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iSkysoft Toolbox for Android – Recover Deleted Photos, Videos, Contacts on Android Phones/Tablets

Data loss is one of the most frustrating things that can ever happen to anyone. Everything works great at one moment, and the next moment you come to know that your files have been deleted from your smartphones or hard disk/ flash drive crashed. Well, since we are on the subject, why not end this misery or fear of losing data by using simple software, called iSkysoft Toolbox.

What is iSkysoft Toolbox?

It is one of the most popular toolboxes for restoring or backing up data from your Android or iOS smartphone. What makes the iSkysoft Toolbox one of the best is its versatility. The software is not only limited to backing up data or restoring it, but you can even root android devices using the same software and even unlocking of the device can easily be done to run different carrier service on your Android device.

iSkysoft Toolbox for Android is one of the best Android Data Recovery tools available in the market right now. When it comes to Android Data Backup and restore, nothing makes it easier than iSkysoft. iSkysoft can be segregated into 2 main parts, Android data recovery, and Android Data Backup and Restore.

Android Data Recovery

To recover your data from an Android device, simply follow these steps:

  1. Launch the iSkysoft toolbox and click on the ‘Data Recovery’ option on the main screen. After doing that, connect your Android device after enabling the USB debugging option on the Android device. You can find the USB debugging options easily according to your Android operating system.

Android 2.3 (or earlier)

To enable USB debugging on Android 2.3 or lower, all you need to do is visit the ‘Applications’ tab in the settings menu. And then find ‘Debugging’ under ‘Development’ option.

Android 3.0 – 4.1

In Settings, visit the Developers option and to enable the USB Debugging mode, just tap on the given box.

Android 4.2 and later

Tap on the About Phone section in the settings of your device. Now, tap on the ‘Build Number’ tab 7 times in order to enable the Developer’s option. Now, you will be able to see Developer’s option just about the About Phone section. All you need to do is toggle the Developer’s option on and tap on the USB Debugging mode to enable the option.

Before connecting through the application, it will also give a pop-up including the information of your PC on your Android device. Confirm by pressing OK button.

  1. Selecting the Data recovery file type

After you have successfully connected your Android device to the PC or laptop, you will be able to see your device’s name onto the iSkysoft toolbox for Android. Under the name of the device, you will be presented with different types of files that can be recovered, like Audio, Video, Photos, and Contacts, even call logs and WhatsApp Messages and attachments as well. Click on each item to select or unselect the category and click on ‘Next’ to proceed further with Android Data Recovery.

  1. Selecting the Scan Mode

In this step, you will be asked if you want to do standard scanning of the device or advanced. The standard scan is comparatively faster than the advanced scan as the advanced scan performs a much thorough search.

  1. Preview of the Data

After completing the scan, the toolbox will show you the results of the categories that you initially selected in the second step. You can also individually select the file type and files that you want to recover by checking out one category at a time. All you need to do is press the ‘Recover’ button.

NOTE: Before scanning, the iSkysoft Toolbox will ask you to root your device to initiate scanning. The software automatically Roots the device and un-Roots it after scanning the files. No manufacturer’s warranty will be void.

To recover data from SD Card

  1. Launch the iSkysoft Toolbox

After you have opened the software, click on the ‘Data Recovery’ tab from the main screen. As soon as you click on the Data recovery option, the new window will give you an option if you want to recover data from an SD card, click to enter the process.

  1. Connecting the card

You can not only use your Android device to connect the SD card to the toolbox but also insert the card into a card reader to make things even better.

  1. Selecting the scan mode

Just like in Android device, the same options will also be given in the case of SD card. Choose Advanced mode in order to perform detailed and in-depth scan or else go for a Standard scan if you want to save a little time.

  1. Preview and selection of data for recovery

After scanning the SD card, your data will be displayed on the screen from which you can either individually choose files or go for the whole file type in order to recover all the data in the category. For example, if you need to recover all the photos, then you can simply select the gallery tab from the left menu to select all the files. Click on recover to initiate the process.

Android Data Backup and Restore

Backing up and restoration of data can be a bit tricky, but iSkysoft has successfully made it look a lot easier. Android Data Backup process is divided into Backup and Android Data Restore.

Backing up the Data

  • The Data Backup and Restore tab is what we are going to use here. When you will connect your Android device in USB debugging mode, the Data Backup and Restore tab will show your device. In the window, you will have two options, Backup or Restore. Since you will be backing up your device for the first time, click on Backup.

  • Now, the backup module will ask you to select the file types that you are willing to backup. You can either select each category individually or click on Select all to select all of the categories.

  • After the backup is successfully completed, the toolbox will inform you about the total number of files backed up and the amount of storage as well. Now, your backup is ready for Android Data Restore.

Restoring the Data

  • Open the iSkysoft toolbox for Android and enter the Data backup and restore option.

  • Connect your device and click on restore option which will open a preview of all the files that are available for restoring the data, simply select the files and click on Restore to proceed with the Android Data Restore process.

Note: you can also restore the same data in a different Android smartphone by simply connecting the different smartphone in the restoring process.


iSkysoft Toolbox for Android has made it easy when it comes to Android Data Recovery. The process followed in Android Data Backup and Android Data Restore was hands down one of the easiest thing to do and yet one of the most crucial which can save a lot of time and money by recovering and backing up data.

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