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150+ Funny and Cool Dating Username Ideas for Bumble – 2024

Did you hear about Bumble? Bumble is like Tinder only with more control and search filters. Bumble is a location-based dating app that allows users to connect with others based on their location and preferences. Bumble requires women to make the first move by initiating conversations with their matches, which the app’s creators believe helps to promote a more egalitarian dating culture. Irrespective of whether you make the move first or not women do have to continue a conversation with a guy and impress him. And well Guys have to try harder here as they do not get to call the shots. Therefore, having a great username, and profile pic may get you some eyeballs, and you may get some connections.

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In this article, I will suggest some of the best Dating Username ideas for Bumble. Let’s get to them…

How to Choose The Best Dating Username Ideas for Bumble?

Choosing a Bumble username can be an important part of creating your profile and making a good first impression. Some things you can consider before settling for a great username:

Keep it short and sweet but impactful

Bumble usernames can only be 20 characters long, so choose something that’s easy to remember but also gives away a real spark of your persona. You need to be credible in showing your persona. And moreover girls like firm boys who have assertion and unparalleled confidence and can make strong decisions.

Make it memorable

Choose a unique username that stands out. You want girls to remember you and be able to find you easily. The benefit of remembering means more chances of getting a revert after someone makes the first move.

Show off your personality

Your username is a great opportunity to show off your personality and interests. Think about what makes you unique and try to incorporate that into your username. More so commonalities make two people more compatible. Girls care about honesty so showing who you truly are can really help you.

Avoid using your full name

It’s generally not a good idea to use your full name as your username on Bumble or any other dating app. You don’t know the person viewing your profile. This can make you more vulnerable to identity theft or stalking. And yes even if it’s a girl, you never know she might honeytrap and kidnap you to extort money.

Use humor or wordplay

A clever or funny username can help you stand out and make a great first impression. And humor eases the tension. Girls love humor and you will see people giggling every time. Humor dissipates tension and also using unique names scores a full point in the username sports.

Cool Usernames for Guys on Bumble

As we discussed the indications of what kind of username you need to have mainly we will discuss cool usernames first. Here cool usernames mean names that need to be carefree and cut-loose yet have gravitas and stability.

  1. AdventureJunkie
  2. BeachBum
  3. BoldExplorer
  4. ChillChap
  5. Creativesoul
  6. DaringDude
  7. DreamCatcher
  8. FreeBird
  9. FunFellow
  10. HappyGoLucky
  11. LifeAdventurer
  12. NatureLover
  13. OutgoingGuy
  14. PositiveVibesOnly
  15. RockStarLife
  16. SeekerOfAdventure
  17. SportyGuy
  18. SunnySmiles
  19. TravelAddict
  20. WeekendWarrior
  21. WildChild
  22. WorldExplorer
  23. ZenMaster
  24. TheGreatOutdoorsman
  25. HappyExplorer

Funny Username for Boys on Bumble

Funny also sells dating apps for guys. If you don’t know it already girls love humour. If you are a humorous man the ground has already been conquered.

Here are some examples:

  1. Funnymonkey
  2. Gigglepuff
  3. Chucklesaurus
  4. Jesterjinx
  5. Laughalot
  6. Chucklehead
  7. Punnyguy
  8. Humorhunk
  9. Prankmaster
  10. Comedyking
  11. Guffawguy
  12. Wittywizard
  13. LOLlegend
  14. Sillysamurai
  15. Quipster
  16. Jollyjoker
  17. Laughterlion
  18. Chuckleberry
  19. Humorous_hero
  20. Comediancommander
  21. Hilarious_hunk
  22. Punprince
  23. Laughingleopard
  24. Smirkster
  25. Jokesmith

Hot Username for Boys on Bumble

You too know that you are in it here for some personal intimacy. You can start with some hot names. There is a thin line where you turn on someone and then you cross it and become a creep. Use hot names that are not too explicit but subtle. For instance, “Hunk’ is better than the word ‘Naked’.

  1. SensualSoul
  2. MidnightLover
  3. VelvetTouch
  4. SmolderingHeat
  5. TemptationKing
  6. SensationSavior
  7. ElectricPassion
  8. SilkSeduction
  9. SultryStud
  10. HeavenlyDesire
  11. SensualGent
  12. EnchantingHeart
  13. IntenseLust
  14. PassionatePlayer
  15. DreamyDancer
  16. SensualSymphony
  17. FireHearted
  18. TemptingTango
  19. SensualSensation
  20. HeavenlyHunk
  21. SmokinHot
  22. DesireDynamo
  23. SensualSpirit
  24. SensuousSiren

Bumble Username Ideas for Girls

Girls do get a bad rep on Bumble because many think girls have it easy here they get to call the shots. While there is no denying that girls do decide majorly on who they want to date, things do not just end there. Some guys might not revert back. You never know the situation. Your username matters as well and precisely more for girls since they can end up with someone really bad despite having the first mover advantage. It’s a self-guilt and you will feel like you were hitting your own leg with the hammer. 

Cool Usernames for Girls on Bumble

Guys love carefree girls. Cool is a very guy-like characteristic and they often become more of a friend with a girl that embodies the word cool. Some examples

  1. SunshineSiren
  2. CreativeCrush
  3. WanderWoman
  4. AmbitiousAngel
  5. PowerPuffLady
  6. AdventureGoddess
  7. QueenBumblebee
  8. Wanderlust_Woman
  9. SweetAndSassy
  10. DreamChaser
  11. FitnessFemme
  12. ChicAndSleek
  13. GirlBoss
  14. Fashionista
  15. CoffeeCrazy
  16. LifeLover
  17. HappyHealthy
  18. NatureNymph
  19. MusicMaven
  20. TechTrendsetter
  21. FoodieFatale
  22. GlamourGirl
  23. BeachBabe
  24. SocialButterfly
  25. VintageVixen

Funny Username for Girls on Bumble

Funny just makes any person a magnetic person, which helps also in the long run. For girls a funny man after knowing them fully will be a comfort guy. So, you can open your arms to a funny guy anytime. Some funny usernames include: 

  1. SugarPlumFairy
  2. UnicornPrincess
  3. CupcakeCrush
  4. QueenOfPuns
  5. SassyPants
  6. LaughingLlama
  7. MissMischief
  8. BubbleGumBabe
  9. LadyBugLove
  10. FizzyFrenzy
  11. DoodleDiva
  12. HappyHippie
  13. PeachyPie
  14. Snickerdoodle
  15. GigglesGalore
  16. CheekyChick
  17. JellyBeanJoy
  18. WackyWombat
  19. PurrfectlyPawsome
  20. FuzzyPeaches
  21. RainbowBright
  22. FunkyMonkey
  23. ChirpyChickadee
  24. CrazyCatLady
  25. HappyGoLucky
  26. BubblyBee
  27. FriskyFeline
  28. JollyJester
  29. SpunkySquirrel
  30. TwinkleToes.

Hot Username for Girls on Bumble

This is a little tricky for girls since if they go overboard they can really catch up on some bad attention. Please try to be sexy but in an easy manner, do not make people think any differently of you. Here is a list of usernames: 

  1. VixenVibes
  2. StarGazerGal
  3. MysticMaven
  4. LunaLovin
  5. WildflowerWanderlust
  6. NeonNirvana
  7. CosmicCrimson
  8. ElectricEmber
  9. SirenSongstress
  10. SunflowerSoul
  11. PixelPrincess
  12. VelvetVixen
  13. PhoenixFire
  14. MoonstoneMuse
  15. MysticMermaid
  16. EnchantingEcho
  17. NeonNymph
  18. MysticMoonbeam
  19. StarrySiren
  20. PixelPenguin
  21. ElectricEclipse
  22. GlitterGoddess
  23. CosmicChaos
  24. PhoenixFlight
  25. WildWillow


Bumble has some good features, and some limiting features but it’s different as an app. A lot different from apps like Tinder for sure which is quite vogue for online dating enthusiasts. However, the difference in a sense gives you an edge in other areas here, not on core dating values. The core dating values regardless stay the same. Pick any username that you like, that you can connect with and that speaks for you.

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