there will be more reach for your videos. YouTube works with this philosophy of more views equals more features in other people’s recommendations. 

Positive influence on an algorithm and channel statistics

This is one of the major issues that has a lot of impact. Do you see someone’s YouTube video getting recommended again and again? This is happening because there is a growing positive engagement that you see on their videos. It is happening because the algorithm is seeing your performance and taking you into account to display your content on recommendations. This is the biggest benefit of getting an already-grown channel. 

If you create a good video, and post it on a new channel, you will see very less views and engagement but same video if you upload on a YouTube channel with 100k subscribers, it will get more views and engagements as well.

Build your Brand

Do you have brand merchandizes, goodies, and designer products to be provided to people at an extra cost? If you have then that’s great, because after buying the 100k subscriber channel, you have a huge audience to recommend your products to. You can build revenue streams but also engage and build a personal connection with the audience. These interactions actually build and nourish new relationships and ideas.

Promotion of social media accounts

After buying a channel with huge subscribers, you are able to show off yourself in front of them. You can promote your social profiles and business while publishing videos.

Niche Perfection

If you are into tech, and if you want to buy a grown channel. I would recommend buying a channel in tech only so that you can work on it perfectly afterwards too. That will even boost the channel more, and you will earn more.

Get more likes and views

Likes and views are what sets YouTube apart. The entire monetization spree is about it. But beyond that views and likes give you self-satisfaction and allow you to be confident. This sort of confidence takes time to build and does not come in easily. When your hard work pays off, you see How things have been changing for the better.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Random 100k YouTube Channel

Be Cautious About the Engagement Rate

Subscribers in itself do not solidify the fame of a channel, nowadays a lot of people can buy subscribers at a very low price. Or it can be a channel that started on a high but with time just crashed and lays flat now. You need to see engagement. Before taking a decision to buy a channel with 100 Subscribers, make sure to check out their Analytics which you can ask the seller to give access to. If you find that everything is good such as views and engagements are well, then only go ahead with the acquisition.

channel analytics

Pro tip: Never trust Screenshots that a seller shows you or posts on social media. Screenshots can be made in a way to show high statistics. Always ask for Analytics access before taking decision to buy a channel.

Channel with community strikes

Do not buy someone’s channel through information on the website. Call the person selling and ask for credentials to see the channel’s engagement rate, and what demography they are essentially impacting among other things. If the channel has two community strikes it’s a red flag already, 1 strike will lead to an account suspension. So, never buy a channel that already got any kind of Strike from YouTube.

Bought Subscribers

There are many third-party apps that people use to buy youtube subscribers and it’s a very common practice. If their views are also bought then it’s trouble. You need to run through some elements and see if there are sudden peaks in the traffic far to happen.

Let me help you with that, if the channel has bought subscribers and views, there will hardly be any engagements such as comments and replies. Also, their average viewing time of videos won’t be good enough. So, these things would help you determine if the channel is worth buying.

Channels scam people

Scamming is becoming more evident as society is entering the web phase. If you buy a channel that is potentially scamming and screwing people up that channel will lead to even jail. Do not touch a channel that has evident community violations, police complaints, etc. You can move to the profile section and see in the setting of your prospectively bought channel has some of these issues are of a similar kind or not. Run it through the content and see if the people are having a response or not. A negative response means the deal has to end. If positive then there is plenty to celebrate already.


Buying a Youtube channel is a tricky thing to do. I have suggested to you all the tactics you have to keep in mind to proceed to buy a youtube channel. It has a lot of perks involved but so does a bad side that exists. I have specifically made sure that both perspectives shine in the discussion. Just be wary and do your research before investing your money in something. I am sure you have learned more about buying a YouTube channel with 100k Subscribers. Let me know your views in the comments.

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